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Here’s the Scoop! 09.02.08

RUMORS of a Re-Do? We all know how General Hospital loves to recycle storylines.  Are we in store for another one? Get your SALT BOULDERS out people, this one’s a doozy! Elizabeth’s attendance at Sonny and Kate’s wedding has been a question out there. EARLY RUMORS said she wouldn’t be in the position to be there. Other RUMORS have Lucky asking her to be his date so that his and Sam’s fake break up isn’t exposed. Those RUMORS go on to say that Elizabeth tells her ex she’ll meet him there if she can.

The LATEST? Elizabeth decides to meet Lucky at the wedding only she never makes it there. The RUMORS say she’ll get into a car accident and the end result? Amnesia! Sounds like Nikolas’ storyline when Mary first came into the picture, doesn’t it? Just like Nikolas, Elizabeth will be lost although I’m not seeing the crazy widow this time. Does this RUMOR tie into the ones where Jason has no choice but to claim his son? Elizabeth will be presumed dead after a search.  Will this tie into Sweeps? RUMORS say that Elizabeth finds her way back in November and finds her boys with Jason.There are some online RUMBLINGS that while the basics of the above are true, there MAY be a little Fan Fic added in.

Carly and Kate… bitch fight!  Carly goes after Kate for telling Jax and Connie comes out to play with a slap. 

First comes love, then the affair, then the marriage..
.here’s comes the groom in the Mob Carriage.  RUMORS say Sonny finds his way back to the mob after the "I Do’s."  Would Sonny take the business back if Jason needed him to?

Johnny has a warning for his Crazy family.  He’ll pick Lulu over all of them, Claudia included.

Maxie testifies.  Will Lulu confess on the witness stand?

Rick Springfield was spotted on set. 

Nadine defends her prince.  It gets her arrested. The charge? Contempt of court.

RUMORS of a Dillon return.  Is Scott Clifton coming back to Port Charles?

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  1. Profile photo of season1217

    “RUMORS say Sonny finds his way back to the mob after the “I Do’s.””


    Never in a million years did I see that coming!

    And to use a sentence w/ the words Kate, Carly and bitch is an insult to bitches everywhere. Also, while the amnesia story may be real, I think Liz coming back to find the boys w/ Jason is fan fic. Although, they do write Lucky dumb enough that he just may let Jason take the kids. And even after all this I bet they still won’t have Liz’s parents or siblings show up. This is way past ridiculous!

  2. Profile photo of ahanshew

    I would actually find it interesting if Liz lost her memory and Jason ended up with Jake. As long as there is no ‘Mary’ in the picture, I can deal. I’m sure others won’t agree! Regan, what parts in particular are the ‘boulders’?

  3. Profile photo of wannanewGH

    I thought for sure that Liz would think that she is still married to Lucky. That way they can pretend to be married and have Sam and Jason pretend to be together for Elizabeths sake. At least til Guza decides to write a story that has not been done before. What are the chances of that happening.

  4. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    OMG, this could actually be a good storyline for BH. As a huge Liason fan it better end up with Liz and Jason together. Wouldn’t it be nice if Jason tries to help Liz get back her memory by talking about their past and GH actually showed some flashbacks from the last 9 YEARS. Oh sorry, I forgot this is Guza and even though this couple has so much history together why give the fans what they want!

  5. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I just hope that if this story is real. it will be that Jason will clame Jake.I dont want to wait anymore. I want Jason to be with his son!!!!!
    Thank you for the Scoops Regan!!

  6. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    I still can’t see Liz or Lucky being invited to Kate’s wedding. Yes, Kate’s. Sonny is just the guy in the monkey suit. :-)

    It’s not like Liz is friends with Kate. She is friendly with Sonny, but they haven’t had any scenes in a long time. And I really don’t see how Lucky would be invited. I guess if it is just one of those invite-everyone type things, then I could see it.

    Nevertheless, I do not see Jason “claiming” his son. Wouldn’t Lucky (who is listed as Jake’s legal father) take care of the boys? Wouldn’t Jason see this as a better option if they do not have their mother? It doesn’t make sense to me.

  7. Profile photo of Danielle

    The problem is this could be a good storyline for BH IF Liz and Jason were together all this time and ready to come out as a couple. The other problem is, Guza seems to think that we are stupid and don’t see what he is doing: never planning on having this couple be together at all.

