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Here’s the Scoop! 09.09.08

LuSam Fans… Sam’s horniness wasn’t for nothing yesterday. Your couple is hitting the sheets, uh, sofa. Does anyone in PC have sex in a bed?  I’m hearing it’s a hot scene for the pair.

Liason Fans… Do they finish what they start as we’ve seen in the Promo? Some RUMORS have said Carly interrupts them with her latest drama. Other RUMORS have Elizabeth’s job calling her away. BUT there is an interesting twist in the Scoop department. Liason MAY finish what they start. Are they interrupted? Some say yes, others say he takes her to his bedroom and reconnects with the woman he loves. There is some conflicting information that I am trying to piece through. Some have Elizabeth already with Jason when the clinic explodes. Others have him looking for her. It MAY be the explosion that interrupts them when Elizabeth is called into work.

Elizabeth puts her foot down? SPOILERS say she’ll tell Jason she’s not taking orders from him anymore. There are RUMORS of the pair crossing paths at Shadybrook when they both go to visit Lulu.

Remember the stall? You know the one where even Steve Burton admitted that Liason was stalled? It appears the stalling is over. I am seeing multiple dates where Jason and Elizabeth share the screen. I am also still seeing RUMORS that Karpov sees them together.

When Lulu confesses, will anyone believe her?
She does confess on the stand, but it’s Claudia who comes to the rescue despite her wanting Johnny to turn Lulu in. She comes up with a lie and says Johnny killed Logan to protect her. I am hearing Nikolas starts to piece the puzzle together and realizes that Lulu did kill Logan. This SHOULD be the start of the brothers at odds. Lucky wants her away from Johnny, Nikolas thinks the Mafia Prince is the only one who can help his sister.

Will Claudia’s lies bring her closer to Nikolas?
While Claudia seems to save Lulu’s butt, she also throws a few insults her way and even slips one about Laura in there. Sexual tension or not, Nikolas is not happy with Claudia. 

Boy oh boy is Carly gonna be pissed. Her marriage is falling apart but Sonny and Kate are still getting married. Kate better watch out. RUMORS say Jason will escort Carly to the wedding.

If you were Maxie and Jason and got caught snooping, would you stop or keep snooping? Maxie doesn’t stop. Could she be the one finding out about Liason? Anyone remember the VERY OLD RUMORS about Maxie being the one to find out the truth behind Jake’s paternity?

According to Claire Coffee (Nurse Nadine), Matt Hunter has an "awesome" backstory. The actress had an online chat with fans on her message board. What else was Claire dishing on? Nadine SHOULD be finding out that Matt is actually on her team when it comes to the great drug caper. Who does Claire think Nadine should be paired with? She’s happy to see where Nikadine goes next but also said she would like a Johnny pairing!  YAY!  Tina and I love the idea of a Nohnny pairing! Claire does tell fans there is more Nikadine coming with a little triangle twist, most likely Claudia. Did the actress have a little SPOILER SLIP?  She was asked about Nadine showing her sexy side and Claire responded that she recently tried on some gorgeous dresses for the upcoming WEDDINGS. Plural.

OH HOLY HELL…the RUMORS all seem to be pointing to Kate as the one with a bullet in her at the wedding. After Michael got shot, Liason’s HUGE step forward became a GARGANTUAN step back. With all the RUMORED Liason loveliness coming our way, will Kate’s shooting do the same to Liason that Michael’s did? I am hearing that it will and we’ll hear all the ‘it’s not safe’ crap again. Thanks Guza, thank you so much.  Guess that stall isn’t over afterall.

Night Shift SCOOP:
Jagger and Robin in an almost kiss?  More Secrets? Do we really need them on Night Shift too?  SPOILERS say Leo and Claire have a secret. Kyle learns something about women.

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    It would be funny in the middle of having sex, the clinic explodes and Liz asks Jason “Did the earth move for you too?” LOL! Sorry, I’m just being silly! The guy that beat my favorite tennis player lost yesterday in the finals so I’m feeling good. I know, I know, sueboo, it’s petty but my mother’s maiden name is Petty, so it’s in by blood. LOL!

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    Thanks Regan, needed my spoiler fix this morning. I think I said it yesterday that I wouldn’t be surprised if Liason stop on Monday due to something coming between them. I am also hearing rumors about the end of the month of them getting together so I guess we have to wait and see.If Elizabeth is being forceful, I am sure that she will open her mouth if Jason starts again about them not seeing each other. I hope someone hears them and then they have no choice but to be together for her and the boys protection. I love the picture of Sam/Lucky, it’s very nice. I am not a big Sam fan but it’s nice to have her in a story for a change instead of bothering with Liason. This Sonny/Kate aka Connie wedding is just as annoying as Robin being pregnant, it’s never coming and too many rumors about it so let it happen and end already. All I know is, this better be a good sweeps because the others were awful and in the end Liason better be together or I might have to call it quits with GH.

