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You know, we knew that Clint had a surprise in store for Dorian and Langston (Brittany Underwood) and even though A Martinez’s run may only be a short stint I thought I’d see what everyone thinks of Langston becoming a "Cramer Woman?"

Personally, I love that this storyline brings out the softer side in Dorian (Robin Strasser). Too often we just see her as the larger than life, uber bitch, diva she is and we forget that she does have a softer side (anyone who watched the 40th Anniversary episode scenes between Dorian and Mel knows that).

What do you think of this storyline? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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    Oh I would LOVE for Kelly to come back. I really like Langston so I’m glad she’s part of a core family now. Kirsten/Brittany/Kassie/Robin scenes are always must see for me.

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    Oh, I’m enjoying it! I love it when they have the Cramer family get-togethers, and I love when Dorian refers to “her girls” and can now add Langston to that mix. An especially nice touch for me was when Addie gave her Langston Hughes and Oscar Wilde books as a “welcome to the family” gift. There’s nothing like Dorian when she’s protecting someone she loves, and I’m looking forward to more toe-to-toe scenes with A Martinez and Robin Strasser.

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    I love this storyline. It shows Dorian’s genuine softer side as well as her fierce protectiveness when it comes to “her girls”–even though that protectiveness is what ultimately chases most of them away. Dorian and Langston have a great rapport together, and I think A. Martinez’ character is going to add an interesting twist to it. I just hope in the end Dorian still adopts Langston and they have a good relationship with eachother, though with Dorian’s track record that is unlikely to happen.

    I agree with the person who said that Adriana would fit in nicely into this storyline. Since she turned into “bitchy bangs,” I have floved that character. I so wish she would come back to stay.

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    Dorian’s one of my favorite characters, so I love seeing her portrayed in a softer light. I loved when Markko said to Clint that Dorian’s adopting Langston proved that she’s a good person.

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    I like the story, also…
    I wish they would just stick it to P&G and Hire Martha Byrne to play Cassie already…

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    aunti2egl, that’s classic Dorian – the lioness with a soft spot for her girls! And it was a nice foreshadowing up the other man that was coming into Langston’s life that evening. Those scenes were so sweet and funny and I loved that all the women had their own nice little moments to shine a little light into their feelings at the moment.

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    One of my favorite Dorian story lines was when Kelly first came into Dorian’s life. I’ll never forget the episode when Dorian took Kelly to New York for a new wardrobe and complete makeover. Don’t we all wish we had someone in our corner like Dorian?

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    I’m with you Season, as much as I don’t care for bitchy bangs, I think it’d have been great to have ALL the Cramer clan there. Glad to see Todd didn’t ruin it, but I guess he didn’t have to since he was busy mixing it up with the doctor and in his place was this Ray guy.

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    ITA Beth….and I loved when Markko pulled Dori aside and gave her the pic of the two of them, as mother and daughter, but I wish she didn’t have to ruin it (IMO) by making her comment about never hurting her…that was a little catty, since he did such a nice thing for her…she could’ve saved it for later or kept her mouth shut, period. LOL I do love though that yeh she brings out her softer side and this Mel guy….the ghost, I guess I didn’t watch when he was around in the beginning but I LOVE HIM!!! LOL What a great character he must have been, she was like a total kitten around him. LOL

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