  8. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Ugh! Why would Jason claim both the boys?? That’s the Fan Fic, imo.

    Double Ugh to Liz getting amnesia and Jason trying to help her get her memory back. As a JaSam fan that is a total slap in the face!! Yeah, amnesia stories have been done before, but the JaSam amnesia story was one of my all-time favorite s/l’s and if they think they can repeat it with Liason…..GRRRR! I can accept Liason being together (in fact, I’m sure it’s going to happen) but there’s only so much a JaSam fan can take :(

    The only reason I could see Lucky attending Skate’s wedding is that maybe she feels there needs to be “police protection” there for some reason?

  9. Profile photo of roe0824

    Regan, thanks for the spoilers, I waited all morning for you to post. I saw those rumors about Elizabth on the canvas and I was upset with it. First of all, if Elizabeth is missing, don’t you think Jason would go look for her? Don’t you think he would have Spinelli hook up into her GPS system? Come on, he has done it before. I don’t buy this one, I thought the rumor was that Jason was going to fake Elizabeth and the boys death and have her move into the penthouse which I like alot more. First of all, if Jason claims his son, how can he claim Cam? Also, Jason is so worried about his family now, he is going to take the chance to claim his son without Elizabeth without fear? Makes no sense and I hope it’s fan fic. Regan let us know if you hear anymore about that because I don’t get this rumor. I can only say that if Jason fakes her death, that would make more sense to me.

  10. Profile photo of season1217

    What is Cameron, the red-headed step-child?! And I would like for Liz to not remember Jason and reject him so he will know how it feels (remember when he did it to Keisha?). And they better not have Liz forget Jonathan Jackson’s Lucky! I will haunt Guza’s dreams if he even attempts it!

  11. Profile photo of hrfmom

    It would be a great storyline if Guza intended Liz and Jason to finally come together as a couple. I am all for Liz getting a storyline that does not include her always holding a clipboard and checking someone’s vitals. Carly/Jax, Sonny/Kate…they all suck as couples. We want a powercouple/supercouple that can endure. If Guza is going to recycle a story(couple) maybe he needs to steal from the 80’s/90’s…give us Jagger/Karen, Frisco/Felicia, Anna/Duke, etc…

    Thanks for the spoilers Regan!

  12. Profile photo of mnv517

    Regan please are TPTB seriously going down that road with Elizabeth!!!!!!!!!!! My Lord, they couldn’t give Becky something better to work with. Like I don’t know, a love story, with hmmm I don’t know maybe Steve. JEEEEEEEZ. I am so upset now after reading that. Ugh!

    As for the other spoilers, I CAN”T WAIT TO SEE KATE/CONNIE SMACK UP CARLY! WOOOHOO!! Can’t come any sooner!!!!

    Thanks Reagan, you rock!

  13. Profile photo of hrfmom

    Do you think Lucky has an invite because Sonny is friends with Luke? It is a soap opera wedding…isn’t everyone in the town supposed to get dressed up and be present?!?!

  14. Profile photo of season1217

    sueboo54321, the reason I picked out Lucky was because he was specifically mentioned in the spoiler and because he’s a cop but you’re right. Practically every character on the show has no reason to attend and even if Kate invited people she knew in the business, why would they show up to a mob wedding?

    hrfmom, the dude is still a cop and it just doesn’t look right.

  15. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    “I don’t know why people are questioning Lucky and Elizabeth at kate’s wedding?”

    I understand what you are saying sueboo, but in the real world, I don’t think someone like Kate (like a Bridezilla) would do something like invite a bunch of strangers to her wedding unless she was getting something out of it. I can understand from a GH point of view in that they couldn’t fill the church up with a bunch of extras so they might as well use the contract players, but from a reality sense – it doens’t make sense (to me).

  16. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I don’t know why people are questioning Lucky and Elizabeth at kate’s wedding? Does Kate have any friends besides Alexis and Diane? How can she fill the pews if she doesn’t invite the community? The Q’s? They hate Sonny. Jason? Kate treats him like dirt. Who is left?

