Days of Our Lives: Monday’s Episode – WTF?

If you haven’t watched yesterday’s (Monday) episode of Days of our Lives yet, let me save you the trouble… You could watch the first and last two minutes and not miss a thing in between.  Why?  The fans were treated, or subjected in my case, to an almost complete rehash of Nicole’s "film noir" fantasy, that’s why.  Now, if you enjoyed this the first time around more power to you, but for me listening to Sami’s high pitched voice was bad enough the first time!! 

So why the ridiculously long flashback?  I’m guessing that this episode was being filmed around the time that Ed Scott was fired from his Executive Producer role.  Maybe the planned scenes were scrapped (and replaced with filler) until Head Writer Dena Higley took back control.

Whatever… it’s still 40 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

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    How irritating. I figured they just did it to buy time to get things on order. Last week was borderline awful in parts. Thursday’s show looked terrible. I thought Higley was back in charge as of a couple weeks ago, based on what was on screen.

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    I agree with Brooke! What a waste of time! I totally saw that episode in 2 minutes! Snooze! But mentally, I was preparing for the worse as I saw incessant flashbacks last week (snore), which means writer change or backstage turmoil. Since the latter happened already, we’re stuck with bad writing. Sigh…

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    I agree Brooke. Days needs to get their shit together.

    What was the point of that? It’s turning into the Days of Nicole’s Life and its one boring exsistance. The noir thing was a letdown in the first place, why show it a second time?

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    daisyclover1938 – watch at own risk!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you LOL

    EmmyLoser – Ed Scott was still in the credits as Executive Producer on Friday’s episode, but I wasn’t able to check Monday’s to see if he had been taken off or not.

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    OMG, Brooke you were not kidding! I just watched Monday’s ep…the noir nightmare was really bad. It wasn’t funny…it was pointless and embarrassing. One thing I will say, all the actors look even more gorgeous in B&W :)

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    For me, I thought two days of it was too much. I could have lived with the film noir being just one day.

    I’m sorry, I’m cranky. I’m on Nicole overload…….this chick is killing Days for me.

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    I don’t think you were the only one who enjoyed it Luke, you’re just the only one who’s come out and said so here!!  After surfing some of the Days boards after the scenes originally aired, there were many supporters… I was just not one of them LOL

    I agree with you daisyclover, the actors did LOOK awesome!

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