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Here’s the Scoop! 09.03.08

A little clarification on the Elizabeth RUMORS… IF THIS STORYLINE happens, she will be presumed dead. They will look for her, however the accident is said to be bad and it will appear that there is no way she survived. IF Jason winds up with the boys… it’s because he can not let someone else raise his son. What about Cam? IF Jason has both Jake and Cam, I would PRESUME its simply so the boys are not split up. I know, I know, Lucky is on Jake’s birth certificate and he’s the only father Cam knows. BUT Lucky also knows he’s not Jake’s true father. 

Matt and Maxie… getting closer much to Spinelli’s disappointment.  Yes, I have seen the RUMBLINGS that Jason Cook has shaved his beard off. We will see. IF it was fairly recent, expect to see it onscreen in a couple weeks.

Scrubs… early labor scare coming up. Patrick backs off to relieve Robin’s stress. Mac sighting? I hear he’s there.

Is Jax leaving Carly?  RUMORS say yes.  Will it stick?  I doubt it.  Carly will be alone and not under her husband’s watchful eye.  That only means a plan is about to be hatched. Would a revoked Visa stop Karpov from contacting her?

Olivia is coming… she’s been cast.  Kate’s cousin shows up on the 19th. 

Lulu is confessing… at least everything I am seeing says she does. 

Sam is digging… into the Jerry – Karpov connection. 

More RUMORS about Sweeps…
will the BIG EVENT be a snow storm?

Night Shift: Episode Description


Episode 210 ("Brothers & Sisters") – Leo and Kyle are caught off guard when their mother comes to town unannounced. Meanwhile, Claire confesses a secret, Patrick is stuck in an awkward situation with Epiphany and Toussaint, Kyle meets an intriguing patient (special guest star Chad Allen), and Robert comes to see Robin in a new light on "General Hospital: Night Shift," TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 (11:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m., ET/PT) on SOAPnet.

"Brothers & Sisters" was written by Sri Rao & Michael J. Cinquemani.

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  1. Profile photo of roe0824

    Thanks Regan for your spoilers as always I need them to start my day.(lol) Ok, Elizabeth is presumed dead the end of September into October which is the wedding frame so now we have to see her struggle to get back in November? Will she remember Jason and the boys when she sees them or will she think she is still Lucky’s wife?This storyline is awful, I am really sorry. Yes, I want Liason together but I would have rather had it that Jason finds her and takes care of her to get her memory back. A snowstorm? Ok, Jason told Elizabeth years ago she smelled like snow so maybe when it snows is when he finds her. If Lulu confess the whole truth, it was self defense, case over, but how long will it drag on? Matt shaving his beard? I think he looks good both ways.Kate’s cousin coming? Great just what we need more Sonny/Kate scenes.(boring)I hope Jax kills Karpov and Jax/Carly can finally find some happiness for about a month.

  2. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I think it will be beter, if Jason will find her, and he will be the one who takes care of her, and than he will take the boys, to help her recover.
    About Lucky, I think he needs to know that Jason only agree to give up Jake, if Elizabeth will be the one to Raise him, if he thinks that Elizabeth is dead, there is no reason that a policeman will raise his son, and not mention Sam , he will never allow her to raise his son, I konw I won’t.
    and by the way , Lucky is in the same danger as Jason , so the danger to both of the boys, comes from both sides.
    look at Alexis, AZ threaten her daughter not because of Sonny, but because of her job!!!!

  3. Profile photo of hrfmom

    Thank you for the spoilers…now I can gain the strength I need to get through the work day!! More Liason angst…that is all I can say!!! I could live through this storyline if we had some guarantee that Liason would actually end up together; I apologize I am a Liason fan. I am trying not to give up on the show since I have been a viewer off and on since 1989 but Guza is killing me with these storylines! What is the purpose of bringing Cousin Olivia on? Will she also lay the smackdown on Carly? I just want some bitch slapping…Dynasty style!

  4. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    no no no no to so much of this :( First, if they even try to repeat the JaSam amnesia story, I would be so upset. And if Jason gets custody of both boys, omg, I will be furious! Why must Lucky always be the loser?!

    But YAY to JC possibly shaving off the weird beard-‘stache!!!

  5. Profile photo of hrfmom

    Maybe this storyline will be buried along with Jason and Liz’s secret wedding that was suppose to happen a few months ago?!? The mob storylines would not be so bad to digest if they were written in the style of David Chase of The Sopranos.
    Jason Cook without road kill on his face would be a refreshing change.

