DC EXCLUSIVE: Victoria Rowell, “I Have Yet To Be Invited Back To Join Tonya”

This weekend I caught up with none other than Young and Restless actress-turned-author Victoria Rowell (ex-Drucilla). Rowell was in my new ATL stomping grounds for a Barnes and Noble book signing for her New York Times best selling memoir The Women Who Raised Me. I informed the daytime legend that TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco had broken news of her former on screen sib Tonya Lee Williams (Olivia) returning to the CBS soap this month. Could Rowell and Drucilla be far behind? Here’s what the hilarious and always thought-provoking Rowell had to say.

Daytime Confidential: So how was the book signing?

Victoria Rowell: Unbelievable! I have been out on the road for 17 months and it has been great to meet so many fans face-to-face.

DC: That does sound like quite the experience. Have you heard the news about Tonya Lee Williams returning to The Young and the Restless as Olivia?

VR: She is? Wonderful!

DC: Nelson Branco broke the story this weekend.

VR: Wow, well first of all, I want to say that it is great that Y&R finally has the presence of mind to bring back a member of the Barber family, because that family was completely obliterated. The Barbers were the first true, cohesive black family on The Young and the Restless and shortly after we were introduced, the show went to number one, where it still is to this day. Who knows, maybe now they will bring back Mamie? They really should bring Veronica (Redd) back. She was the matriarch.

DC: It would be great to have Mamie back, but what about Drucilla? Would you consider a return to the show? Have they contacted you?

VR: I love the character of Drucilla and my fans, but I have yet to be invited back to join Tonya.

DC: Tonya gave Nelson a few of her storyline ideas for Liv’s return, being that you are a successful writer (in addition to The Women Who Raised Me, Rowell wrote scripts for her hit CBS primetime series Diagnosis Murder and is working on a novel, Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva), how would you write Drucilla back in?

VR: I really see Liv throwing a bungee cord over that cliff and pulling her sister right on up! Or, why not have Liv out berry picking and come across a familiar woman–wearing a straw hat–and it’s Drucilla! But she doesn’t recognize Liv because she has AMNESIA! Since she fell off that cliff, she’s been eating pine nuts and fishing!

DC: (Laughs) Tonya also mentioned that she wouldn’t be signing a contract with the show because of her busy schedule (Williams founded the Reel World Film Festival), but that she would recur indefinitely. Would you opt for a similar situation?

VR: I would definitely consider recurring as long as Y&R knew that it was part of my M.O. that I am able to do independent films and my books. I’ve always been an entrepreneur.

For more on Victoria Rowell, be sure to look for Daytime Confidential’s upcoming podcast interview with the actress for our 300th episode.

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  1. Profile photo of Chocolate-Mama

    Y&R needs to cut the bull. Who the hell wants to see Olivia back? Are they going to have a love interest for her? No. And we all know that if she hasn’t signed a contract, then we’ll be seeing her for a few days this month and at Christmas. And please…please…don’t get me started about the second last bed scene poor Olivia had. It wasn’t with Malcolm. It was with Brad! And she was wearing a doo rag! Get it together Y&R! Either get Victoria Rowell back or get an actress of color with some style…like Renee Elise Goldsberry or someone of that caliber.

  2. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    They need to do everything in their power to bring Victoria Rowell back on “Y&R”. They can bring her back because the Winters family has been dull without her. Get her back now.


  3. Profile photo of KingTV

    I would love to see Victoria Rowell back in force on Y&R. I have to say, though, that I am very disappointed with this website’s lack of coverage of Y&R and it’s brilliant resurgence thanks to Maria Bell and Hogan Sheffer’s writing. The show feels almost like it did in it’s heyday! So many of the suggestions on the “How to Improve…Y&R” podcast have happened and nary a mention of the power, emotional surge and focused drama that the show has been developing. Victor’s death, Nikki and he in his hide-away, the letters to the children, the Jack/Sharon/Nick/Phyllis eruption that is about to happen, troubles at Jabot, Chloe revealed as Kate, Esther’s daughter, the changes at Newman, the growth of Noah and thankfully, the trimming of fat such as Ana and Tyra plus we have the Micheal’s father saga to look forward to, Glo and Jeff trying to takeover Jabot and the Amber/Daniel/Colleen triangle that is happening all at once. This is what “great” soap opera is. While blogs like Nelson Branco’s, Sara Bibel’s and Tommy C.’s have all give their praise, this site seems content to rest it’s laurels on the joke that OLTL has dissolved into and the violen, misogynistic mess that is GH. Not that Y&R needs this website’s or any media’s praise to continue it’s number one standing in the ratings but why aren’t there more posts written to help the reader discover what is going on in Genoa City lately and how fabulous the show is. I hope it is not because of partisan favoritism or pandering to the rabid ABC and DOOL fanbase. I highly enjoy this website and ALL of it’s posters and podcast guests as well as the host, Luke and respect and sometimes disagree with the opinions but I feel like there is a distance especially with the 2 Bell shows. Is it because there is no one willing to post on them or is there an actual bias against the shows for maybe getting compliments that some of your editorial committee do not agree with? As a deeply cemented fan of Y&R ( and ALL soaps in general – I do watch 4 of them a week), it would be cool to see a few more props for the show from what I consider to be a premiere “soap opera” destination.

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