  17. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Sorry but there is no way Lucky should be at the wedding (unless it’s for police business)…he’s a cop, he certainly doesn’t like Sonny and he doesn’t even know Kate… I mean what next, is Mac going to the wedding too??

  18. Profile photo of blackjack21

    so liz gets a redux of a jason/sam story and sam gets a redux of a lucky/liz story? i thought the couples were supposed to be moving away from each other not living each others lives!

    by the way it makes zero sense to me that jason would take both boys. i mean wouldn’t this mean going against liz’s wishes (unless she changed her mind yet again)? and with liz gone there would be zero public connection to jason and the tots so they would actually be more safe than with “come here, go away” liz around?

  19. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Well, there was a rumor that Sam was going to be raped? Is it possible that Lucky is so involved with Sam’s recovery that Jason steps in? It would make more sense for him to ask Nikolas to take the boys. Or, he could ask Monica to take them because Emily was their god-mother. I guess I could see Jason moving them in to the penthouse if Liz is “dead” to everyone but Jason and Lucky. Maybe Jason takes an amnesiac Liz in, they say she died, and she hides there with the boys. It is, of course, the worst place to hide because everyone in town passes through on a regular basis. I don’t care as long as Liz gets more screentime.

  20. Profile photo of season1217

    As much as Lucky may love Sam, the boys should take priority especially if there mother is believed dead. The last thing they would need is an absent father, especially, when children their age have a hard time understanding what death really means. And if God forbid Sam does get … I can’t even write the words, but if that should happen to Sam I believe her moving in w/ Lucky and the boys could help her in her recovery. And I don’t like the “Liz and her children having to fake their deaths” idea either. Regardless, of the way the writers treat Lucky he’s still Cam’s father and how many men do you know who would accept responsibility for children that are not biologically theirs and love them just the same as if they were, especially, when they were lied to for months about the paternity of one of those children? Also, is Jason paying child support on the DL. Liz better get that money! LOL!

  21. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    Why would Jason have Liz’s Kids? He would have to claim Jake, but Cam has a father, Lucky. Lucky is the legal father of Jake, he’s name is on the birth certificate, so if Liz was presumed dead, Lucky would get the kids. If Jason claims Jake, then Cam would stay with Lucky, because he’s his father, ugh. These Rumers for Jason and Liz or so out of there, none of them ever pans out, thank the heavens. I’d rather see Jason die.

  22. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    Hmmm… I don’t see the JaSam redo on the amnesia–probably because it doesn’t say anything about Liz being with Jason? Or did I miss something? I thought she was out of town for the story trying to find her way back. Of course, I missed most of JaSam during my GH strike so maybe I’m missing something. As much as I want my Liason (cause I truly do) I really want Liz to have a real story and I’m hoping she finally gets one soon!

  23. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    ladyofthelake,why would Lucky be on Cam’s birth certificate? Wasn’t she breaking up from Ric when he was born? Lucky never legally adopted Cam. No, it doesn’t make sense other than keeping Liz’s children together, but they proved with the last battle over the kids that Lucky doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to custody of Cam, legally speaking. That being said, in the real world, I’m sure that they would technically go to Liz’s grandmother Audrey first and then maybe Lucky before they would go to Jason but Lucky’s case isn’t that cut and dry either. But Guza’s world works rather stupidly…

  24. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    ange-i-am, Lucky isn’t on Cam’s birth certificate, he’s on Jake’s. Remember Liz told him he was the father and he only found out the truth way after Jake was born. Jason doesn’t want to claim Jake, don’t spin because in the end Jason won’t claim Jake. So, Lucky is on the birth certificate so he is the legal father. It’s never been really clear on GH if Lucky ever went threw the adoption with Cam, so I don’t know. But Cam sees Lucky as his father and Lucky sees him as his son. He’s been in that kids life since he was born. So, if Liz was dead, let’s just say, Lucky would get the kids. I don’t see why Liason fans want Jason to be Cam’s father too, he’s already got one. Jason is only Jake’s real father, but at this point in Jake’s life, Lucky is his dad. I don’t know about the future.

    I had a good friend who’s wife died, the kids went to him and two of them were not his legal children. He had been in their life since they were little and they saw him as their father and vice versa. There was no problem about custody in that case and since then he has adopted them. So, it’s not that far off in reality.