  6. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    You know, I can barely remember Nik’s amnesia story. I know they thought he was dead, and he got mixed up with that Mary chick. And eventually Emily saw him… Does anyone remember how he got his memory back, just out of curiosity? Now this is going to drive me crazy, lol
    EDIT: never mind, I found it online :)

  7. Profile photo of hrfmom

    I am Switzerland regarding who would get Jake and Cam if this storyline plays out. If Jason does get custody, it may mean more screen time for Diane since she is his lawyer and when he is out thugging maybe Monica can be his nanny?!? Or does this storyline mean this is Sonny’s window of opportunity to get back into the mob since Jason is Mr. Mom?

  8. Profile photo of grannyswatching

    I think the storyline should be like it was when Carly (Tamara Braun) was in her car accident and everyone thought she was dead. Hopefully they won’t have the story mob related. Elizabeth could fall asleep at the wheel or something. No amnesia. Life threatening. Let it be awhile before anyone finds her. She could be taken to the County hospital where no one knows her. Coma? Just not mob related. No ID. Let’s have everyone think she’s dead. News to travel fast. Guza where are you?

  9. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Jason needs to clame Jake.!!!!!!!
    Lucky can die everytime, he goes to a mision, he can die like Jason can.
    and if will die , what will be for the boys?
    when Jake was in danger before and after his birth, the one who save him was Jason.!!!
    And by the way, maybe now, maybe, Jake is safe, but in the future he might not be.
    think, he will find out who is real father, and even though that everyone will try to explain him the reason, he will still get mad, and maybe would want to be like his father.
    think about Diago and Logan both of them were mad because their father left them, do we want it to happend to Jake???

    AND I am sorry I am Just a big fan of Jason and I want his character to be Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Profile photo of always a liason fan
    always a liason fan

    I truly hope the amensia story doesn’t come into play….. I can’t see Jason getting the kids without he & Liz together – he’s keeps telling Liz that it’s too dangerous – why would he claim – it would still be dangerous. I think there should be one more night of passion with Liason before November sweeps. Liz gets pregnant again and Jason finds out before the mob war and must do what he needs to do in order to claim his family…. and thanks Regan for keeping us posted!!!!

  11. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    a few things hit me while reading these posts…1) GH does waaay too many amnesia storylines 2) There is no rhyme or reason to what Guza writes 3) Liz should consider giving up driving after this latest incident :)

  12. Profile photo of pchca

    Poor Liz… that girl just can’t get a break.

    Hip hip horray for Matt & Maxie bonding. This is GH and I know for a fact that Guza hates me, so I’m not getting my hopes up. But it would be hot to see Maxie shave off Matt’s beard.

  13. Profile photo of roe0824

    Always, before the whole car accident story, I would love another night of passion too. I think I am wearing out youtube. The whole Nick storyline was stupid as well. So now Liz is going to meet another guy? She is going to fall in love with him and forget Jason? Then Jason will find her and she will fall back in love with him and remember him and the kids? Come on, we can write a better storyline than this. I think it should go down like Jason’s enemies are onto Liz and in order to save her, he has to fake her death and have her move into the penthouse next door until he can get rid of Karpov and maybe AZ.Noone has to know she is alive and Jason can still claim the boys until all is ok for Liz to come out of hiding and they both get what they want, each other and their family.

  14. Profile photo of season1217

    Can we please stop w/ the “Liz in peril so Jason can save her” crap?! And I could give a rat’s behind about Jason’s parental rights. Lucky needs to go back to 1998 and get his spine back and let Jason know what’s what!

  15. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    You know what I would love to see?? For Jason to try and take custody of the kids and for Lucky to punch him in the face!! Sorry…I don’t normally advocate violence – it’s Guza’s effect on me :)

  16. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    There is a car accident coming… soon. It involves Sonny and Claudia and I believe I spoiled it waaaaay back, so far back I’m not sure I remember all the details.  Its when Patrick will treat Claudia.  It should be before she takes the stand and I believe Claudia leaves the hospital AMA to go to the trial.  Anyone remember these?  I would guess its another attempt on his daughter’s life by ZaCrazy. 

  17. Profile photo of Kelev Ra
    Kelev Ra

    Do they really have to “presume Liz dead” to make Jason wake up and pull his head out of his @rs? Why can’t Jason just get fed up with the mob, or see Liz dating other men, and decide he better grow up if he does not want to lose her… Uhhggg. And poor Lucky :( he is stuck with Sam and now may lose Cam too ;) They just have to have Liz tell Jason.. “you are all worried about my safety and the boys losing me, when in reality, I could die in a car accident tomorrow” DOH :D And if the rumor holds true.. will Jason leave the mob to be a stay at home dad? Good grief..

