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Here’s the Scoop! 09.11.08

Yesterday I dropped a RUMOR that Jax was gonna be a daddy. Will Carly be the mommy? RUMORS are saying that a CarJax reunion will happen, but one of them will be expecting a child first. Will Carly succeed in withdrawing her hubby’s deposit? WIll Jax knock someone else up? 

Scrubs Baby… as I’ve said, she’s arriving on October 29th. What about the complications at birth? From what I can tell it’s all still happening as the HIV portion of the storyline isn’t getting as much attention as some would hope. Will the writer’s be playing catch up? The LATEST is that the HIV component of Robin’s pregnancy will be addressed during the delivery and after the birth. Remember, while the odds of the baby being HIV+ are low, it’s still a very real possibility.

Baby Shower? RUMORS say Robin has a baby shower towards the end of September.

K-I-S-S-I-N-G…who’s sitting in the tree? According to Claire Coffee, Nikolas and Nadine.

Nikolas helps Johnny and Lucky is not liking it one bit. Remember, the brothers will be at odds over what’s best for Lulu.

Online Dating? I mentioned that Carly, Maxie and Spinelli all have a part in this little storyline. Carly creates a profile and something she sees while online reminds her of that deposit at the sperm bank. Anyone remember when Spinelli made a profile for Jason? RUMORS say that the profile created for Jason and Carly’s newly created profile are a match!

ZaCrazy wanting LooLoo gone is still coming. Johnny is found not guilty and Scotty is not having it. When Johnny chooses Lulu over his family, even Claudia, Anthony decides Lulu must go before she brings Johnny down with her.

Lulu’s not cured and her insistence that she saw her mom awake and talking doesn’t convince anyone that she’s doing better.

More Monica? RUMORS say there MAY be another Elizabeth and Monica scene.

Alexis, Jerry and Sam… what is really going down with these three? RUMORS have Sam and Jerry kissing. Alexis gets both sides of the story although it appears that Jerry and Sam leave out the part about the kiss. Will there be turmoil between mother and daughter when Alexis wants all the facts before she decides who to believe?

Liason/LuSam…what’s the deal? RUMORS popped up the other day that Sam would be working for Jason by feeding him information from inside Karpov’s organization. As I cautioned yesterday, there MAY not be as much to this story as some are suggesting. Sam and Lucky SHOULD still be together when the gret drug caper wraps up by November and the LATEST RUMORS have Liason fighting to be together.

Liason Interuptus?
It looks like Carly strikes again and she’ll either be calling Jason or she shows up at the penthouse. Whichever it is, it puts a stop to Jason and Elizabeth going at it. Elizabeth will be called to the hospital because of the explosion.

The Great Drug Caper…wrapped up at Sweeps? RUMORS have said for awhile now that Andre Karpov will not make it past November. There have also been RUMORS that one-time enemies would team up to take him down.

Sweeps Theme… Power or Love: Which Would You Choose?

Olivia hits town next week. Is she out to make Kate pay? RUMORS say Olivia blames Kate for how her life turned out. Are the RUMORS true? Will Olivia have a son that was fathered by Sonny?

Tom Pelphrey RUMORS… they are just RUMORS. I know they SHOULD be showing up in Soap Opera Weekly, however, the mags are not always right. While I would love his addition to General Hospital, the cast is pretty large and I would like to see them develop some of their other characters. However, with the RUMBLINGS of certain actors possibly leaving, TPTB at General Hospital MAY be looking for a big name to add to the cast SHOULD certain people leave.

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  1. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I hope that Steve Burton is not of the people who is leaving!!!!
    I would reall hate Carly and Jery if they are the cause of Liason Interuptus.
    why can’t we have a real long love scene between them??????????????
    it’s not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Jax and Leyla are at the MetroCourt together as seen in the pic.  I have heard RUMORS that she MAY be his date to the wedding. They could be interesting.  I’m not sure where they plan on going with this, it may just be to get under Carly’s skin. 

  3. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Hmm, the Sam and Jerry stuff is interesting. They have a lot in common. Is it possible that Jerry is involved in the rumored Sam rape? Could she tell her mother she was raped to get Jerry out of her mother’s life whether she was or not?
    I was wondering if the Tom Pelphrey rumors are out there to encourage certain people to sign a new contract. There really are too many men on this show that are not being used. Why would they need another?

  4. Profile photo of MsDorsey

    If Steve Burton Leaves GH, so will I. He is the only reason I watch. I like GH as a soap but Steve is my main reason to watch. I hope Tom Pelphrey does join the cast, he is really good and Sonny having another child,would be just what the doctor ordered. LOL.