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    I wonder if Guza is trying to get himself shot? Isn’t 2 years of this considered enough? It takes Jax less time to get over his wife sleeping with her ex. I mean, she’s done it twice in the same time period, right? Only gonna take a week for Kate and Sonny to be back on the couch with Sonny sitting naked on her afghan again.

    I wish Carly could be pissed without always dragging Jason in. Is it really Kate’s fault this isn’t the first time she turned to Sonny to bump uglies while supposedly with Jax?

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    Regan Cellura

    MORE RUMORS… is Elizabeth hiding in Jason’s office when Karpov arrives?  Some insiders said NO while others keep insisting its what is happening.  So IF it happens, here’s how it MIGHT go down.  Elizabeth is hiding and she gets to hear Jason and Karpov’s convo.  Is he purposely talking about things he normally wouldn’t in front of mixed (although hidden) company?  RUMORS say Karpov confronts Jason about his men who were beaten and left on the docks.  Jason is SAID to give the gory details of the beat down.  Is he being a little more forthcoming to give Elizabeth a little scare?  With the RUMORS that Elizabeth is putting her foot down, will Jason be able to scare her away? No. 

    What about Jerry?  Will JLex still be a go after the clinic goes boom?  What about the flirtations with Alexis’ daughter?  I keep seeing that Alexis is not dumb and Jerry is a con man who pulls a good con.

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    Look out for Kate’s new album, “Change your identity, become a fashion editor and get rich or die tryin'”, produced by Timbaland w/ special guest appearances by Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z and Robin Thicke.

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    Regan Cellura

    You guys know how much I hate using dates as it usually comes back to bite me in the butt… BUT here are the dates for September that Liason is RUMORED to be onscreen:

    September 11, 12, 15, 22, 24 (a pre-birthday present for me?) and the 30th.  I mentioned the stall being over. Is it only over in the month of September?  Remember, Kate’s RUMORED shooting COULD be tearing them apart, again.

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    Honestly, can anything happen on this show that DOESN’T involve violence? The clinic blows up, someone gets shot at a wedding. Is a nuclear weapon going to be the big sweeps story this year?

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    Regan Cellura

    Hmmm… so Carly is SUPPOSED to have Jasotn as an escort for the wedding.  NOW there is some talk that he does not actually make it to the nuptials.  Time will tell…

    Jax at the wedding?  He is Kate’s business partner so he should be in attendance and RUMORS say he’s not dateless.

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    ANd aonce again I have to say that if ,I will hear the speach of “too dangerous” after the shoothout, I will stop watching GH!!!
    I can’t belive that PTTB will do that to us again , in the 100000000 times!!!

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    Regan I will enjoy the dates you gave us and worry about October later. I just hope one of those days Jason takes his shirt off all the way and we have another Night of Passion.

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    Regan Cellura


    Jax and Leyla? WTF? I’m not sure if she’s the wedding date but they are together at the MetroCourt.

    Jason’s losing the T-Shirt again and I’m guessing its the black button down that the black wife beater is hidden beneath. 

    Nikolas finds Nadine and Matt in the rubble and both are rushed to GH.

    There were RUMORS that Anna is the one to uncover Matt’s true identity and there are scenes coming up with Anna at Matt’s bedside.

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    How many days can you miss GH without losing the story line? With the repetition we have been getting for the last couple of years, I’d say you can miss months at a time and still not lose anything of what is “going on”.

    Carly (T. Braun) and Sonny had the same conversation for weeks on end and never resolved anything at all. Jason and Liz are doing the same dull crap with the “my life is too dangerous” dialogue. Carly and Jax with Jax saying, “I love you but I don’t know what you want from me and I can’t trust you.” and Carly implying “I love you too, but I want you to do all the work in this marriage and let me do what I want when I want no matter who it destroys and forgive me for everything and never leave me no matter what I do.” You get the idea.

    POINT OF INTEREST (at least to me): When are the writers going to learn that stories have to MOVE along a plot line and too many stories or threads at any given time equals NO MOVEMENT?????!!!!!! Sweeps extravaganzas have now gone from 1 night = 2 weeks of episodes to 1 night =4 weeks of episodes with stories continuing on from there for another 2-3 months.
    Is there anyone out there who is in favor or this dribble development style GH has mastered ad nauseum?

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    Both Layla and Maxie were much more interesting when they were playing vixens rather than ‘good girls’. Layla chasing Patrick was classic soap and Maxie confronting Liz at any point when the two were attached to Lucky was beyond classic soap. I don’t know who writes for Maxie, but he/she/they are doing award-winning work. Storm’s delivery ain’t bad either. (I’m still a bit confused about why Liz or Maxie would actually want Lucky the Dunderheaded Spenser, but each her own, I guess.)