  25. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    ange-i-am, I did not say Lucky was on Cam’s birth certificater. I know what I wrote. I copied and pasted from my first post on this subject:

    Lucky is the legal father of Jake, he’s name is on the birth certificate, so if Liz was presumed dead, Lucky would get the kids.

    That does not say Cam does it? Your saying the samething I was. I said that Lucky would get the kids, but he wouldn’t keep Jake if Jason claimed him. What the hell are you fighting about. And all Guza does is make Jason a freaking hero, everyone worships him on the show. Liason fans hate Guza because he doesn’t write for them.

  26. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    ange-i-am, I know Lucky is not Cam’s bio dad as a mentioned in all my other posts on this subject, but he has been in that kids life since Liz came back to town with that baby. Lucky calls him his son, Cam calls him daddy. I’m just saying that Audrey probably would let Lucky raise Cam, you don’t have to be blood to be a parent. Lucky is Cam’s father at this point and why should it be any different. Lucky will be Jake’s father as long as Jason doesn’t claim him, sorry. Since the actress who plays Audrey retired, I doubt she would show up to take care of the kids, plus she also believes Lucky is Jake’s father so why would she fight custody or even except it in that case. She likes Lucky and knows he’s a good father so I’m sure she wouldn’t complain. Jason would have to claim Jake to get custody of him if Liz was out of the picture.

    I never cursed so I don’t know who or what you were referrign to. I never said you couldn’t like who you like, but we were both saying the samething to some extent.

  27. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Hey, I will support Ange on this one. Lucky tried to take the boys away from Elizabeth once already. Lucky never adopted Cam. Jake is Jason’s child. Jason has been pushing Elizabeth and the boys away for their safety. If Jason were to suddenly decide to fight Lucky for custody, there would have to be a really good reason. Jason could think Lucky is back on drugs. Jason could decide he doesn’t want Sam anywhere near his child and want to honor Liz’s wishes to not have Sam around her boys. Jason could fight to get custody because he has a not- so-dead Liz hiding in his penthouse. There are many plausible explanations. Lucky isn’t the clear cut and dried parenting choice. Does he even have any experience with kids? He does occasional outings with the boys now but the first time he was married to Liz he was high most of the time. During their second marriage, he refused to believe she didn’t kidnap her own child and continued to treat her like crap until he cheated on her again with a woman who was responsible for the child having been missing. I think Diane would wipe the floor with Lucky and Sam.

  28. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    Do any of the parents on this show have any experience with their kids? They talk about them, they tell people their good parents but they are never with their kids. Children on soaps are props to use once in a blue moon until they age them to teenagers.

    Are not Sam and Liz friends now? That’s what I see on my screen, Liz excepting Sam and Sam excepting Liz. So Liz telling Lucky Sam is good for him, Sam saying she was wrong about Liz tells me that fight is dead in the water.

  29. Profile photo of courtney Cece
    courtney Cece

    First , I agree the littlle ones will not be with Jason they’ll end up with Audrey as usual.
    At this point I will miss liason however, I’m more for Liz then anything! So I gotta wonder who is going to find her, or save her???? Please let it be some hot guy with a dangerous history. It could kind of be like a better version of how Lulu met sexy Johnny ( who now looks just as crazy as his father). I highly doubt Liz would be walking all the way back to Port Charles especially if she can’t remember her name.
    Lastly, Jason would have custodial rights as a parent but I highly see him going to court over it. It would be more of situation where I would actually see Lucky and him trying to work something out. Especially if the whole town believes Liz is dead.

  30. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    WOW… one night away from the site and I miss all the talk.  IF JASON WINDS UP WITH the boys, its because he realizes that he can not have anyone but Elizabeth raising his son. 

    IF this storyline happens, they will look for Elizabeth but the accident is RUMORED to be so bad that there will be no explainable way she survived. 

  31. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Liz may have accepted Sam in Lucky’s life but I have not seen a single scene where Liz said that Sam could spend time with her boys. The last time they discussed the situation, Liz said she would consider having Sam spend time with them in a few months. That is custodial parent talk for “I don’t think you and Lucky will be together in a few months so I can say this and I won’t ever be held to it.” It is a lot like telling your kid that you will think about it when you really mean HECK NO!

