The Doctors Drake?

The latest SPOILERS have all said Dr. Matt Hunter (Jason Cook) is actually Dr. Noah Drake’s (Rick Springfield) son.  What’ s not clear is, did Noah know he had another child or did the self proclaimed dead beat dad walk away from his youngest son?

After the Clinic goes BOOM, with Matt and Nadine in it, Matt is taken to GH for treatment.  Is the above a glimpse of the big reveal?  I’m not 100% sure as to when the news of Matt’s real identity is revealed but I am a fan of this storyline.  It ties Patrick’s (Jason Thompson) fears of turning out like his father to his impending fatherhood, and it ties Matt Hunter to the canvas without forcing a Matt and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) pairing down our throats.  My biggest fear since Jason Cook joined the cast was that TPTB would try too hard to recreate the magic Kirsten and Jason had at Days of our Lives, and that the pairing would fail with Jason hanging in limbo.  Now, by attaching him to a legacy character like Noah and one of General Hospital’s hottest stars (Thompson) it gives the character more to stand on then an old pairing from another soap. 

They have certainly laid the groundwork for this storyline.  The would-be brothers, Matt and Patrick, have already had a few disagreements. 

Are fans happy with this storyline direction?

The Doctors Drake?

  • I was hoping Mac turned out to be the daddy! (21%, 132 Votes)
  • No Way! Matt Hunter should not be Noah's son! (15%, 95 Votes)
  • When they mess up M&M, Jason Cook fans have something to fall back on! (11%, 69 Votes)
  • I Love It! They've set this up perfectly! (53%, 341 Votes)

Total Voters: 637


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    It is beginning to look like Luke Spenser is the only committed Dad on the show. How many unknown children or secret kids are we going to be subjected to? This seems to be another staple device used when the writers run out of ideas — Hey, I know! Let’s throw in a unknown kid to shake things up. Bring out the barf bags.

  2. Profile photo of KingTV

    Yawn. Yay another Drake, not exactly a core family but I guess it will do considering this show’s version of family values is shooting a child in the head, go into a permanent coma and then having his divorced parents have “comfort” sex in the back of a limousine. I am all for shoring up the families and making connections to people on the canvas for a long time but this is certainly not an alternative or answer to the current regime’s continuous abuse of it’s female characters and the true family values, relationships and love that soap operas are supposed to be about. It is merely a band-aid that works for Guza because it is male-centric in nature. We are the Drake men, ooga-ooga. Dad is a drunk, the son is a selfish playboy (yes, who is changing due to an unplanned pregnancy) and this new one may or may not be involved with the shady drug dealings that have been sniffing around Port Charles for months with not a focused story to be found. It will make for a nice change to see some familial emotion and drama take some of the time away from the mafia-wannabe BS we get daily but how do we know if it will amount to anything with the lousy track record this show has for long-term planning and actual adult story lines that reflect what real people are going through (i.e. – Monica’s alcoholism which could have been developed so much more). I truly believe the diehard fans of this show are ignoring the neon pink elephant in the room and I do not understand how this show is attractive to members of the female persuasion unless it really is a hot fantasy to fall in love with a man who commits crimes, carries guns and kills people for a living. As a gay man, I can honestly say that this is definitely not an erotic dream for me, so why do I feel as if the majority of female fans disagree with me? I LOVE(D) “General Hospital” 3 decades ago up till about the year 2000 and then it all went BOOM! (just like the clinic is going to this week). Just like smoking, it is an easy habit to break once you get through the first few days. Try “Y&R” or if you don’t already, “OLTL,” these 2 shows are currently the best examples of daytime drama that we have and they do not involve the mafia or leading men with sleazy morals and no convictions. Just a thought:)

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    I’m not really surprised if we find this out. Pretty much from the start I thought Matt was a carbon copy of Patrick Drake. He was arrogant and thought he was god’s gift to medicine. We also saw the constant battles between the two over patient decisions which could play into a whole big brother-little brother thing. The only thing we haven’t seen is Matt be the player that Patrick once was.

