Kristen Renton OUT at Days!


The Night The Lights Went Out In Salem
: It looks like Southern Belle Morgan will soon be sashaying her behind right out of Salem as Soap Opera Digest is reporting Kristen Renton is out at Days of Our Lives.

The caricature, I mean character, is set to head for Chicago. No offense to Renton, but this longterm Days fan couldn’t be happier. A soap in rebuilding phase does not have precious airtime to waste on disconnected characters with no real purpose on the canvas. Maybe now the show can write for young adult characters that actually are connected to core families and that we actually like, such as Horton great-grandson Nick Fallon (the much too good for this Blake Berris).

Thanks Ang and Snowi for the tips!

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    I’m right there with you Jamey. Days wasted too much precious airtime on this chick. Now if only they could get rid of some of the other vapid girls on this show, I’d be a happy camper. (Chloe and Nicole, I’m looking right at you!)

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    Jillian Bowe

    Oh thank GOD! *LOL* Sorry no disrespect intended to Kristen but I can’t STAND Morgan! If I had to sit though another one of her no neck scenes (ya’ll know what I mean when she has her shoulders constantly in mid shrug!) lusting after Philip I would’ve chucked my remote at the screen!

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    Oooh praise the soap gods! I am so happy she is out!! Hopefully she will be followed by Melanie. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

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    Good luck to Kristen Renton. I am also happy to see Morgan go. I never liked the character and did not like her with Phillip. Hope they don’t bring any of the other sorority sisters back either. Now maybe something can be done about Stephanie and her adopted uncle????????????

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    Soap Opera Digest is also saying that another unnamed actress has been let go and a beloved vet is on the bubble.

    Any hints on who those might be?????

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    I agree with you, Jamey, that she is not needed and not a core character like Chelsea, Nick, Stephanie, Max and legacy characters that DAYS need in the future, if the show is on. I wish her luck with her future endeavors.


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    I kinda liked Morgan…or maybe it was just Kristen Renton that I liked. Hopefully, this the beginning of greener pastures for Salem…
    Does this mean that Phillip will be after Chloe again?
    I could take him with Stephanie because Stax makes my milk curdle… :sick:
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    While, yes, the show needs to get back to its core characters and focus on the youth that is already on the show and related to said characters we do need some new blood if we want to stop the inbreeding that is beginning w/ Stax!

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