GH Night Shift: Leo & Kyle Get A Mom!

Be sure to check out The Suds Report as it’s packed full of good reading. Including a casting scoop for General Hospital: Night Shift! And what a casting it is! Kathleen Noone (Edna, Passions; Bette, Sunset Beach; Ellen Dalton, All My Children) has been cast as the Doctors Julian mother Patricia Julian. Look for Kyle and Leo’s mom to appear on September 23rd. SPOILERS say one brother punches the other in front of mom!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Kathleen is BRA-ZILLIANT! Her Claudia Sumner, along with Michelle Phillips as Anne Mathison, made Donna Mills exit as Abby bearable on Knots Landing. I can still hear Claudia calling Bill Devane "Greggy".

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    LOVE Kathleen Noone – an excellent actress who will be a great addition to “Night Shift” as the Julian matriarch. I hope she brings the diva and I hope that they don’t play the cliched “mother does not approve” issue of her son’s homosexuality. I think it would be cool if Kyle is her favorite and Julian is the one she has a problem with. I also read that they cast Kyle’s new love interest’s (Chad Smith) parents. I am under the impression that it is only for one episode but I do hope “NS” gets another season to continue and build on the great stories they have created for this spin-off, which in my opinion, is better then the original right now. It would be so great if they take some of the “NS” characters and put them onto “GH.” I known that “GH” already has a large cast but I would return to watching it if they brought characters like Jagger, his son, Saira, Kyle and Julian on for further exploration. This could be a whole new foundation for an improved “GH.”

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    Jamey Giddens

    That was a low blow, Jamey! LOL!Laughing out loud
    I don’t know why Judith hasn’t had to be rushed to the hospital to have her stomach pumped with all the scenery she’s chewed up since joining Y&R!

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