  5. Profile photo of blackjack21

    i’m happy for sam and lucky if jason and sam had to be destroyed. but can you imagine kelly and tom pelphrey as a couple? these two would be downright combustible! although i for one do not want tom trapped in this mob crap. him as a Q would be interesting, but the writers can’t figure out what to do with the people they’ve got, why add more?

  6. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Its very possible that all the Tom P talk is being used to get certain someone’s to re-sign. Anything is possible in the world of soaps. 

    I believe the rape RUMORS are dead, for now.  Sam SHOULD be telling Alexis about Jerry’s dirty dealings. He pleads his case to the DA who is said to go back to Sam before deciding who to believe. IF the kiss happens, BOTH Sam and Jerry leave that part out of their convos with Alexis.

    RE: Steve Burton’s Contract, it was thought that his contract is up in 09, then it was reported that he said it was up this October, I had heard it was up at the end of October and every other media source is reporting that it is up for renewal this year. I’m not 100% what the real story is. I know that the TNT MiniSeries he is a part of SHOULD start filming in early ’09 and there are RUMORS that Jason MAY disappear for awhile.

    Sonny having another child…that RUMOR has been out there for so long now. I know the man is the most fertile human being on the planet but we had also heard that when Skate decide to have children, he’s no longer able to. This latest RUMOR though has to do with a child Sonny possibly fathered as a teen with Kate’s cousin Olivia.  I apologize to the poster I can’t remember who suggested it, but yesterday there was a suggestion that IF the SORAS RUMORS are true for Michael, the two Corinthos boys could duke it out for the business. JUST HAD A THOUGHT… anyone else think that maybe ABC is trying to get Tom P to be the new Michael?

  7. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    omg, the idea of a kiss between Sam and Jerry… Photobucket Image Hosting

    But I’ve learned to take Sam rumors/spoilers with a boulder of salt (as you would say Regan, lol) But just the thought of this…UGH It totally brings out my inner She-Hulk!!

  8. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Lulu going more Loco? That’s what’s out there. When her sanity is questioned when no one believes her about Laura will Lulu start to loose her mind even more? Also out there…the horrors of the night Logan died are not over. I’m not hearing about more Josh Duhon, but more so the affects of killing another human being taking its toll on Lulu.

  9. Profile photo of ahanshew

    Sam and Jerry are definitely going to kiss!!

    Regan, the Tom P./Michael thing crossed my mind, but I also think he is too old. The Jax/Leyla pairing would be kind of hot! Those two are just beautiful. Jax would fit together with someone exotic looking, as she is.

  10. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Sam and Jerry are definitely going to kiss!!

    ahanshew: what do you mean? have you heard something?? You didn’t see a pic of it or anything did you?? Oh dear, I’m starting to feel dizzy!!

    season: You have no idea!! I had to calm down before I posted anything, otherwise it just would have been a hundred exclamation points and lots of “I hate Guza” stuff, lol

  11. Profile photo of season1217

    Tom is 26 and Maurice is 45. That would make Sonny 19 when he sired him. And while I’m not a Jax fan, I would welcome a Jax/Leyla pairing if it meant character development for Nazanin. I’m still advocating for Tala Ashe and, possibly, Raya Meddine to join the show as relatives of Leyla.

  12. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    oh soap gods, why?! I just checked a jasam fansite and they posted this spoiler: Friday, Sept 19: Sam challenges Jerry to choose her over Alexis

    Okay, I’m going to find Guza… I’m not going to hurt him or attack him because I think he would enjoy that. I’m just going to collapse into his arms and weep :(

  13. Profile photo of wannanewGH

    where is cassius. I think that is how to spell his name. You know the tall drink of water that wanted Spin to find out who killed Stan. Did he go into the supply closet and never come back.

    So Robins baby comes Oct 29. Isn’t Maxies b-day on the 31st. I remeber way back when Felicia gave birth to Maxie and every year on Holloween they would celecrate her b-day. Any news on the babys name yet?

  14. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    No news on the baby name… although we may hear someone offering advice on naming the baby to the parents – to – be.  I believe you are correct in that Maxie’s birthday is Halloween. I was just chatting with Tina… she remembers that stuff so much better than me but she’s not around at the moment for me to confirm.

    Cassius…where or where is Cassius? No idea what happened to him. I liked him though.

  15. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    MORE SCOOP…. could we not be in store for another "its not safe" speech?  Well we MAY still get one after the whole meeting with Karpov stuff but it looks like when the pair part after they are interrupted by Carly, Jason won’t be telling Liz its for the best.  She’s RUMORED to be a little upset that Carly stops their time together. Could Jason be planning on making it up to Elizabeth?  There’s a RUMOR floating around that he has a surprise up his sleeve.

