B&B: Bridget grows some

BACKBONE people! What were YOU thinking?

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    Applause Applause Ashley Jones! Those scenes were amazing, and I can’t thank the writers enough for putting the focus on BRIDGET and not entirely on Katie, seeing that HT runs the Logan scenes now. It was totally worth the wait and I am so excited to see what she is going to do next. I hope she doesn’t decide to put her attention to her father’s care…but go after Nick in a bad way. With this current baby Jack storyline coming up, maybe she can take a side to it and help her mother get HER son back. I love Taylor, but I need a better storyline than that baby AGAIN!

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    Nick is the male version of Brooke: slutty, nasty and pigsty. He is just like Brooke in any way and they are destined for each other. I hope Bridget realize that going back to him would make her even foolish than before. She should of known about Nick’s behavior and having gotten back with in the first place. He slept with your mother and expect him to be faithful. I hope that she throws Nick over the Shady Marlin and he drowns.


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    I have been waiting for Bridget to do this for years! I enjoyed it. Did they really think she’d be FINE with her aunt and husband betraying her like that? LOL

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    ITA siomonstuart2003, Nick *is* the male version of Brooke. They’ve ruined him. He started out as a tough, decent, no bullsh*t kind of guy, (he was also one of the few people who could stand up to Steph convincingly) and they’ve turned him into a wishy washy little tramp w/ no rooting value. What a waste of a great talent :(

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    I know, daisyclover1938. I wish that Gh had new writers so that they can snatch him up to play Frisco Jones. How cool him and Kirsten Storms in a scene together. It would be great. Brad Bell ruined him and Brooke and Stephanie.


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