All My Children: Eden and Tamara!

Bianca’s back and she’s not alone! In HUGE All My Children news, Eden Riegel’s return this fall has an added bonus! Tamara Braun (Carly 2.0, General Hospital; Ava, Days of Our Lives) hits Pine Valley as Bianca’s latest love interest.

According to SOAPnet, Bianca’s been busy and brings her girlfriend home with her.

She’s been busy in Paris, getting a new girlfriend. And her name is Reese Williams, played by none other than Tamara Braun. Whoa! Bianca’s got a hot girlfriend! Score, Bianca. Anyway, Reese is a confident and successful architect who Bianca has been shacking up with in Paris (she doesn’t have an accent, don’t worry).

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    I don’t watch AMC, but I wonder if a little competition could help Nuke on ATWT. Maybe TBTB’s eyes will finally open and they will move their relationship to the next level.

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    Im very excited about Eden but I’m even more excited about Tamara.. I’ve missed her on ABC so much.. I can’t wait! I just hope they give her the storyline she deserves.. she’s so talented.. I love her!

    Do we know if she’s contract or recurring?

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    Luke Kerr

    Its AWSOME that Eden is returning to AMC…I know so many people love Tamara but I was a HUGE BAM fan….I had really hoped that some day BAM could reunite…now that’s much farther away.

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    Jamey– as long as she doesn’t have any “mama” issues and steers clear of “her booyzzz” I think we’ll be fine. LOL.

    Glad to see her back on daytime and AMC could definitely use the boost Tamara is sure to bring.

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    ABC Daytime’s savviest move of the year! Bring back a beloved AMC character and actor, and pair her with another actor with a huge following? Bring in the sapphic love (for the lesbians and, let’s face it, a lot of straight guys), and you got a hit!

    Luke, I also wonder about yet another kid running around. One of my biggest issues is the fact that most of the characters are parents of very young children, it’s a bit much.

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    Did anyone else prefer Bianca w/ Frankie over Maggie?

    And Miranda will have to be the same age as Little A since they were born only hours apart. I hope they bring back Haley Evans as her daughter. She is so adorable!

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    Luke I was a huge BAM FAN TOO. But with Liz Hendricks kicking butt on YR I don’t see her coming back to Pine Valley anytime soon. I’m so excited for TAMARA! This has made my day!

    Can’t wait for a Kane Women Reunion: Susan Lucci, Alicia Minshew, Eden Rigel and NOW TAMARA BRAUN> I’m so stoked!

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    Pretty much!…a girl can hope right?
    With Eden as her acting partner I’m hoping they get some mileage on the pairing. Being the girlfriend of a core family has my hopes up right now. Tams has proven on GH and now Days that she has boat loads of talent. And I’m extremely excited that AMC is bring an actress who is BOTH talent and looks.

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    i’ve been watchin amc for 30+yrs, its completely rediculous that erica is 61 yrs old and kendall is 34, when erica was supposed to be raped on her 14th b’day that would make erica 48 – haaaaaaaa -she looks good, with all her plastic surgery who wouldnt, but she doesnt look that good, and anyway, everybody remembers erica being married and being 22 in the early 70s when she started on the show.

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