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    Thank you for your post engrady. ICAM. I started a post over at tfo to list all the convos we dont want or need to hear again, but no one joined in LOL. This whole show has become so much of the same crap over and over again its unbelievable. I am in the minority in that I love the action/adventure stuff and dont mind the mob one bit, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD …..PLEASE>…….I am BEGGING….let the stories move FORWARD. With the exception of LuSam, I really dont care who is paired with who as long as the storyline is fresh. My one bright spot in all of the is LuSam, but they never seem to be on much. Thanks Regan for the sexy shot of my favorite couple!! YOU ROCK!!

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    “It would be funny in the middle of having sex, the clinic explodes and Liz asks Jason “Did the earth move for you too?”

    LMAO! that’s awesome.

    thanks for the spoilers regan! glad to see liason isn’t stalled… well, at least this month anyway. and frankly, i LIKE lusam and am glad to see them getting some story that doesn’t involve liason. it’s nice to see them finally partitioned off and enjoying each other. i never liked sam with jason but liked sam the *character*, and i think her and lucky work great.

    and oddly enough, i’ve been enjoying the show lately. sure, there are still thing sthat bother me but i guess that since the stories are actually *progressing* right now it’s more interesting. JMO

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    aunti2egl, thank you and I will check it out but as he has gotten older, I like his body much more than before. Ok, Regan, am I loosing it or what? Jax is going to the wedding of Sonny and Kate after he just found out that his wife had sex with Sonny? Carly is going with Jason after Kate found out about her and Sonny? Am I missing something here? Why would either one go? If I were Kate, I would want to hit Carly and if I were Jax, I would want to punch Sonny. After this, Guza really doesn’t know how to write a soap opera, that’s so stupid. Please, let us fans write for GH, we will make it #1 again!

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    Jax and Carly attending the wedding is pretty dumb. And didn’t Kate and Sonny kick Jason out of their house and he said he wouldn’t come back or something? Is it really Port Charles’s fault that the only people who want to attend the wedding are Max, Clarisse, and Mike? Completely forcing this big wedding thing.

    All the Liason-amazing. I don’t think there is any other couple that gets new spoilers before they have any screen time. Amazing how much of a lockdown they keep on them….

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    aunti2egl, I will check out his body in October when I see him in person, maybe I can at least feel the muscles in his arms. I will let you know.No, as I get older, the men get better looking older too.He is hotter now than before, back then he was nice to look at but now, I want to really look at him.

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    Liason fans must be frustrated (I give you all credit for hanging in this long). I too am more than livid that all indications are that Kate ends up yet again in the hospital with a bullet in her! Revisiting the not safe, violence solves everything, mentality Guza seems to be consumed by does non us any good. I’m just seriously hoping Skate at least gets the nuptuals officially in place and someday, sooner rather than later consummate this marriage. Why shoot Kate? Couldn’t they have had her have a reaction to her heart meds? Not another gun down, two weeks in bed grind. aughhh!

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    I’m with you and Tina, Regan…I’m all for a Johnny & Nadine pairing.

    I think, particularly after today’s episode, that Lulu is just too “young” for Johnny. She still seems like she should be in high school. She loves drama and has no ambitions whatsoever. Johnny, while he’s made some stupid decisions of late, is more of a young adult who’s in his early to mid-twenties, and has weightier subjects that he’s had to deal with. They’re not a good fit, IMO. Nadine, on the other hand, is around the same age range and also makes some dumb moves but is, on the whole, fairly mature, independent, and has a career. The thing I don’t like about her and Nikolas is that he really seems to bring out her more childish side (complete with the poor decision-making). I think that neither Johnny nor Nadine are really evenly matched in their current pairings, and I’d rather see them with more peer-like significant others with whom they can grow.

    Which is a really long-winded way of saying that I’m rooting for Nohnny!

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    Hey Roe…if you need your shirtless Jase fix, go to youtube. :D
    I found a couple of Liason, with some of Jason taking his shirt off. In the search box I put in Liz and Jason bleeding love (my all time fave song) and the video collage is GREAT!! I think that is the one with him shirtless. I added a couple to my myspace page. I’m on there all the time and so I get my fix at least once a day. :)

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    You’re welcome Roe. :)
    Yeh he was good looking back then but I tell ya as he’s aged he’s just gotten better – he is absolutely ON FIRE with desire!!! Or maybe that is me? LOL He is hotter now that ever before. I think we the fans could do such a better job at writing it, ITA.

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    Be still my heart… are going to see him in person. Oh I so wanna be you. :) If he came to San Antonio I’d so be there (if I could afford the tickets that is)….it’d so be worth it. :) I’d probably stutter my way thru it. LOL The closest I’ve ever come to a star is being at a red light next to John J. York when I lived in So Cal…in 00-01. I did a double take, he’s even more handsome in real life.

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