  18. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I know, but I can dream can’t I guys?? Oh how I would for there to be a brawl between Lucky and Jason! :)

    Regan, I do remember there being a spoiler about the accident…

    Hey, you mentioned a snow storm…I wonder who’s going to be stuck with whom in the storm?? I guess it’s too early to tell, but that could be really interesting :) I’ll bet a round of drinks that somehow Claudia gets stuck with every guy in the cast at some point or another during the storm.

  19. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    RUMOR… that Robin givng birth (the actual event not the upcoming scare) will kick off Sweeps.  Remember the RUMORS that Patrick delivers the baby in less than desirable circumstances?  Could it be during a snow storm?  Wouldn’t a snow storm be more fitting for February Sweeps?

  20. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    OH for the love of God… MORE SECRETS!  Not only is Olivia a bit of a secret of Kate’s but the latest word is that Olivia hits town with a secret of her own.  Memo to GH Writers: We’re a little bit sick of the secrets.  Tell us the answers to the other secrets and THEN come up with new ones. Okay? Thanks. 

    Is Edward a fix on the jury?  Someone is and Anthony & Trevor are responsible for it.

    It’s a death penalty case. As previously reported, Scotty comes up with a doozy and says Logan was an undercover cop/agent thus making his murder death penalty worthy.

    Not sure about the sequence of events… Claudia may be called to testify before the accident.  After looking more closely at the medianets, the accident should occur on the 8th and I believe Claudia MAY be called to testify before that.

  21. Profile photo of pchca

    Sounds like everyone in PC is going to be on the stand. Who will run the hospital and the clinic? Matt and Nadine? Maybe it’ll be closed for a family emergency

  22. Profile photo of Trisha

    So if Jason were to get the boys, does this mean that Sonny takes the business back? What I don’t get is the danger factor. I know people keep saying it’s a cop out, but he’s been screaming every two seconds (like for the last 3 years) how his life is too dangerous for her and for kids. So I’m thinking that he would have to give the business back to Sonny to make it safer for the kids. If he doesn’t get out and doesn’t want Lucky and Sam raising his son, then what about Grams?

  23. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Daisy, you’re not aging yourself w/ that reference. Now, if you had mentioned Joey Buttafuoco, then that would be a different matter. LOL!

    omg season, you did not just go there! If I never heard Joey B’s name again it would be too soon, LOL!

    OH for the love of God… MORE SECRETS![…]

    You know, something just occurred to me…when was the last time we’ve actually been shocked by a GH secret?? Other shows have good secret reveals — OLTL Talia is Carlo’s daughter or Y&R Chloe is Esther’s daughter, etc… but when was the last time we had an honest to goodness OMG moment on GH??

  24. Profile photo of season1217

    “… when was the last time we had an honest to goodness OMG moment on GH??”


    The year they told Mary Jo they can’t take the bullet out!

  25. Profile photo of engradypind

    If there is a custody question over Liz’s boys I would much prefer them to go to Jason. Lucky, as he is written today, is too dumb to wipe his own nose (a trait he has in common with his brother Nicholas), and has Sam in his life at the present time. Neither of these characters has the sense God gave a grape. Sam, no matter how well she fills out a bikini, is a skanky con artist, and Lucky ain’t lucky in love or war. Jason at least will read to the boys.

    I am not looking forward to the farce of a trial coming up. Scott Baldwin is a morally bankrupt bully just like Anthony Zachara.

    Here’s a new couple for you: Scott Baldwin and Carly WhateverHerNameWillBeAfterJaxDivorcesHerSkankyAdulturousButt. They deserve one another.
    What is the news on Ric? The character needs a woman in his life, preferably one to who will run him through the ringer on a regular basis.

    NIGH SHIFT I fell asleep before it was over last night, but I am to the point that regardless of who the writers are, if they kill off Robert I am done with all of them: GH, GH-NS, and the Great Seat of Mediocrity known as ABC.

  26. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I think that Jason needs to take the kids, he can’t let Lucky and Sam to
    take them, Jason only agreed to give up Jake, if Elizabeth will be the the one who is taking care of them. I don’t think Jason will want Sam to be the one who is their new mama.1!!

  27. Profile photo of Kelev Ra
    Kelev Ra

    engradypind LOL :D Sam, no matter how well she fills out a bikini, is a skanky con artist, and Lucky ain’t lucky in love or war. Jason at least will read to the boys.

    She may have the rack but she aint got the brains :D I just hope Jason does not read them that book about Africa that he read to Michael.. it might send Carly over the edge !! Not that it would be a bad thing.. she can hang out in SB with LooLoo!!

  28. Profile photo of roe0824

    Regan if you find the time, check out the rumors on the canvas about Jason and Elizabeth and if you can find out if they are true about another night of passion and the accident. Thank you as always, I only believe what you tell us.