  16. Profile photo of engradypind

    Getting rid of Corinthos, Lansing, and Morgan when the actors’ contracts run out could make for a whole new direction for GH. Yeap, getting rid of two mobsters and a crooked lawyer, none of whom have ever had a stable relationship with a woman, could make the writers actually have to think about what they are going to do when they don’t have Sonny and company to write drivel for. Oh, my goodness! They might actually have to create something for the hospital staff and the core families to do.

  17. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    “However, with the RUMBLINGS of certain actors possibly leaving, . . .”

    Regan, have you heard anything about Steve Burton and MANy others promoting this MonaVie? I have not seen it any of the recent posts, so forgive me if this has been addressed as I just read it today.

    I heard a rumor that Steve is making so much money by promoting MonaVie that he may leave. I also heard that Rick Hearst and Bradford Anderson are in on it too. All of this prompted Ingo Rademacher to state this on his website (but take it down later):

    “We often ask a lot of our fans and certainly they are responsible for their own choices and have the freedom to make them but I believe we must be very careful not to push the bounds of decency and cross lines that should not be crossed. There have a been a slew of fans, as well as several media outlets who have expressed outrage and disappointment in what they feel is a wide spread campaign by cast members on this show to exploit their dedicated and loyalty fanbase by asking their participation in a multilevel marketing venture that ensures windfalls for those lucky enough to be at the top with little reward (if any) for those entering on the bottom. The minor celebrity status granted to all of us because of our involvement in a successful television show must always be considered a privilege, not a right and certainly not a commodity to be brokered for personal gain. I truly believe the long term detriment to our reputation as a whole cast and crew far outweighs and is further reaching than the short-term profits gained by a select few.”

    Here is the source for those interested:,+ingo+rademacher&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us

    Oh my goodness, I just thought about something. When Jason was quarantined with Spinelli and Claudia, did Spinelli give him some acai berry drink that Spinelli spilled? The juice is so popular, it made it into an episode.

  18. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    I agree with you daisyclover (on this and just about EVERYTHING else you say) :-)

    It takes some major (eh hem) to stand up like that. I still don’t agree with him on the name of his son, but that’s HIS son and his business.

  19. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Hmm Ingo, what were you thinking? There is certainly nothing wrong with an actor investing in an enterprise. If Steve Burton wants to do so, it shouldn’t be any of Ingo’s business. If he wanted to tell Steve that he didn’t think it was kosher, why not do so in person? Who knows if this gossip is true? Did Ingo not get invited? Did he turn it down and regret it later? Did he post the open letter and get his wrists slapped for it? I think it is foolish to take these things to the fans. It makes him look petty. If you have a disagreement with a co-worker, you should handle it with that person or persons. Why take it to the internet?

  20. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    You raise some great questions, sueboo. I would like to know myself.

    The only thing I have read was that Steve had a big booth at a fan event and that upset some.

    I read on a message board that Bradford was e-mailing a fan or writer (not sure which) and metnioned it. He gave this person a couple of bottles for free in case the person didn’t like it, he didn’t want them to pay for it.

  21. Profile photo of season1217

    The pigs are flying again, I’m officially a Jax fan!

    And when it comes to the naming of his son, that boy better grow up to be 6’4″ w/ a name like Peanut! But my name is Season, so who am I to judge.

    sueboo, I think Ingo did some research on the product and found that there are many critics of the product and probably wanted to let fans know that just because a “celebrity” tells you something works doesn’t mean that it will.

  22. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Yes I have heard about MonaVie… it was the "juice" that cured Jason. It was however revealed that Bob Guza is a fan of it and included it in, not Steve. Steve Burton is not the only GH Cast member who sells it.  I believe Bradford, Rick Hearst, Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan, Rebecca Herbst’s real life hubby) and Natalia Livingston stand behind what MonaVie is said to do for your health.  Does Steve make enough money to leave GH selling juice? Not sure but the RUMORS say he does. I do know these GH’ers are not the only celebs preaching about the acai berry.  I believe Oprah also takes something that includes the berry and its in my favorite vitamin water.

    That being said… to each their own. Apparently this is a product Steve Burton believes in and if he chooses to sell it, that’s his right. Ingo’s comments….again, to each their own.  He apparently doesn’t agree with the marketing plan. 

  23. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I have to disagree sueboo, I think that letter makes him look anything but petty. It sounds like he felt strongly about the matter and thought it was important enough to post his views on it. And frankly he was voicing the same concerns that many other people have had. You’re right, there are a lot of “unknowns” (for instance, maybe he *did* discuss it with Steve Burton). His letter was respectful, intelligent, and shows that he respects fans. I loved it!

