Is Luke’s Girl Going Bye-Bye, Again?

UPDATE: This just in from TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco. "Rebecca signed an initial four-year deal with ABC with a one-year out, which expires this winter. If she agrees to stay, she’s committed to the soap for three more years, but if she’s going to bolt she has to do it now. I hear she is inclined to stay in New York, but she’s very unhappy with her storyline right now, and of course, her ‘botched’ comeback due to the ‘real’ Greenlee campaign."

ORIGINAL STORY: The latest Suds Report is out and Nelson Branco has a response to last week’s blind item. Is an ABC darling, who’s return was "botched", ready to leave now that her year deal is coming to an end? Nelson suggests that this blind item MAY refer to no other than Luke’s favorite Rebecca Budig. What in the world will our main man Luke do if Greenlee high tails it out of Pine Valley?

When this blind item first made the rounds, Sarah Brown (Claudia, General Hospital) and Susan Haskell (Marty, One Life to Live) were two names that were also thrown into the mix.

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    Luke Kerr

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling, the sky is fallling! What will I do without RB on AMC? Granted TPTB haven’t been able to recreate the Kendall/Greenlee relationship of old in terms of banter but still….the sky is falling, the sky is falling the sky is falling!

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    Luke Kerr

    Well if the rumors turn out to be true and Skye returns to Pine Valley maybe I won’t fall into a complete state of depression when it comes to AMC. Other than RB Robin Christopher is the other actress who I’ve wanted on AMC for YEARS.

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    We are really going to have to form a support group for Luke if she leaves!!!  Hey I just got an idea in my brain!  Ok a few years back Josh Duhamel was quoted as saying that he would come back to AMC but only as a ghost.  Now would it not be cool IF Greens does die and Leo is there to meet her at the pearly gates!!!!!! They could do it in the span of 3 days, I would totally love it!

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    Luke Kerr

    Oh hell to the no! They better the hell not kill off Greenlee…Sure bring Duhamel back and give them the fairytail ending they deserve and that we the fans know is right considering Aiden and Ryan aren’t her "true love" but they better not dare kill her off.

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    Now calm down my friend!!!!! LOL HE is about to pop a vein!!! Hey I was just quoting what the actor said but maybe they could convince him otherwise! If Greens goes, you think they could get back Este Blanche sp? (Gillian). 

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    I feel you, Luke. I love RB, but her return fell flat and Frons and TPTB handle her return with a distaste in your mouth feeling. They hype her return and dismiss Sabine Singe and it is not RB fault. I blame it squarely on Frons doing. I feel that her character and AM Kendall has been on too much and the fans are turning against her and Rylee is not making many people happy. I don’t blame her for leaving and going somewhere else.


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    Check out my updated SUDS REPORT for more on this story:

    Here’s my exclusive headline for the hottest AMC story ever:

    Translation: Luke, puh-lease KILL HIM! Bachelor my ass!

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    It is Brian Frons fault for the reintroduction of faves coming back without long term s/l or common sense involve in it. He is the only one in charge that is messing up the actresses returns on ABC daytime.


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    It’s painful to have to say this, but I much prefer that RB leave then to have to watch Rylee again (puke). But if she does leave, it better have something to do with Leo. Reunite them either on earth or in heaven, I don’t care, but the greatest couple ever deserves an ending.

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    I love Rebecca and it pains me to see what the character of Greenlee has become. If she does leave I would prefer it if she learned that Leo was still alive and began searching for him, she eventually finds him and they go away together. While I would love to see Rebecca in prime time, if she were to come back to daytime, I’d rather see her on another soap than on AMC.

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