All My Children: “Gush” Who?

Gus and Harley…er…Jake and Taylor who? I don’t know many Guiding Light fans made the hop to All My Children when Ricky Paull Goldin and Beth Ehlers jumped ship but needless to say lightening hasn’t struck twice. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is that is missing but to be sure, something is. 

Don’t get me wrong, both actors are still doing a great job but Goldin’s Jake Martin has smoking hot chemistry with Amanda Dillon (Chrishell Stause). Meanwhile, Ehlers’ Thompson has unexplored potential with Frankie Hubbard (Cornelius Smith, JR). Maybe, instead of trying to catching lightening in a bottle twice The Powers That Be should consider pursuing what is so obvious on our screens.

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Who would you like to see paired?

All My Children: "Gush" Who?

  • Taylor & Frankie -They have obvious, unexplored potential. (8%, 52 Votes)
  • Jake & Taylor - Lightening may not strike twice but I have hope. (29%, 185 Votes)
  • Jake & Amanda - They are smoking hot! (63%, 402 Votes)

Total Voters: 639


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  1. Profile photo of season1217

    As much as I loved Gus and Harley, I actually want Jake and Greenlee. I also would like a Taylor/Tad pairing or maybe Taylor/David pairing. But if I had to choose I’d rather Jake and Taylor. Amanda doesn’t roll up my socks.

  2. Profile photo of Melodie

    What? You mean Gus and Harley: The All My Children Years aren’t what they were made up to be? I’m not really surprised. ! I’ve watched some scenes on YouTube of Jake and Taylor and I see what you mean. Doesn’t that usually happen when you try to recreate a super couple from one show on another? It doesn’t work as well. When will these networks learn?

  3. Profile photo of elle

    for whatever reason, Jake and Amanda don’t do it for me. As I never saw GL, I wasn’t familiar with either RPG or BE. BE is an amazing actress. I enjoy watching her, and I think Jake/Taylor are interesting together. I don’t know from Gush, so I can’t compare lightning in a bottle twice, but I find them interesting.

  4. Profile photo of glloulou

    Jake and Amanda don’t do it for me either. It’s not surprising that some do see chemistry with them and not with Taylor and Jake because Jake/Amanda are in a sexual relationship.

    I am much more interested in that deep emotional bond I saw building when Taylor told Jake of her past. Oh yeah, the chemistry is there.


  5. Profile photo of Beth

    I think Jake and Amanda are fun together (and he and Greenlee have chemistry to spare), but I’m actually much more interested in Taylor’s story and the beginnings of this s/l. Her story and her time with Jake has barely started, so I want to see how it all plays out. And no offense to Amanda of the actress who plays her, but the less I’m reminded of Fusion and that nonsense, the better. The actor who plays Frankie I think has chemistry with a tree, so at some point, sure, Taylor and Frankie might be worth watching. But for the time being, I’ve finally found something, besides the Hubbards, I’m actually interested in watching on AMC.

  6. Profile photo of mbk12

    I like Jake and Amanda together. I am tired of Amanda never getting the guy. These two are smoking!!!!

    There is a deep emotional bond building between Jake and Taylor, but right now I like the emotional bond already existing between her and Frankie.

  7. Profile photo of Desertrose

    At this point I would love to see Amanda given a real story line- anything away from that horrible mess (aka Fusion). I think she & RickyJake have some good potential.

    Greenlee & RickyJake do have some chemistry…but how long is Rebecca going to stick around….I wonder.

    As far as Taylor- they need to do a lot more backstory for her and please…do not pair her up with RickyJake right away. Let her story play out a bit more.

    Would also be curious to see BE with David (VI) when he returns….and Frankie & Taylor seem to have some interesting history,too.

    I’d say its too early to tell how this will all play out which I have to say is refreshing that maybe we won’t have the couples crammed down our throats right away. Maybe..a girl can hope anyhow….

  8. Profile photo of Bonbon413

    I was a GL watcher for many years and Gus & Harley was one of my favorite couples….I rarely get to watch it any more so I am exited that they are on AMC. I like Jake’s character…..Taylor’s, I’m not so sure yet. I think Jake & Amanda are hot together….but it’s not real. I think they need to make Taylor a bit more relaxed (I know she’s a soldier)….she’s a bit stiff! I think in time thou if the writers can do it, I think Jake & Taylor can/will be as good as Gus & Harley!!!
    I do like Amanda & I agree that she should get a better story line.

  9. Profile photo of Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts

    I watched GL & I liked Gus and Harley. But since Ricky Paul and Beth moved to AMC something changed. I really like Jake and think that he has chemistry with everybody. He is smokin hot with Amanda and everytime he is in a scene with Greenlee I just want to cheer. But Taylor bores me& I don’t care about her even though I try to. I never paid to much attention to it on GL but Beth Ehlers looks alot older than Ricky Paul Golden and with all the beautiful women on AMC it stands out more. Maybe the writers are smarter than I give them credit for, because the only reason I don’t FF Taylor’s scenes is because Jake is in them.

  10. Profile photo of viciousgirl

    I love Tad and Taylor!!! I really hope they try that out, and see what it brings!! I can’t say much else, I like the character of Taylor, and I like her even more with Tad!! I just think it would be so much fun with these two cause as a Gush fan, I thought that no one could do witty like Beth..( anyone rememeber when she asked Gus if he knew where she would like to stick a certain set of keys?) She is to good as at being a “smart-mouth”, but MEK is Just as good at it, and together I don’t think it could be better! I think Tad would understand her more. The Brot thing is going no where.. He is conflicted.. I get it!! Nothing against the actor, cause that man can hold his own!! The SL is just stale at this point..

    Tad and Taylor!!!!!

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