    Thanks for posting it on here Chrystie-Delancey :)

  24. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    Thanks for the 411, Regan!!

    I agree, to each their own. Hopefully it is the case in which they truly believe in the properties of the drink and are not trying to make money off it.

    Gosh, if Oprah believes in it, that counts me out. :sick:

    It’s a shame because I really wish I could find something for my aunt who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis. She was spending big bucks for something with mangosteen juice in it. She felt a little different but nothing great.

    All these berry drinks are so expensive. I remember when co-workers who suffered from migraines like me were praising Noni Juice.

    Then there is something back home in upstate New York that is called CherryPharm that has cherries in it (obviously) that is supposed to have many of the same claims.

  25. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    “sueboo, I think Ingo did some research on the product and found that there are many critics of the product and probably wanted to let fans know that just because a “celebrity” tells you something works doesn’t mean that it will”

    How do you know he did research? Did he post that as well? I don’t think Steve Burton hawking juice at a fan event is really any different than Kelly Clarkson’s tour being sponsored by Vitamin Water. My point is that Ingo opened the door for fans to question his motives when he posted his letter. Disputes should be resolved behind closed doors. If he doesn’t believe the juice is good for the fan, he should trust that they will figure that out for themselves. We all have to make decisions on our own. Is he going to post open letters about every health craze? I just think it makes him look petty.

  26. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    “Disputes should be resolved behind closed doors.”

    Between this and Victoria Rowell’s interview, we are hearing more about what happens behind-the-scenes.

    I don’t know what Ingo did or didn’t do, but from everything I have read about him, he is very healthy. He usually competes in that Malibu Triathalon and I read him say something about getting New Zealand lamb from one of the small grocery store chains out here.

    We all know that some fans of things are very gullible and will hang on every word of their favorite celebrity so maybe he saw that and felt the need to say something. Or, maybe he didn’t want to be associated with it if it is truly a marketing scheme?! I wish I knew.

  27. Profile photo of txriotgrrl

    “RUMORS say that the profile created for Jason and Carly’s newly created profile are a match!”

    *gag* dangit regan you just made me throw up in my mouth a little.

    carly is truly the one night stand who never went away. *arg*

  28. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I just want to be clear… I know Oprah takes something/has used something that contains the the Acai Berry, not actually MonaVie (at least to my knowledge).  I have never tried it personally. I believe Tina has and she didn’t care for how it tasted. The actors do believe it has many health benefits from what I understand so its possible it could work, I honestly do not know.

  29. Profile photo of season1217

    I’m not sure if you clicked on the link that Chrystie had put up but it says that he was approached and did some reading on it and in doing so issued this statement. He even says in his statement, and I quote “fans … are responsible for their own choices and have the freedom to make them”. While Steve has the right to promote what he wants TO THE FANS, Ingo has the right to question what is being done TO THE FANS.

  30. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    The funny thing is this: He probably brought more attention to the drink by refuting it’s healthy properties than it would have had. He is responsible for bringing it to more fans attention. More people may try it because he wrote his email. It doesn’t matter if he wrote the email as a petty shot at his co-workers or because he really cares about the health of others. How many fans will read about it on this website alone? There is a reason he took the post down. Who knows what that is?

  31. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    For those of you interested in MonaVie as a product… you can read up on it here.

    As I said I have never tried the stuff and only know about it because of the GH cast members who believe in it. I am in no way encouraging or discouraging the use of MonaVie. But, if you would like to know more about it, click on the above link.

  32. Profile photo of BellaDonna

    Yes, Maxie was born on Halloween. Felicia was alone and dressed up like a pumpkin to observe the day, and she had accidentally locked herself out of the apartment when she went into labor. Fortunately, she made it to the hospital – still dressed as a pumpkin – in time to give birth with Frisco at her side.

    This is a sad commentary on the state of GH, but Maxie was the last baby born on GH in the hospital, whose parents were both present, whose parents were together and happy, and whose birth was a completely joyous occasion, with no health issues/crises for either baby or mother.

  33. Profile photo of roe0824

    Good evening everyone, I am late in posting. Today was 9/11 and my mind wasn’t with it today and I come from NY. Well, thank you Regan for posting some happy stuff today, needed to put a smile on my face.Liason is looking good and Jason having a surprise for Elizabeth sounds even better. Maybe he will make her a nice dinner and then a nice breakfast, she liked his breakfast last time. I heard all the rumors about Steve Burton, hope he doesn’t leave either but I think if they give him the time he needs and more money, he will stay. I am just enjoying each day as it comes and not worrying anymore about tomorrow because it seems like all will fall into place. I sure hope that Leyla doesn’t get pregnant but I can see that happening but I don’t know if I like the chemistry with Jax. Ok, who is thinking what I am thinking? Olivia and Sonny might have a son? Does that equal Spinelli? Remember the old rumor about Spinelli finding out and Jason keeping the secret? Well, wouldn’t you if your dad was Sonny? Just a thought.