  32. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    No sueboo, Guza has been making it very clear that Liz and Sam get along now and that Liz is perfectly fine with Sam being in their lives… There was no “code” to what Liz has been saying to Sam…no hidden “custodial parent talk” – If Liz didn’t want Sam around the kids, and if she didn’t want them in their lives, she would have no problem telling Sam that. I know that’s disappointing to you, but as of right now, that’s the way Guza is writing it :)

  33. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    Liz said she accepted Sam but she still has not let her see the kids. Every scene they have showed with the kids and Liz have been with Lucky and Sam has definitely been absent. It may in fact be coming (though I really have HATED how much they have Sam and Liz drooling over how wonderful the other is–just gag me on both sides…) but it has not happened and they have had opportunity to make it happen. And if Lucky is LIVING with Sam, I could totally see Jason saying, ain’t gonna happen. And I did mention the whole thing about them not liking siblings being seperated I think in my first two post but I’m too lazy to go back and look.

    When it looked like Liz was going to die after birth, Jason did indeed almost spill the secret because he only wants Liz raising his child or himself.

    And ladyofthelake said: What the hell are you fighting about.

    That is in fact cursing.

  34. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Oh yeah, because Jason the killer, surrounded by other killers, is so much safer than Sam :D

    Jason and Sam have made their peace with each other. And when Sam and Lucky officially became a couple, did Jason ever say anything about Sam not being around the kids? Did he ever show concern about that? Nope… Everyone is over it, and frankly I think it’s because Guza knew he made a horrible mistake with all that revenge-seeking Sam nonsense. He knows he can’t erase it, but at the same time he’s decided to let everyone move past it

  35. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Sam is a criminal and has no business being anywhere near those children. Liz has never given her permission to spend time with them. If Guza writes it that way in the future, it will probably be the last straw for many Liz supporters. Sam is way more dangerous for those kids to be around than Jason. Why? Because the threats would be coming from both outside forces and from her. Jason knows how to raise children and puts them first. Sam is all about herself and would never put the child’s needs before her own. She has her own past history to prove that.
    Sam: “My boyfriend put his child’s needs before mine so I will watch the child get kidnapped by an unstable woman.”

    Sam: ” “My boyfriend put his child’s needs first so I will hold a gun on the child and his brother.”

    Yep, real om material there. Might as well just let Cam raise Jake on his own. They would be safer alone rather than have them raised by the drug addict and his bed warmer.

  36. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Sam is a criminal and has no business being anywhere near those children.

    As is everyone else on the show, LOL.

    Of course you know I disagree with 99% of what you wrote right?

    “…the drug addict and his bed warmer” — You crack me up!! Now, you wouldn’t be upset if I referred to Liason as “the killer and his bed warmer” would you? :D }:)

  37. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Ah…for accuracy, you would have me wait until Liason “get together” again, before you would have me say that? Fair enough :)

    And you know Sam has other skills…don’t let the fact that she’s beautiful blind you to that :)

  38. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I see you are trying to lure me back to the endless battle of Liz vs. Sam. I cannot participate. I am sorry to disappoint. You must be bored. I wouldn’t have gone this far if there hadn’t been so many posts supporting a Marty / Todd union. It turned my stomach to have women defending a rapist and really put me in an extremely bad mood. Sam bore the brunt because she is also an affront to hard working women everywhere. I must find my happy place. I will go walk the dog. You are welcome to love Sam all you want. I choose to appreciate women who get ahead using their brains not their “beauty”.

  39. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    sueboo, i was responding to *your* posts, I definitely wasn’t “luring” you anywhere, LOL. Well, don’t let my Sam love spoil your day! Have a nice walk :) And yup, I’m very bored :D

    And what the hell is Jason? Elliot Ness!

    How about Elliot BrainLess, season? Okay, I’m just being silly now… :)

  40. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Elliott Brainless!! I love it — good one Daisy!

    So reading all of this, color me confused. Am I remembering things wrong (again LOL)?? Didn’t Liz specifically tell Sam that she was no longer concerned about any safety issues, but rather was worried about the kids getting “confused” by having another woman in the picture. I thought there was also some sort of discussion about the idea of Lucky and Sam taking the kids to a fair in August, a plan that I’m guessing was derailed by the fake breakup.