  29. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    These Liz rumers bother the hell out of me. Just because Lucky isn’t Jake’s father doesn’t mean he has to give up Cam aswell. Oh the boys can’t be separated, so many families on this show are separated. Jason can’t let someone else raise his son, isn’t that what he’s doing now, since he doesn not want to claim Jake? I just don’t understand why Lucky has to lose his son, Cam, to Jason. To Cam, Lucky is his father. Why? It’s just so stupid to me. It’s not like this kids will never see each other. I’m not a Liason fan or a Jason fan, I could care less either way if these two get together or not. I just ff. It’s not my dislike of the characters, it’s my dislike of the rumer. If this was any of the other characters with kids, I would be just as upset to. To many people on this show lose their kids. I know some fans think Lucky is unfit because he was on drugs once. But he has cleaned up, gotten back his job, is a cop. Jason is still the killing gangster. This show drives me freaking crazy.

  30. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Season: LMAO!!!!

    ladyofthelake: ITA!! People think it’s traumatic if brothers grow up in seperate houses, but, imo, it’s more tramatic to take away the only father a child’s ever know. There would be absolutely no logical reason to make Jason Cam’s father…none whatsoever. It would just be cruel to both Cam and Lucky. I’m no Liz fan, but I can’t imagine she would suddenly decide Jason is going to “replace” Lucky as Cam’s father.

  31. Profile photo of BigDede

    Why I am the only Liz fan who likes this storyline. I would love for Liz to go, get in an accident and forget who she is. Then while she’s gone she has memories of her kids and we can get wonderful Liason flashbacks. Then when she comes back we have a lot of people in PC trying to get her to remember. Liz is an important person in Port Charles and a lot of people would be upset to see her go so when she comes back we have Lucky, Nik, Robin, Jason, Lulu, etc try to make her remember who she is.

  32. Profile photo of pisces

    I love you guys! Your comments make me lol!

    Just what my poor Spinelli needs, a repeat of the crap Lulu put him through, only this time it’s Maxie.

    “Logan isn’t so bad and I’m thinking of going to bed with him and I don’t care what you say, think or feel. You don’t matter.”

    “You don’t even rate as a man with me, just a friend, so I’m gonna sleep with Matt Hunter, OK? Good, see you later. Kiss kiss.”

    I don’t really care at this point what they do with Liason as long as they make it permanent. Either get them together forever or pull them apart forever, but for the love of the Soap Gods, do something already! I think Jason needs to grow a backbone and choose, either Liz or the mob. Even Sonny wised up; he chose the woman he loves over his job. It’s time for Jason to do the same, and if he can’t or won’t do that for his own reasons, he needs to stop waffling. As I said in the Perkie’s observations post, if Sonny can get out, so can Jason. He just needs to get the guts to do it.

    Jason, Mr. Mom. Lol, can’t you picture The Jackal baby sitting? He’d love it!

    Regan, do you know if there’s any truth to the rumor I read that Guza has until November to get his act together or they’ll replace him? Please say it’s true!

  33. Profile photo of pisces

    Sorry if I posted this before, but I can’t find it, so I’m thinking it didn’t go through. I treie to post something last night that didn’t show up either, and I think something else I posted this morning ended up in a black hole in Cyberspace also. Was the site having trouble before?

    Just what my poor Spinelli needs, more of the crap Lulu put him through, only this time it will be Maxie. Only she doesn’t even have a clue that he loves her, so she doesn’t get to comment on the fact that Lulu did it, or if she and Spin get into an argument she doesn’t get to throw it in his face that Georgie loved him and he didn’t know.

    Lulu: “Logan is not as bad as he seems. He’s just violent, moody and has a really bad tempera dn loves to force kisses on women and beat up their best friends, but I’m gonna sleep with him anyway and it doesn’t matter what you think because I care mor about what I want than I do about you, so you’ll be my friend when I want and you’ll go away when I don’t want you. Bye-bye.”

    Maxie: “Matt’s not so bad; he’s just a selfish, arrogant jerk, but I’m gonna sleep with him anyway because I have bad taste in men but good taste in friends like you, and you don’t even rate as a man for me even though I slept with you, too, so Matt and I are gonna hook up, OK? Good. See yah. Kiss kiss.”

    The writers really need to change their records on a lot of story lines, but I hate when they hurt Spinelli just to facilitate other pairings, especially when they do the same things to hurt him over and over again!

  34. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    Why I am the only Liz fan who likes this storyline.
    You aren’t alone BigDede, I would love it as well. Because it is a story that is finally her own and I’ve been waiting for that all summer.

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