  34. Profile photo of ahanshew

    Daisy, my little comment about Jerry and Sam kissing was based on nothing factual. It just seems that is where the cards are falling. Sueboo seems to think they are going to knock boots so we’ll see what happens! Didn’t mean to stress you out! SR is extremely hot, but Jerry can give me the creeps!


  35. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    I absolutely HATE the idea that Sonny would just suddenly have a child with a character that hasn’t even graced our screen. It is absurd!!!!

    I can see Kate not being as “good a girl” as she claims and maybe her and Sonny went a little further than they have indicated in the past and she infact became pregnant and had a child all those years ago and she gave it up. Or even Brenda coming out of no where to claim Sonny fathered a child with her – that would make sense. But someone out of the blue? It’s just maddening. Especially if Sonny has a child for crying out loud suddenly appear with this woman. I don’t care who the actor is who plays the kid.

    So after sexing it up for nearly a year and a half – the kid should be SKates not anyone elses! It is total BS.

    Apparently Kate/Connie is the only female in daytime history to take responsiblity and use birth control!!!

  36. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    WOW I just read that open memo by Ingo – I AM IMPRESSED!

    I actually had a neighbor invite me to one of these Monavie parties and I thought – ok I’ll buy some juice. They don’t want you to buy the juice. The money is in asking you to sell the juice, so the money trail goes back through them. First home party I’ve been to hosted by men. Really kind of weird. Juice tastes pretty good and has a lot of good stuff in it. They kept talking about how they expect to sell people at least a case a month – I asked how much was a case? They said it was $180/case. I thought that was a bit high to be spending on juice a month. Especially when everyone is complaining about gas prices. Geez I bet you could get a cheap car for $180/month.

  37. Profile photo of MsDorsey

    Ingo has the right to his opinion. I just wish he would keep it to himself. If Steve Burton wants to sell ANYTHING who’s business is it????
    I am a tried and true Steve Burton fan (if you couldn’t tell) I think the juice is great. I have tried it and want to continue using it. It is great for your health. If Steve was selling surf boards I wonder if Ingo would be so outspoken?

  38. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    Daisy, Sebastian did an interview….

    “Sam is trying to seduce him to give Lucky information,” says Roché, referring to Sam’s cop boyfriend. “But something happens between them and they start getting attracted to one another. Jerry goes for whatever he can”

    Including the daughter of his girlfriend?

    “Yes, I guess it makes it kinkier for him. He’s a kinky fellow.”

  39. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Daisy, Sebastian did an interview….
    “Sam is trying to seduce him to give Lucky information,” says Roché, referring to Sam’s cop boyfriend. “But something happens between them and they start getting attracted to one another. Jerry goes for whatever he can”

    I don’t know whether to cry or vomit :(

  40. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    “. . . They don’t want you to buy the juice. The money is in asking you to sell the juice, so the money trail goes back through them. ”

    LuvSkate, that’s very interesting. It sounds like that Reliv stuff my father-in-law sells. He is supposed to make money by what he sells but he ends up buying the stuff himself and no one buys. :-)

    I don’t know, I have always been one of those people that absolutely hates asking others for money. I never sold candy bars for school either. You have to be a different kind of person to ask that of people. I don’t like parties like that either (Lia Sofia, Stampin’ Up, etc) – you always feel obligated to buy something to benefit the hostess.

  41. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    I believe Bradford, Rick Hearst, Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan, Rebecca Herbst’s real life hubby) and Natalia Livingston stand behind what MonaVie is said to do for your health.
    I saw a youtube video–also the actors who play Milo and Max are involved.

  42. Profile photo of BellaDonna

    Lulu was born in the hospital, after Laura took a fall down the stairs. Laura had major complications after the delivery, and she nearly died. Georgie was born under a table at Luke’s club, delivered by Tom Hardy and I believe Tony Jones. I also seem to recall both Alan Quartermaine and Kevin Collins being there. Luke later put a plaque on the table in question to commemorate the event. Brook was presumably born in the hospital, but Ned wasn’t there. After Lois went back to Bensonhurst, she told Ned in no uncertain terms that he was to stay away from her until she was ready to see him again. It was Brenda who was with her, and Brenda who called him to let him know that his daughter had been born.

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