  4. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    “Now by attaching him to a legacy character like Noah and one of General Hospital’s hottest stars (Thompson) it gives the character more to stand on then an old pairing from another soap. ”

    That is certainly one outcome. Another is that it will fizzle just like All My Children when they gave Erica a new son. Josh is on his way out as we speak. :-(

  5. Profile photo of Belinda

    It’s never a bad idea to tie a new character to the CORE FAMILIES. Once again, why couldn’t we see some new Quartermaines or Webber’s, Ward’s Scorpio’s or Spencers? Oh well, the Drake’s would do certainly. Hopefully it would give Rick Springfield more air time as Noah Drake. They’re  DOCTORS which also ties in well with my desire to feature the drs and hospital staff as well, so yeah it’ll work.

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    I’d like it if Matt turns out to be a Drake, for all the reasons mentioned :) Unfortunately, a newbie having a suddenly family tie to someone already on canvas doesn’t guarantee us anything (ask Diego and Logan), but hopefully they won’t mess this up…

    But more importantly, when is that hideous beard-‘stache coming off?!

  7. Profile photo of season1217

    Personally, I’m not a fan of the Drake Family. I’m sorry but Rick Springfield looks terrible. He has this perpetual drunk look about him. Maybe it’s the make-up for his character because he looks like an alcoholic. Jason Thompson, as icky as this may sound now, should have come on as Robin’s brother, Robert and Holly’s long lost son. I’d be much more interested if Robin and Nikolas had gotten together because that would have played into the history of the Scorpios and the Cassadines. Robert would have been the one having the baby at the thought of his daughter being involved w/ a Cassadine.

  8. Profile photo of KingTV

    Exactly! My point may have been misunderstood. I never said I was against connecting new characters to CORE families but that the Drake’s are not exactly the major, legacy family I was speaking of. Make him a Quartermaine, Scorpio, Webber, Spencer or, heck even another Cassadine but to have him be just another obnoxious doctor, albeit in the hospital which I would love to see more of, who could be now related to 2 of them does not a integral story make to me. Let alone that Guza has a proven record of starting what I call “real” soap stories (relationships, inner conflict, family and business drama, true love, unrequited love) such as the horrible way they have butchered the Elizabeth/Jason story leaving huge, empty emotional gaps out in the process.

    My true point was why do they even bother to try to give fans an inkling of a good story only to pull back and make it disappear? Isn’t that what we have come to expect form them? TPTB’s at this show seem completely dedicated and focused on the mob-related stories that have been repeated ad nauseum and that treat women like sexual objects and/or victims with a few independent strong women (Kate, Carly?) who may maintain a certain dominance on the outside but are really just more fodder for the writer’s used-up, tired imaginations (i.e.: a la Kate, the many other women who could not deal with Sonny’s ex or “career”, Carly 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 – how many have suffered at Sonny’s hand or been dealt devastating miscarriages or other atrocities happening to the children they chose to raise in this atmosphere). I guess I am wondering what keeps us, the fans, from totally throwing up our hands and turning this deceitful show off! I truly feel this promotion of a possible actual story that involves human emotion and conflict is a big tease like the rest of the “human” stories they promised with big fanfare only to be lost in the shuffle that is the violence of Port Charles. If this is “love in wartime?” what was the masterpiece entitled “Gone With The Wind,” a serious, insightful, delicious perspective, romantic of true love during wartime? The difference between “GWTW” and “GH” is that the Civil War was a human war filled with human conflict, opposing ideals and the fight to survive no matter the sacrifice and “GH” has single-minded robots as soldiers and the use of violence is served only to propel the plot not give the characters a pause of thought or the individuality and strength that exists in all human beings. Sonny and Carly ain’t no Rhett and Scarlett and “Frankly, I don’t give a damn” about the B.S. this show is trying to sell. I turned it off when they shot Michael because I could not bear to watch my favorite characters become lobotomized and lose all the quirks and 3-dimensional flavors that made me love them in the first place. I got tired of waiting for them to make it up to the fans. The supposed great “Anna” summer story fizzled to nothing, Monica’s alcoholism and no offense, I really do not see how bringing on the brilliant Genie Francis for a few days to “come to” just to her daughter, another major development beat went missing. I want the show re-focused back to everyone mentioned. I want “GH” to have the same core values it did from 2000 and before. This decade has just seen the show follow down the path to where I never wanted it to go. Just my opinion:)

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    How are Matt and Maxie being shoved down our throats? They’ve had a total of FOUR scenes alone since JC started in June. That’s only ONE per month!! Spixie fans are so freakin worried about their couple that they’re making up false accusations regarding Matt & Maxie.
    I’m glad Matt is getting his own storyline. Maxie has become extremely annoying anyway, she’s not even good enough for Matt right now. Playing with Spinelli’s hair like he’s a two year old? Come on…

  10. Profile photo of season1217

    KingTV, I’m in totally agreement. Except I stopped watching this show even longer than that. As bad as some of the other soaps are, what GH has become pains me the most because it was always my favorite.

