General Hospital Promo!

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    How exactly does blowing up the clinic “change the town”? This is a town where mob wars are everyday occurrences. Is it possible that the bomb will end the silly storyline it is associated with? Jerry planted his little bomb today and he put it in the waiting area. This show is so silly. Kids play on the floor. Cleaners come through. It wouldnt be a spot that I would choose. Sam caught him and she isn’t going to try to figure out what he was doing? She was in the Metrocourt lobby and knows he likes explosives. Do the writers watch this show?

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    I didn’t say I was a LuSam fan. LOL! Greg Vaughan is an attractive man but it will always be Jonathan Jackson for me. God bless, Liason and LuSam fans but it’s LnL v. 1 forever, baby!

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    Oh comon Season and Daisy, you have your LUSAM sexy moments, let the LIASON fans have their’s………………………………

    GH Lover: LOL That promo was for most of the GH storylines, not just Liason. So my ZZZZZZZZ was in reference to the entire show. All the storylines are boring me. It’s really not all about Liason…if it weren’t for this site/forums they’d be completely off my radar

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    Okay sorry, I just feel like I have to say this. We all criticize characters/storylines/TPTB on this site (as well as other soap sites/forums). I know it stinks when someone says something you don’t like about a character you love, but that’s just part of being active in the online soap community.

    I adore Sam, and from time to time there’s anti-Sam stuff here, but I don’t ask people to back down and please not say anything bad. It just wouldn’t make sense since this is a blog where we all post our opinions.

    Think of how Lulu fans feel, or Skate fans, or Carly fans (just to use GH examples). If all these people have to deal with their faves being criticized then it’s only right that Liason/Liz (and Sam/LuSam) fans deal with it too.

    I know it’s not a big deal, but I’d rather say this now because I know some people feel uncomfortable about voicing their opinions on here sometimes. I love this site, so I don’t ever want it to get to the point where I feel like I can’t comment on a GH promo because people will be upset that my Zzzzzz comment might be anti-Liason.

    GH Lover & aunti2egl: believe me, this post wasn’t directed at you two… it’s been a longtime coming and I figured this was a good time to post it.

    This isn’t meant to be an attack or a way to start a fight. I just basically wanted to say that critical comments made at the show or characters/couples are par for the course and shouldn’t be taken personally

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    I actually want to start a fight! My favorite tennis player lost his match yesterday so I feel like I could go 12 rounds w/ Mike Tyson. So if this is the way to do it, than, here it goes. What the hell is so hot about Liason?!?!?!?:?

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    I see your point Daisy, and I agree with you.
    and by the way, I love reading other peoples comments, who are not agreeing with my opinions, and loves.
    I just worte this to defend my couple, co’s that’s what we do , we eace defend the character that we love, and thats the great thing about this site, we all can write our opinion……………………
    I hope you are not offended…………………………………..

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    I don’t know who your favorite tennis player is but I am betting that they are not dwelling on the loss. The athlete is most likely practicing and looking to the future. Positive energy is way healthier than negative energy. Your favorite player probably knows that and wouldn’t want someone fighting in their name. Don’t worry , be happy.

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    GH Lover: oh no, I’m not offended! Thanks! And you’re absolutely right, everyone can and should defend their faves! That’s one of the reasons I love this site – the fact that everyone is so vocal and articulate about what they love and what they hate :)

    season: LOL!!

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    GH LOVER, 3:00, after school, in the parking lot!

    sueboo54321, it’s Rafael Nadal and I was just kidding. He’s won 2 of the 4 major championships this year, gold in Beijing, and just became # 1 in the world so I’m not stressing the loss that much. I just love him and hate to see him lose.

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    Liason bringing on the HOTTNESS like only they can.
    Absolutely love the promo No one brings the HOTTNESS like Liason!
    Thanks GH for listening to your fans.
    Go Liason Get Together….


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    You know, I actually am tuning in to watch the fall out of this limo sex secret coming out. I know Carly being miserable will be shortlived but man, I’m gonna enjoy it cause she deserves it. And Megan so far has been rockin’ her betrayal scenes.

    I see they still can’t get Steve out of his shirt though LOL. Am happy that my couple is finally getting some time and it hasn’t been 5 weeks since the last scene either… Shocker…

    Still hoping Liz gets a story of her very own so we don’t get to see her only as background or with Jason when he can find the time though….

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    Regan, I was waiting to see this promo all day and I couldn’t find it anywhere but I heard about something good. Thank you, you made my whole day. That black tank top, oh my, but I have a feeling he stops again. Guza is cruel, he’s not going to give us what we want but I am still going to watch it anyway.

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    “I have never heard of him but the last time I watched a tennis match John Mcenroe was playing. I figured you were kidding but still “don’t sweat the small stuff”.

    Sueboo, seriously? If I said Andy Roddick, does that mean anything? McEnrone is commentating these days!

    I also joined DC/Forums back in the spring and enjoy posting and reading everyone’s thoughts (I’m Highstrung on DC). This has been the best place to get info and spoilers. I love Regan!

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    Thank you GH lover couldn’t have said it better myself…well I was going to, but you beat me to it. LOL We’ve been waiting forever for them to get together and we’re trying to settle with the morsels given us. We know you can’t stand them but please…..:( give us our moments. :)

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    It’s cool Daisy. I feel the same way, we all have opinions and love who we love, whether it’s skate or LL2, LuSam, scrubs, liason (swoon LOL)…and in no way shape or form do I want to start a fight either. When I posted I was in no way at all mad LOL….I’m here to have fun and talk with others who love to hate GH or to love it, depending on the day. LOL I just discovered DC a few months back after being on another message board with some troublemakers so this is refreshing.

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