John Reilly and Sharon Wyatt Return as Sean and Tiffany?

UPDATE: It looks like Tiffany and Sean will pop in just in time for Night Shift‘s Second Season Finale. Remember it was said to be so good they had to break it up in two parts! Look for Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) to be reunited with his friends on the finale as well!

ORIGINAL STORY: Don’t be surprised if you see General Hospital supercouple Sean and Tiffany Donely (John Reilly and Sharon Wyatt) returning to Port Charles via Night Shift. Strong RUMORS have them coming back to check in on their old pal Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) who is battling colon cancer.

For longtime General Hospital fans this is huge-yet-bittersweet news. One would hope a reunion of this magnitude would play out on the mother-ship and not on the spin-off. Especially when you factor in a significant number of fans who do not get SOAPnet.

Here’s hoping Sean and Tiffany get abducted by the mother-ship and return home.

RUMORS of their return have the Donely’s returning with their son in tow.

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    Guza better watch his back. Sri is nipping at his heels. And reading this post only makes me think of Ian Buchanan. If Sri ever decided to bring him back, I’m marrying the man!

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    Daisy, if Duke ever came back I don’t know what I would do w/ myself. I get so excited about the possibly of what could happen if Sri was ever made head writer of GH. God bless Guza, but GH needs help big time!

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    OMG!!!! How big is this!!!!!!!!! This is AWESOME!!!!!!!  This couple ROCKED! I am so happy!!!!! This couple was linked to just about everyone on the canvas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It’s high time that they returned. And it would be fantastic for Ian Buchanan to show up as well; then Finola would really want to stick around. If Sean & Tiff came back, then shouldn’t her nephew Lucas make an appearance to see his aunt?
    How would Tiff feel about her ex-flame Noah having hooked up with her BFF Robert’s ex- Anna?
    Maybe if we had Sean & Anna & Mac & Robert, we could get the mob out of PC? Wishful thinking

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    At least if they come on NS, they stand a chance of not being written like idiots. Do you know if this is a one-time shot, or are they talking of doing a multi-episode arc? Thanks in advance.

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    Awesome. I hope this is true. Sean and Tiff are one of the best couples in GH history. When they were written off in 95, it was one of the saddest days of my GH watching history. NS really does trump the mothership in writing and how to please us older fans. Maybe this also means that Sean and Tiff can be around for Robin and Patrick’s wedding. I mean, they helped Mac raise her. He’s her godfather. It’s criminal that he hasn’t been mentioned since they went off to Boston for his surgery and rehab.

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    I think this is frakking FABULOUS!! Also, I want to piggyback on what I just read from Tristan Rogers. Maybe “NightShift” and other soaps can produce half-hour spin-offs that involve our favorite legacy characters intermingling with the new generation. If these actors are too expensive to keep on contract, then why not bring many of them onto the show for a story arc and satisfy the fan’s NEED to see the characters we love. Let “General Hospital” continue on it’s own path (whether you like it or not), where it can grow the future of the families and create new histories while using the old history of the show to highlight on a spin-off like “NS!” Robert is back and it’s been an absolute joy to watch him and Robin renew their relationship and help him through this health scare. Their scenes are touching and make me think about when she was just a little daddy’s girl who loved her father and wanted nothing more then to grow up to be like him and have his approval. That story is coming full circle on “NS” and it is wonderful for long time viewers to watch. Especially if TBTB do not give the vets the time of the day on the mothership. With Anna coming on and now Sean and Tiffany to rally around Robert and be there for their beloved friend, this spin-off is becoming more must-see then the original. Maybe in future seasons they can concentrate on other legacy families while keeping the hospital staff in tact. The next cycle can re-introduce some Quartermaines, maybe one has medical issue and then other family memebers can be recruited for short term arcs or the whole cycle. The next one can concentrate on the Spencers. What if Laura gets to the place where she is conscious and awake, is moved to “GH” where Luke, Lulu, Lucky and Nicholas can gather to help their mother make the final jump back into reality. That way, they do not have to pay Genie Francis her GH scale but she can play a much bigger part in the more intimate nature of “NS.” If budgeting is the problem, this seems like the perfect vehicle to satisfy the viewers desperate desire for their favorite “GH” characters. My imagination is now running wild with the possibilities that this presents. I gave up on “GH” this past February when they shot Michael and I just could not take the focus the show has now anymore. Yet, I am religiously watching “NS” precisely because it involves one of my favorite characters, Robin, and is now bringing on all these classic people back into her life. Plus, it advances her story over to “GH” and I can get a sense, at least, of what her and Patrick are up to on the main show. Sean and Tiffany are one of my most favorite couples in “GH” history. They were kooky, funny, loved each other passionately and even got juicy drama to play in their heyday. The 2 actors can do it all. I welcome them and any veteran “GH” characters to “NS” because they are doing “General Hospital” better then “General Hospital” is.

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    This is the best news I have heard in far too long a time. Now if the powers at SoapNet would decide to keep the show going after the end of the summer replacement season I would be ecstatic. Night Shift is much more entertaining than the mobular crap that has become GH. Oh yes, and keep Guza out of it completely. He has destroyed GH with his obsession with violence and misogyny and all things mobular. Surely someone in control sees the popularity of Night Shift is due to its lack of a mob presence.

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    While I’ve never understood the appeal of GH (sorry, guys and gals), I have to say I’ve grown to really enjoy GH:NS. While I’m not loving some of the casting choices, and some of the writing could use another round of fine-tuning before being shot, I’ve found a lot of it pretty enjoyable and the characters fun to watch. I’ve found Tristan Rogers’ storyline to be quite compelling, finely layered, and I love the relationship with his daughter in the last few weeks.

    I do wonder if they did bring Sri to the major leagues, how much his style would be impacted by the needs of the bigwigs to keep all the non-hospital elements on the frontburner, because I’m sure that would be the case. Would his magic work with those restrictions?

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    KingTV I like the way think, feel free to babble because ITA with what your saying! There is so much potential here that it could really work if SoapNet let’s it! I also think we could add Claudia & Brian into the mix if we are focusing on the Spencers.  If your bringing back the Quatermaines then bring back Ned, Dillon, a cousin or two, some of Lila’s relatives as well have them try to take over ELQ with Edward and Tracey and one of them work with Monica at the hospital in Administration/Hospital Board!  And Monica be Chief of Staff!!!

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