  11. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    pchca: I agree with you. I don’t think they’ve shoved Matt/Maxie down our throats. I think people are reacting more to the idea that TPTB are trying to manipulate them into rooting for a Matt/Maxie pairing (because of KS/JC popularity at DAYS) Bringing JC onto GH has caused almost an instant backlash towards his character, which is a shame…

    I think it’s been a rough start: (not knowing whether Matt was good or bad didn’t work for me, that stupid *ss beard needs to go) but I like Matt/JC. His scenes with Maxie and Nadine have gotten better (I actually laughed out loud a couple of times!) So I’m hopefull that his character is going to work out and that eventually he’ll grow on people :)

  12. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Matt would have been better off as a Scorpio. Now, poor Noah will have 2 brats sniping at him…great. :sick:

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    First of all Season1217: RS looks so hot up close and in person, it’s hard to describe. I don’t know any 59 year old who looks so good. It’s the lighting and makeup that doesn’t help. Plus, he usually shoots after he gets back from a weekend concert tour and he’s not a morning person.

    Back to the topic, obviously the more Noah and Patrick are on my screen, the happier I am ( = LESS MOB too!)
    However, I see no point in giving Noah another child. Not only is this such a contrived plot device on soaps (esp GH), but there is so much more that could be done to explore Noah & Patrick’s relationship.
    They are usually sniping at each other, which doesn’t help make either of them likable during these scenes.
    And they made up for like 5 minutes in past few months and that was it.
    Rick also said (during a show) that he was coming back for 3 months, so how much time are we really going to get to explore this story, except superficially?
    Will there just be more of Patrick and Matt butting heads?
    And it was actually a nice thought that commitaphobe Dr. Noah Drake had actually settled down and gave up his old ways when he left Port Chuck. Guess not.
    And while I liked Jason Cook on DAYS and thought he and Belle (K.S.) were kinda cute, I was not as big a fan of theirs as of Bo & Hope.
    I really like Spixie and would love to see Georgie back from Helena holding her hostage and have a triangle there.
    There is nothing likable about Matt Hunter’s character, and the beard doesn’t help matters. Even if he is trying to exposed the drug caper (please!), that won’t redeem him.
    Had he been someone that I cared about (i.e. Coop), then maybe I would care about his family, but I don’t. So, I don’t want to see him as a Drake. (this is not JC’s fault, but the writing to date for him)
    And there’s no need to try and pair him with KS; I don’t see any chemistry with them this time around. The scenes that have been written seem really contrived; any excuse to have them in the same place. Like Robin would rent out Georgie’s room just to get away from Mac pressuring her. The REAL Robin would not put Georgie’s stuff in storage.
    Plus, there is a lot more we could explore with the Scorpios and the Drakes. How about Robin’s HIV? Her in a support group for HIV moms?
    Mac lamenting about how he didn’t have biological kids?
    Patrick & Robing talking about raising a kid while having full time jobs?
    Bickering 24/7 is NOT attractive.
    And Patrick being chief of staff could be explored but Guza hasn’t mentioned that.
    And they make Eli unlikable (thanks for nothing) and start this Noah/Anna storyline and drop it.
    Yes, Rick tours, but he was in NY for 10 days to promote his new cd at the end of July and then he tours on weekends, and rarely on Thursdays, so why has Noah been missing since early August and no mention of him?
    Yes, Noah is supposed to be back this week and discover Matt is his son, but can we hope for a real exploration of this story or will it be glossed over like most of the stories on GH that don’t allow Sonny, Jason, Carly or Lulu?
    KMc, JT, JC, FH, and RS are all talented actors and it’s sad to see these characters wasted with sub par storylines.
    Is this what JC signed on for? He’s better off as the much missed Shawn Douglas Brady.

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