Best of Sean and Tiffany Part One

When thinking of some classic Sean and Tiffany moments for a "Best Of" Blog, how can we not start with their crazy, yet oh so classic Sean and Tiff Nuptials!  For this longtime General Hospital fan, I’ll never forget the day these two said "I Do."

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    I loved this couple! They reminded me of Calliope and Eugene Bradford on Days (John De Lancie & Arleen Sorkin). Maxie and Spinelli have a lot of comedy for this generation of GH but it would be nice to see Sean, Anna, Robert and Tiffany together again.

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    OMG Perkey you got my attention. I LOVED Sean and Tiff! Those were the days!

    I know you’re not a big fan but seriously the entrance of Kate/Megan Ward was the first time I saw a character come into PC with potential like back in the day. That is why I fell in love with SKate.

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    OMG! These scenes were so fun to watch! I didn’t start watching GH until about 1993, so Sean and Tiff were in their waning years by then, but I still remember the day they left Port Charles. It was so fun to see their wedding and fun to see dearly departed characters and actors like Lila and Ruby and old friends like Anna, Robert, Robin, Bobbie, Tony (what had happened to Tony that he was collapsed on the floor?!), Audrey, and even Tom and Simone. Robin was adorable as the flower girl. I remember she was always close to her “Uncle Sean”. In fact, wasn’t it Robin who hooked up Sonny with Sean and Tiff’s old apartment?

    Thanks again for the fun stroll down memory lane.

    Oh, and to hrfmom, I see the resemblance to Eugene and Calliope, too. These two were among the funniest soap couples ever.

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