General Hospital Night Shift: Two Part Finale!

General Hospital Night Shift will end Season Two with a two part finale!  The first episode of the two part ending airs on October 14th!  Need to catch up on your Night Shift episodes? No Worries!  SoapNET has planned a Night Shift Marathon with the first twelve episodes of Season Two airing on Sunday October 12th starting at noon.

Apparently, the finale was so good and explosive, it had to be broken up into two parts! Tell us what you think of Night Shift so far! I’ve finally caught up and minus a few misses, there’s been plenty of hits on the prime time spin off. Weigh in!

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    As a longtime viewer of “GH” who has been really disappointed by the show time and time again, I am excited and happy to say that I am enjoying “Night Shift” so much. I stopped watching GH this past May because of the same repetitive, moronic mafia stories we have seen too many times. The same characters and the same stories. “Night Shift,” on the other hand, has all of the human emotion, drama, conflict and interesting relationships that I have wanted on GH for so long. No, it isn’t perfect. It is a direct rip-off of “Grey’s Anatomy” with the disease of the week and Claire is an “Izzie” clone but overall it works. All of the relationships are firmly rooted and organic. The characters have meaningful talks about their lives and there is also natural conflict that arises from the situations at the hospital. They affect the characters who in turn must deal with it and reflect it back to their lives. I think Epiphany is so much more fleshed out, as is Robin and Patrick’s love story. They aren’t shoved aside, like on the mothership, for mob wars. The best thing is having Robert Scorpio back, bitterer and snarkier and more charming then ever despite his health. I also love the sets, although I would like to see more of where these people actually live, I understand that the action is focused in the hospital ER. All in all, it has been a great weekly piece of entertainment that I am enjoying way more then anything I have seen or heard about on GH for months maybe years. Good job, Sri Rao! Yes, to him head-writing GH when “Night Shift” ends it’s second successful season. Knowing that Anna is coming on for the last episodes only ups the ante for a vet-lover, old-school soap fan like myself.

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    Regan Cellura

    Its a very good storyline for Robert. One of the better cancer storylines i’ve seen. Tristan Rogers has done an amazing job and while I agree I wish it was on GH, Sri Rao is writing it much better than I think Guza ever could.

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    “Weighing in: Sri Rao as head writer of GH! Or at the very least, co-head writer.”

    i’d like to second that and say i agree with this entire thread, especially king’s well thought out comment above.

    night shift is SO MUCH BETTER than the mothership.

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