OLTL: A Martinez out!

Actor A Martinez will be leaving his short lived stint at One Life to Live. The buzz around the internet is that Martinez has already taped his last scenes. No word on if the actor will reprise the role of Ray Montez, the long lost uncle of Dorian Cramer’s (Robin Strasser) adoptive daughter Langston (Brittany Underwood).

Fans of Langston Wilde Cramer should not fret on her departing family members, she has a cousin that will head to Llanview. Lola Montez, Ray’s daughter will be played by Camila Banus and will make her first screen appearance Oct. 3.

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    I don’t know if anyone else thinks this but doesn’t A Martinez look like he would be related to Markko instead of Langston. A and Jason Tam could pass for father and son.

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    Was this stint shorter than it was first intended? It seems quick.

    Oh, and the accent could be better. My first impression was that it was inconsistent. I never watched Santa Barbara. I liked him as Roy Deluca.

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    Regan Cellura

    I checked with Tina on that very question, from what she knows, his original run was for 6 weeks. It was then RUMORED to be shortened by a week, making it a 5 week stay. Now it seems to be ending even earlier, however, fan response is key as his exit SHOULD be open-ended allowing for a return in the future.

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    I just watched today’s episode; I think that AM is very good in this role. He and BU work wonderfully together. Here’s hoping that he will return at a later date.

    (I do not speak Spanish – only took a couple of classes in college – so I did not notice anything amiss with the accent.)

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    I don’t know… I’ve watched up to Mondays show and I’m not impressed. I remember A as being a good actor but so far I see very little evidence of it on OLTL. Sorry just being honest. maybe it’s the character who is cardboard and not the actor?

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