Y&R: Paul Rauch In As Executive Producer

It’s official! According to this week’s issue of TV Guide, Paul Rauch is the new executive producer of The Young and The Restless. Rauch replaces executive producer Josh Griffith. There some confusion on whether Griffith was let go or not, but it can now confirmed that he is gone.

Rauch is no stranger to daytime. He has written and produced for One Live to Live, Santa Barbara, Guiding Light, and most famously Another World. Let’s see what this soap veteran brings to daytime’s #1 rated drama!

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    I loved Nina- she was so pathetic, and yet one of my all time favorite soap characters. I remember just wishing for all her dreams to come true. it’s sad really.

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    This will just help cement Y&R’s position at the top of the ratings and hopefully guarantee that the show looks even more beautiful then it already does and keep the s/l’s and the writing on the brilliant track that Sheffer and Bell have kept them on for the past 3 months. There have been at least 4-5 simply stunning, ravishing epsiodes that they can submit for thye Emmy’s nest year already. Imagine what the next 6 months will bring. Having Paul Rauch, legendary producer, come on to take the show even to a higher level will be just fascinating to watch just as the show itself has been the consistently best soap opera on the air since it’s reboot in July. Bravo! Brava! To everyone at the staff and cast of the show for taking it back to the glory days and bringing us true human emotion that does not rely on cheap gimmicks and out of this world, sci-fi, purple-gas blowing, totally violent, ridiculous stunts to continue it’s reign at the top. It measures it’s drama in slow-paced beats, human conflict and character development to wring all the drama it needs out of it’s canvas. All I can say is I now watch Y&R the very first thing when I get home ( besides change out of my suit and into more comfortable clothes, grab a food bottle of wine and enjoy my favorite show again the way it was meant to be enjoyed. This new position change should only help to improve the show even more because I believe that Josh Griffith was a bit too green for a great war horse like Y&R. Paul Rauch will bring the show even more class, dynamic production and a savvy attitude to spruce things up. From all the spoilers I have read here and elsewhere, we are in for a delightful, possibly amazing autumn of continued drama in the lives and loves of the characters we adore. Thank you to the Bell family for reviving their father’s stamp on the world of daytime and raising it back to it’s A game just in the nick of time. Bill Bell was not a legend for no reason. He only saved DOOL from cancellation and created the top 2 soap operas in this country as well as the number one internationally successful show, B&B, Y&R’s sister show, which is seen around the world, in many markets in prime time. Once again, Bravo! Brava!

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    J Bernard Jones

    The most interesting thing about Paul Rauch is his unpredictability a producer, which may or may not fit Y&R’s brand of lush traditionalism. And he’s not above changing a show’s style to suit his own vision.

    Will he harken back to the glory days of intense familial and romantic conflict at Another World (which complements Y&R’s style)? Will he emphasize camp and outrageous plots as he did on One Life to Live (where his tenure is either loved – by Ron Carlivati most of all – or derided) and Guiding Light (where his tenure is either derided or mostly tolerated)? Or will it be the train wreck of Rauch’s time at Santa Barbara, a show whose entire look, style and character was changed to something unrecognizable from the show’s glory days and for whom his infamous “”cigarette stomp” in the final shot of the show is considered by many as one of the most baffling (if not worst) scenes in the history of the genre?

    Indeed, Rauch understands the fundamentals of soap storytelling where, as KingTV said, it “measures it’s drama in slow-paced beats, human conflict and character development.” But he loves his sci-fi, out of this world, “blowing purple gas” plots, too. This is the man that brought us the original Mendorra, Viki Goes to Heaven in a Spaceship, the original 1888 Back to the Future Time Travel Western plot and hasn’t-been-mentioned-in-a-long-time Underground City of Eterna — all on One Life to Live. And it was under Rauch that Guiding Light sent Reva and Josh to a murky Civil War past via time travel through a painting, introduced the hotly debated mobster Santos family and, most infamously, Clone Reva.

    And lets not forget that Rauch has a long and tortured history with his actors on every show. He’s fired a lot of his show’s most popular actors and killed longstanding characters. How will that play out with Y&R, a series that is in the forefront of showcasing its vets and fan favorites?

    I actually like Rauch’s style of producing (not so much how he treats actors or characters he doesn’t like). He has a vision and is willing to follow that vision for whatever show he is producing. He also is innovative and, every once in a while, ahead of his time: Clone Reva still illicits justified howls of derision for GL fans, but many forget it was during this storyline that Dolly the sheep was cloned and barely two years later when human cloning became a political hot potato in Congress.

    I wouldn’t break out the champagne bottles about Rauch’s arrival just yet. He’s a wild card and there is no telling if his style will fit with Y&R. I’m betting it ultimately will do so. But with Paul Rauch, you never know….

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    GOD, can GL get a new Head Writer & EP? Every show seems to be steering in the right direction, somewhat, but GL could use some good behind the scenes shake ups to keep it in tact. It would help GH to have some change, also…

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