Y&R: Eileen Davidson Speaks Out

                                                                                                                                                   Eileen Davidson recently sat down with our friend from TV Guide Canada, Nelson Branco, to discuss her past and present in soaps. In the no holds barred interview, Eileen talks about everything from her time at Days of our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful to what’s going to happen during her latest stint on The Young and the Restless. She gave a little preview of who she’ll be sharing scenes with and we’re headed toward an Abbott family reunion, Traci included. Here is an excerpt of that question, but be sure to check out the full interview.

TVGuide.ca: Welcome back to Y&R, gorgeous! To say fans and critics are thrilled beyond belief that you have returned to reclaim what is rightfully yours in Genoa City is a gross understatement! It righted a big wrong…
Eileen Davidson:
Oh, thank you, Nelson! A few weeks ago, I taped three episodes all in one day opposite Peter Bergman [Jack], Beth Maitland [Traci], and Billy Miller [Billy]. It was awesome. We taped 11 scenes in two hours! Coming back was like putting on an old pair of shoes.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Sounds like the entire Abbott gang was back minus the pop John… Y&R should rectify that nonsense. It was a great interview however, am I the only one not looking forward to Ash’s return? Nothing against Eileen but I know where this will be going, Ash will slink up next to Victor and become a happy pairing. BLECK! I’d rather see Ash with Paul.

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    Paul’s too cornbread! I would like to see Ashley w/ a younger man, something similar to her thing w/ Rick on B&B but a billion times better. It would be interesting to show the struggles of a younger man, older woman coupling. I could probably get behind a Cane/Ashley pairing. If Billy Miller wasn’t playing her brother I think they would be hot. But I, too, am weary of Ashley’s return because of her Victor worship.

  3. Profile photo of timepass

    Hopefully, she won’t be as boring as usual, we already have a lot of females taking that spot on Y&R! Lily, Collen…!

    They even make Phyllis boring, which I thought could never be possible, silly me!

    When are the great storyline happening again? Still waiting!

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    Sorry. Stax is Stephanie and Max on DAYS. Max is Stephanie’s mother’s adoptive brother making him her uncle. Jammy is Jonathan and Tammy on GL. Jonathan and Tammy’s mothers are half sisters.

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    I do not mind Lily with Cane when Lily has some Dru coming through. I hope they do not do the Ashley/Victor storyline AGAIN. Phyllis has definetely been neutered; maybe the quad between Nick/Sharon/Jack/Phyllis will bring the real Phyllis out again. I just hope Ashley gets used on Y&R because she was totally wasted on B&B. If Y&R does not use her, I would love to see her back on Days!!!! How great would that be?!?!?!

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    “… but I’d prefer to see Ash and Jeffrey Bardwell. That’d get Gloria’s goat!”


    Please, Gloria’s eyes are bugged out enough!:D

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    I’m glad Eileen mentioned the debacle that was Ashley stealing Victor’s sperm and getting herself impregnated with it. There were so many other ways for her to get pregnant by him but for the writers to have her do that made the character look cheap.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Thanks for the combo clarification Seasons. I knew the backstory on all of them already just didn’t know their nicknames. Max and Stef are a go since they aren’t blood. Now Jon and Tammy… That’s just damn nasty NASTY I tell ya!

    I’d sooo love Ash and Jeff since Glo seems to be attracting her ex River/Lowell… For all the things Glo did to the Abbotts and especially with Lil’ frozen sperm Abby, she needs to get her punishment.

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    I want to see Ashley and Victor get back together for awhile even if all they do is resolve their feelings for one another and move on. Since the beginning when Ash and Vic got together, I loved them together. She brings out a different side to Victor that no other women was able to achieve. Even Nikki. I do like Nikki and Victor, but Ashley was always my favorite with Victor. If things don’t work out with them, then I can see Ashley hooking up with Jeffrey just to piss Gloworm off!

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    Oh please no Jeffrey and Ashley pairing. I don’t want her involved with Gloria like that. Even through we would see some great scenes there. No sorry, a absolutely no go. And besides … I couldn’t see them together. LOL

    I want to see Victor and Ashley too. At least for awhile. That story, the feelings they have for each other never really played out … so I think they should definitely go there now.
    And Nikki … put her with Paul for awhile. Would be great too. For Paul and Ashley … please no reunion here. This couple was boring to hell.

    But first I’m so happy that Eileen is finally back! :D

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