Happy Birthday Roger Howarth!

Happy Birthday to As the World Turns’ Roger Howarth! I apologize to any ATWT fans who may not recognize the picture of Roger but I just had to use it because it pictures Howarth with Kristen Alderson as Todd and Starr. Boy how time flies. 

Thanks to MarkDutchViewer for the tip!

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    Happy Birthday Roger!

    I can’t help but wonder how Roger feels about the Marty/Todd s/l on OLTL and how this s/l would have played out if he was still playing Todd. Quick Luke get an interview w/ Rog so we can find out!LOL!:D

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    some people like that TSJ plays TODD as a full-on psycho.

    i was much more intrigued by Roger’s portrayal, layering warmth & humor within his sociopathic tendencies. when his TODD did a terrible thing, it *pained* us, because we understood that he was setting himself up for even worse things, and pushing those he loved even farther away.

    that was the big difference between Howarth’s antihero TODD and TSJ’s villain TODD.

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