Tale of Two Personalities

I must admit, up until last week I hadn’t been that enthused with the return of Tess (Bree Williamson) to Llanview. Yes, there were moments of brilliance but overall I hadn’t bought into the story. Maybe it’s that this version of Tess felt like much more of a caricature than the original incarnation but something just seemed "off."

Then last week Tess locked Natalie (Melissa Archer) in the basement of Llanfair and let loose on her twin and for the first time since Nash’s funeral and the return of Tess I bought into her pain, agony and hatred.

Both Archer and Williamson put in great performances last week and deserve credit for giving the revelation of Tess return to Natalie their all. Kudos.

For all I know I could be in the minority and everyone else has been loving Tess’ return but I thought it would make a good poll.

Have you been enjoying Tess return since her return or have you just recently started enjoying the Tess storyline?

Tale of Two Personalities

  • I just started enjoying it recently. (17%, 61 Votes)
  • I've been loving the Tess storyline since her return. (31%, 111 Votes)
  • I'm still not enjoying it. (52%, 183 Votes)

Total Voters: 355


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  1. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I’m really torn about this story. BW is obviously having a blast, and totally evil characters can be really entertaining, but…

    1. They’ve turned most of the other characters (espcially Nat and Jared) into idiots (how could they not have suspected Tess was back?!)

    2. This started off as such a good dramatic story. I wanted to watch how Jess was going to handle Nash’s death, being a young pregnant widow, and how she was going to deal with Natalie and Jared. After Nash’s death and his funeral, I became interested in Jess again. My heart broke for her and I’m actually missing her now…

    3. The other great story I wanted to see play out was the Natalie/Jared story. I wanted to see how they were going to deal with being the town pariahs. I had mixed feelings about Natalie choosing Jared over her family (on the one hand that’s *so* messed up, but it’s also the definition of not letting anything come between you and the person you love) and I wanted to see it play out. Plus, I also wanted to see Jared try and come to terms with killing a man. Instead of this, we’ve been forced to watch Nat & Jared act like idiots — “Gee I wonder what’s wrong with Jess” “Gee, why does Jess play with knives whenever she speaks to us?”

    I just think that while the Tess story has it’s good points, it’s yet another example of OLTL taking good drama and turning it into camp :(

  2. Profile photo of Beth

    Weirdly enough, I was really enjoying Tess with Todd. They’re like a psycho dynamic duo!

    This story however isn’t doing much for me right now, but I think there’s a lot of stories out there just simmering and waiting for more than likely sweeps to bust out. This is probably one of them.

  3. Profile photo of miajere

    I really miss Nash- and I think his presence made Tess abit more substantial. Tess also comes at the expense of everyone else’s intelligence- every character in the room with her looks like an idiot.- Not feeling it.

  4. Profile photo of KingTV

    This current story involving Tess holding Natalie hostage has many problems but I still love it for what it is. It is entertaining me and as far as I am concerned, entertainment value means a whole lot in these dying days of the soap opera, where sociological stories, health stories and most realism has gone by the wayside on the majority of them. The viewers of daytime never really tuned into the soaps for a realistic portrayal of life anyway. There is though a point of no return that some shows can never shake like “Passions” and even “DOOL.”

    First, Bree Williamson’s “Tess” is completely over-the-top and borderline ridiculous. Her eyes bulge out of her head, her face never changes when she is playing “Jess” to memebers of her family. The fact that no one has noticed (except Todd and now Tina) is simply unbelievable. A good villain embodies a certain vulnerability and subtlety to connect to the bad things he/she does. Bree shows none of that with “Tess.” I would say it is in the writing, but I feel this is a case of the actor taking it one step too far. Playing a duel role is very difficult and is why actors like David Canary and Anne Heche have won Emmy’s for their roles. The story that Ron C. has created is not only a repeat of a story when one of Viki’s personalities kept Dorian locked down in the basement but OLTL has been repeating too many other old stories and not really making them different at all. You must have great suspension of disbelief to go along with this story.

    But, this story is wildly funny and campy and outrageous which is why it is entertaining me. I am a fairly new consistent viewer of the show (although I have always kept up with it as I do all the shows and have a good sense of it’s history and legacies), so it’s past as a more character-driven show is beyond me. In the last 6 months that I have been watching regularly, I have seen nothing but plot defined stories. Working with that, this is actually one of my favorite stories happening right now. While I am quick to fast forward through Gigi and Rex’s love story, I have been watching every scene of the Tess story. I think it has been paced well, the build up to Tess snagging Natalie and bringing Tina in on it has been the perfect amount of time, not dragging on but no happening overnight either. Plus as a fan of Faye Dunaway’s portrayal of “Joan Crawford” in “Mommie Dearest,” I can appreciate the kabuki style of acting that Ms. Williamson is bringing to the role.

    Lately, OLTL has taken a turn for the worse overall and Ron C. really needs to figure what was working so well the last year and get back to it. In the meantime, this show is more enjoyable then I expected it to be and if this Tess story can make me laugh, gasp and love every evil line, look and action that she takes, something must be right with it. But too many of these kinds of stories all at the same time could sink the show’s recent glory faster then the Titanic. All in all, I give this story a B+, a thoroughly entertaining romp and I cannot wait to watch Tess torture Natalie and hopefully then she will get hers in return to take the story full circle.

  5. Profile photo of Kacelee

    I love Tess and I love watching Natalie suffer!! It’s about time Natalie got knocked off her self righteous pedestal. I’m angry about Nash being killed so I’m happy that Tess came to avenge him. Jessica’s grief would’ve had me crying through every episode. With Tess back I’m cheering her on and can’t wait for her to rip Natalie and Jared apart!

  6. Profile photo of Trudi

    Bree Williamson is playing so much camp, while everyone else is playing the story straight (well except for Tina) and it makes Tess come off as a cartoon character. I admit in the last few days it’s improved. I don’t feel liking laughing out loud when Tess goes into her schtick routine. I give more credit for that to MA’s ability to keep a straight face and play her emotions as Tess’s captive convincingly.

    The other problem is that there is nothing even slightly rootable about Tess (unless you just hate Natalie and Jared as a matter of policy). As laughable as it is, she is being written and portrayed as completely villainous, and devoid of any humanity. We don’t see her caring about her children. We don’t really see her grieving for Nash except when she screeches that she is getting revenge. She talks about the hell she is going through, but we never really see her suffering at all. Instead she’s dancing around with glee over getting her revenge.

    I am not looking forward to what comes next and hope Tess is thrown into St. Anne’s pronto.

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