Antonio Sabato Jr. the Next Bret Michaels?

Antonio Sabato Jr. isn’t taking up singing in a rock band but he is following Bret Michael’s lead and hopping into the Reality TV dating game. According to Variety, Antonio has signed on to star in a dating show competition on VH1. “At the age of 36, I’m finally ready to settle down,” Antonio tells Variety.

Project will be shot like a soap opera — the genre Sabato’s best known for — and feature the thesp’s narration as he puts contestants through various challenges, such as re-creating a steamy love scene or skydiving in a gown.

Sabato’s quest to find Ms. Right starts airing in early 2009.

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    Is anyone dumb enough to believe that these so-called “celebrities” are doing these shows to find real love? It’s hilarious when they accuse the “contestants” of not being there for them and are only on the show to become famous because I’m so sure that Antonio would be doing this show if he had a contract on GH or if he was pulling eight figures per movie!

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    I sometimes think the “star” has someone they are already involved with or is part of the plan and then they plant that person in the contestant pool. I SOOO think Brett already knew Amber – she has a radio industry background…..thus they added in the drama of asking the last contestant week one if she reeeeeallllyyy wanted to stay (probably already knowing she wouldnt accept the pass) giving them the storyline that Bretts “true love” was almost eliminated. I also think tptb discovered NY on Flavor of Love and told her what type of character to play so that they could do a show with her afterward. hmmmmm

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    sueboo, it’s probably for the better. He’d play a cop and we all know how Guza feels about cops.

    LOL, Darren! You are crazy! Although, the parakeet, donkey comment has made me look at you in a different light. LOL!:D

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