    While I HATE Sam being some sort of cheerleader for Liz as much as I’m sure Liz fans paid her acceptance of Sam, as far as the writing goes, it does seem that Liz is past the kidnapping.

    As for Lucky, I just want to add that while some may consider him a “drug addict” I think we should all remember that he got addicted to prescription pills prescribed to treat injuries that he received in the course of performing heroic acts, first saving Emily and then battling Manny. Let’s also remember that Manny would not have been a threat were it not for the criminal activities perpetrated by one Jason Morgan. I’m not saying that this absolves Lucky from his responsibility, just that the term drug addict makes them sound far more subversive than the reality, and ignores the fact that Jason is the one who is the real criminal here. Just sayin ;)

  41. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Didn’t Liz specifically tell Sam that she was no longer concerned about any safety issues, but rather was worried about the kids getting “confused” by having another woman in the picture.

    You’re right EET!! I had forgotten about that! So Sam being a “danger” is no longer an issue :)

  42. Profile photo of blackjack21

    “sigh” this is what happens when writers screw up: characters make mistakes that can’t be changed and by some never forgiven.

    my take is if liz still thought sam was a threat to the boys why was she running around town trying to lobby for sam to get back together with lucky? which is kind of funny since at one point she was running around town trying to get sam to stay away.

    also, if everyone has the boys’ best interest at heart, lucky would simply move into liz’s house – alone. if liz is presumed dead, moving the boys in with mommy’s casual aquaintance (in cam and jake’s eyes) and away from the only dad and home they really know would just be selfish on jason’s part. sam screwed up in the past, but she was also someone who tried to get jason to claim jake from the get-go, so she was looking out for father and (alleged) son above her own interests before the park incidents. keeping in her usual personality, i would totally think she’d let lucky be with the boys and stay away for their sake. not to mention this fakebreak thing. i guess if jason had just listened to sam and not liz in the first place, this wouldn’t be a problem. so which woman was really looking out for him then….?

    finally, in my gh world, when jason went to claim jake, paternity tests would ensue and lucky would be the father. or better yet ric. i mean maybe liz got tired on her way to the top floor and ric was staying on floor 22. you never know if liz was upset over the long climb in the dark and needed comforting. ( i know ric was with sam {because of jason by the way}, but i thought it was funny!) time to take this back to the debate thread ;)

  43. Profile photo of engradypind

    Liz and amnesia, OK, what if the last thing Liz remembers of her life is being married to Rick. She was happy with him for a time in that short marriage. If Rick hadn’t been going psycho and keeping Carly hostage in the secret room, they might have had a chance together. She could redeem him and send his no-good Daddy packing. I am not a big fan of this idea, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Liz and Rick back together and happy for a change.

    Regarding Jason and custody of the boys: this is GH we’re talking about. A show that has the father of the victim prosecuting the murder case. Jason getting custody of Cam and Jake is a likely event.

  44. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    ladyofthelake, you said on Cam’s birth certificate, not Jake’s. Yes, he is on Jake’s but he is not on Cam’s. And that wasn’t spin, I simply said Guza’s world is a shaky one. If Jason WANTED to fight for Jake, as the legal father he technically could, no matter what was on the birth certificate. Isn’t that what they did with Spencer? And didn’t they have Alexis begging Sam to take her girls so they wouldn’t be seperated? I’m not saying Jason is a logical choice in anyway, but if Guza wanted to go there I’m sure HE would SPIN it so he could.

  45. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    LOL, who said I was fighting? I’m definitely not the one resorting to cursing. I’m sorry I misinterpreted your statement when you said Cam has a father, Lucky. Cam’s father is actually dead. Lucky is not legally Cam’s father and that was pointed out when Lucky tried to get custody of the children from Liz. Alexis specifically told him he didn’t have a leg to stand on when it came to Cam and only Jake’s paternity was in question. I just don’t agree that it would be as simple as Lucky gets the kids. He would definitely not get Jake, even if his name was on the birth certificate. Cam COULD go to Lucky, or he could go to Audrey. Last time I checked, I was allowed to disagree.

    And after the devestation of Sam, I know a few of her fans that don’t appreciate Guza either. Many fan bases have reason to not like Guza’s writing style and many complain about the current state of the show.

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