Finola’s Summer Swan Song a bust?

School’s back in session and summer has ended and its left this General Hospital viewer to question, where the hell is the huge summer storyline Anna Devane fans were promised? Finola Hughes gave up a tremendous chance to work with soap legends such as Eric Braeden, Jeanne Cooper and Melody Thomas Scott. She forfeited the opportunity to reunite with her old onscreen husband Vincent Irizarry due to "loyalty" (pressure in my book) for ABC and with General Hospital’s assurance that she was needed for a great storyline to be played out this summer. That is what we were told, but what did we get?

We got the same ole’ same ole’ Patrick and Robin butting heads and Anna being the referee. Need I remind GH and The Young and the Restless viewers that Hughes was and is NOT on contract with GH? She gave up a potentially plum gig over at the eye network on good faith of a "big summer storyline," that involved Anna and her daughter Robin. Instead we get cartoon Anna coming in once again for laughs.

What did you think of Finola Hughes summer storyline?

Finola's Summer Swan Song a bust?

  • I'm neutral. I didn't have high hopes. (18%, 121 Votes)
  • I loved the storyline that Finola had this time around. (3%, 18 Votes)
  • Finola's storyline was a bust. GH strikes again (79%, 543 Votes)

Total Voters: 682


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  1. Profile photo of Jorpa

    “I’m about ready to kidnap Hogan Sheffer and bring him to GH!”

    Nope. Uh uh. I won’t let you. You can’t have him. LOL

    He’s needed too bad at Y&R. Too bad we can’t clone him for all the shows. LOL

    I really don’t think Finola missed a lot at Y&R. The actress who replaced her was only on for a few days. We might have seen her for a total of 10 minutes in that time. I would’ve been upset if that happened to Finola. At least she got more airtime at GH however pitiful the storyline was.

  2. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    Nope. We should not be surprised at all. Rick, Heather, Robert, Holly, ANNA, Felicia, Scotty and even NotReallyThereLaura. It’s so sad what Guza has done to these beloved 80’s vets.

  3. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Finola deserved so much better than what she got. I would have rather that she returned to AMC with David.

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

  4. Profile photo of KingTV

    What story line? HAHAHAHAHAHA! She was royally screwed by ABC, Frons and Guza. To think she could have brought her fierce abilities to the role of Sabrina’s mother, Zara and holy, she would have brought so much more to it then the other actress did. I mean no offense to her but Ms. Hughes could have played the heck out of the part and I bet anything if the producers at Y&R had gotten her, they would have lengthened the character’s stay, possibly through the entire story line and to Sabrina’s death. Zara could have moved herself onto the ranch and gotten very comfortable. Then, the s/l possibilities seem endless. Maybe she could have tried to seduce Victor while Sabrina was off at a gala meeting. The repurcussions from Sabrina’s death would have had even more “sudden” impact. GH selfishly bound her to a contract, I assume, but certainly did not deliver the meaty goods they promised when they announced she was staying at GH and not going to CBS. The story for Anna this past summer was a ludicrous, horror show with grandma Anna running around rockstar Eli Love and all the rest of that unmemorable nonsense. I truly feel bad for Finola Hughes for being trapped there. I hope when her contract is up or however they are binding her to GH and ABC, she runs far, far away. The character of Anna Devane deserved better material and Guza failed miserably to deliver.

  5. Profile photo of Amy

    Considering that Kimberly and Finola have one of the best mom/daughter dynamics on daytime, and knowing the potential that both could have risen to in emotional scenes about Robin’s pregnancy and her fears, it just floors me that Guza didn’t deliver on ANY of it.

    Not that I’ve seen any of the Tristan/Finola/Robin/Mac scenes on the upcoming Night Shift…but given what I’ve seen so far on delivering powerful scripts and scenes, Guza has made a huge misstep in not capitalizing on Finola’s run on GH. The scenes with those 4 alone are likely to be powerful and more compelling than GH has seen in a long time. How could the execs not compare what Sri delivers compared to what Guza does?? and probably for less money….

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    “Jorpa, could we possibly discuss joint custody?”
    That’s why I mentioned cloning him. LOL
    @KingTV… I agree with you about Finola bringing so much more to the part of Sabrina’s mother. That was what I was hoping and dreaming for. She and Victor could’ve made a dynamic duo! But when I saw what they did with the other actress, I was glad Finola wasn’t there. Having said that, Finola would’ve made a huge difference.

  7. Profile photo of mrsnoahdrake

    What storyline????? She was in for snippets…disappeared without any warning…and then shows up again and they say “Oh, you’re back!”
    And make up some flimsy excuse about why she wasn’t on
    They have her fall for Eli and then turn him into someone unlikeable and give him a child to make him more unlikeable. Way to go, since GH has NO unlikeable characters to start with.
    Then she makes out with Noah and RS disappaers and no mention of Noah. Yes, Rick was in NY for 10 DAYS promoting his new cd, and he does tour on some Fridays, so why has he been off screen for 1 month??? ( Yes, he has said he’s been taping a lot lately)
    At least give her some airtime with Noah or have a REAL conversation with Mac, i.e. about Georgie’s death, Felicia, Maxie, or the MOB. Let her drive the mob out of PC.
    Mac shows up with Anna at the hospital to see Robin. He shrugs his shoulders and we expect to see them the next day to have a conversation. No, that doesn’t leave enough time for mob stuff.
    How about Anna being concerned about Robin’s HIV status, asking her to make a will, asking how she would like the baby raised, has she thought of names, is it ok for Robin to breast feed, etc?
    Amy – you made excellent points.
    I would love to hear from the 8 (so far) people who said they enjoyed the storyline.
    What did you enjoy and were you watching way back when Anna/ Robert first came on or when Anna was the Police Commissioner and steamed up the sets with Duke?

  8. Profile photo of Beth

    I didn’t expect anything more. It sounded like petty squabbling and infighting between ABC and CBS anyway. I can appreciate Finola having a certain amount of loyalty to a show that she was on for so long, but until she signs a contract and is offered something of substance to do, she should feel no obligation to ABC or GH, since they obviously feel they have no obligation to do right by her.

  9. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    Well, they did to her what they do to all the vets. Promises, promises and then a storyline as interesting as paint drying. They promised Leslie Charleson a storyline and what did she get? A few snippets of her drinking out of a water bottle and then she was shipped off to rehab for half a year. That’s how much promises are worth on this show.

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