Days of Our Lives: More Chris! More Chris!

I’m starting a petition.  I want to see more of Kate’s assistant, Chris (Ross Mathews)!  How funny was he in episodes aired on Days of our Lives last week?  He’s like a breath of campy fresh air and I’m loving the breeze! Please sir, can I have some more?

I don’t know what his continued storyline would be, or who you’d get him to interact with apart from Kate, but I don’t care!  Please Days, figure something out. This character could be what you need to bring back some of the humor into your storylines.

Agree?  Disagree?  I’m starting the petition here so make sure you have your say!  Who’s with me?

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    I’m with you Brooke!

    I swear watching Chris has been a life saver. In fact he is the only reason I forced myself to sit down an watch that eppy of Days. (How sad is that?) I even think he’s a better actor than some of the regular cast on that show.

    Days needs some humor. And not the lame sarcastic comments from some of the boozing overused blondes on that show. REAL HUMOR!

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    I adore Chris! I remember him from when he first aired with Sami at the gym. Give me a drinking session with him, Nicole, & Chloe. I would be in heaven! Most stereotypical gay characters don’t work, but it’s a perfect fit for Days. All he needs know is a strong man like Eric Brady to come and sweep him off of his feet.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Isn’t that Ross the Intern from Leno?

    J Bernard Jones aka “DS9Sisko”

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    I must say having checked out You Tube clips of this character, a little goes a long way IMO. I couldn’t imagine wanting to see him more than a few scenes here and there and certainly not for an extended period or in any sort of ongoing storyline. The gay camp is just a little too OTT for my tastes. Though if he’d fit anywhere it would be on an ‘out there’ soap like DOOL.

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