Guza Talks…Should We Listen?

General Hospital head writer, Bob Guza Jr., sat down with Soap Opera Weekly for a chat.  In the first part of the two part interview, Guza dishes on Genie Francis‘ return and confirms reports that she will be back in October.  He also addresses the other BIG question… will Tony Geary and Genie get some screentime together?  Francis’ last return wasn’t handled as well as the fans would have hoped but Guza says those same mistakes will not  be made again.  Should we listen?  Take a look and weigh in! 

Weekly: It’s suspicious that Laura doesn’t want Lulu telling anyone else that she is awake.

Guza: That’s very true. Lulu is like, "Oh, my God, this is good — let me get the boys," and Laura is like, "No, no, you can’t tell them yet. I don’t want to get their hopes up in case this doesn’t take." We are thinking, "Yeah, that makes sense." Also, what happens is, a doctor shows up from Switzerland, where Laura was part of the time. If a doctor is there, how can it not be real? By the end of the fall/early winter, you will know the answer. You will also know about Laura’s future.

Weekly: It would be too convenient if she just faded away again.

Guza: We are not going to resolve this in the same way that we did before. Not at all.

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    Just get rid of him and end all our miseries. Everyone loves Luke and Laura and he messed it up the last time, sure he will do the same again.I will believe it when I see it on my tv.

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    Riddle me this: How can the # 2 soap on ABC afford all these actors they are hiring but the # 1 soap can’t even “afford” the one actor most GH fans what back? If you’re going to lie to people come up with a better one lie than that! If you’re going to feed me BS than add some herbs and spices to it, at least some ketchup!

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    Yeah, I pretty much stopped listening to anything Guza has to say after listening to “most romantic story ever”/”love in wartime”/”getting shot in the head is a fitting punishment for holding a gun.” His word is about as suspect as his writing is. So far, IMO, Laura’s story has been a bust for me. I’d like it to be about something more than propping up Lulu (and apparently curing crazy in two days), talking about DeadLoganWiththeFlashlightUnderHisChin, and whining about Johnny. I want to watch when she comes back, but I have no expectations beyond seeing Genie Francis back on GH.

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    God, I hope it’s true that this son of a bitch has until November to pull it together. Phelps & Frons needs throw him out of the ABC studios on his ass!

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

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    Does Mr. Guza have a personal email address because I would ike to ask him why Liason s/l was put on hold? What did we get in return for him putting them on the back burner NOTHING. Well the one thing he did get was lower ratings. Mr. Guza if your scanning these mb listen to your fans give us family, romance, humor and more more love in the afternoon

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    Guza likes to congratulate himself doesn’t he? He thinks the Laura/Lulu story line is wonderful. You can really tell, insert sarcasm here, that he always listens to the fans.

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    I don’t want to beat a dead horse and constantly berate the man for what GH has become. I think it’s terrible to wish that someone be fired but this man needs to have an epiphany about what he has done to this show and how he can fix the damage done before he reaches the point of no return because for some that point has already been passed!

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    I’d love to see the DC crew do a Guza: Hack or Genius? Blog! Because there are some things that I’ve HATED about what Guza has done with GH, but at the same time, I have to admit there’s a lot of stuff I’ve really liked over the years too… I think the show is at a real lowpoint right now, but I’d love to get different perspectives of someone who can’t stand Guza and someone who really likes him :)

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    In recent years, Guza hasn’t done anything to love but the occasional sweeps stunt. It’s time for Brian Frons to realize that just like the other 7 soaps, GH needs an overhaul. It’s the only show that has kept the same writer for years. Even GL did a little change up with making DK share with 3 others. Port Charles needs new blood.

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

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    According to Wiki, this is how Guza’s time at GH breaks down:

    *Script Writer* (hired by Anne Howard Bailey; 1982-1987)

    *Head Writer*
    March 1996 – October 1996: with Karen Harris
    December 1997 – December 2000: Solo
    June 13, 2002 – March 10, 2006: with Charles Pratt, Jr.
    March 13, 2006 – January 3, 2008: Solo
    March 17, 2008 – present : Solo

    *Consulting Producer:* May 2004 – January 3, 2008 March 17, 2008 – present

    I once found a website that listed all the stories that Guza had written and which characters he created, but I haven’t been able to find it again :(

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    As far as I am concerned, Guza should have been fired long ago. I was a fan of Gh, for 30 plus years. He has ruined Gh, as a #1 soap. I have read petons, message boards, I have called ABC, and written letters as 100″s of other fans have. He has no respect for the fans , and the actors on GH. He is full of it. i refuse to watch Gh, until he is gone. As, for the so-called sweeps…..Same old Same Old.

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    LOL If you won’t I will season. LOL I’ll berate him til the cows come home. How this man is still writing for this show is beyond me? The ratings are so bad and have been for awhile now and they aren’t getting better and normally when this happens a new writer steps in, am I wrong???? Who’s he paying off? LOL Seriously…

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    I didn’t realize he’d come and gone this much. I thought he’d only been on two diff times. Well…I was at one time a HUGE Guza fan, I loved his stuff, I guess this would have been somewhere in 96-00. That is I believe when there was a balance. It was still the mob, but there was still love in the afternoon. GH was great back then. When he came back in 02(?) I was so thrilled and that has faded over the yrs. We deft need fresh ideas, new blood….new writers STAT!

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