One Tree Hill Mourns

One Tree Hill airs it’s third episode of the season tonight and is mourning the death of Quentin.  I watched much of the first four seasons but lost interest last season. However, like most series I phase out, I tune back in for the season premiere and finale. The season six premiere had me hooked and now I’m playing catch up on a few things.

What are you thinking of One Tree Hill’s sixth season so far?

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    I LOVE this show!!! After six seasons this show still has something that gets me hooked every week. And that isn’t easy after such a long time – specially when we speak about primetime-soaps.

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    The season is off to a great start! I cannot wait to see how the Nanny storyline unfolds. It totally reminds me of that movie Misery! At least she does not have a pig in her house! Cannot wait for Lindsay to return for her episodes! Also, there is a movie producer coming to town to turn Lucas’s book into a movie. This producer has a history with Peyton. Lots of great stuff to look forward too!

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