B&B: Brooke Acts as Consigliere For Donna

Brooke just started a new war between herself and Stephanie.

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    Eric will always be a wimp. I don’t mind Stephanie manipulated Eric into going back with her to make him miserable for deserted her and treated her like crap. I hate the Logans and wish that Donna and Brooke andthe family fall in the ocean and never to be seen or heard from again.


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    Jamey Giddens

    Eric is a good man who was tricked into marriage by Stephanie, an emasculating sociopath with daddy AND mommy issues, who was knocked up by another man’s baby—a baby (Ridge)-who still hasn’t been weaned- that she raised up putting everyone else in his shadow, including Eric.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Damn Jamey tell me how you really feel! *LOL* I thought you liked Big Steph. As for me I don’t care for the chicka since she meddles where she shouldn’t and looks down that snooty nose of hers. Her chasing after Eric’s a tad pathetic (Ok GIGANTIC PATHETIC!) I would like to see her chased by him maybe one time so he can probably wake up to her allure or strangle hold.

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    Really Jamey, so where were Eric’s balls when Brooke was slutting it up w/ his daughter’s husbands. I’m sure Eric was a eunuch waaaay before Stephanie ever got to him.

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    Luke Kerr

    Let’s face it, Eric’s never had any balls…as for Brooke, they called it "Brooke’s Bedroom" for a reason. You’re a first class turbo ho when when you exploit your promiscuity like that.

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    John McCook is a very attractive older man. To me, he’s more attractive than his younger fellow actors on the show. I just wish they would write him as more of a man and not an idiot who’s constantly hypnotized by the Logan women’s vajayjay. I want him and Stephanie to get back together but I want him to tell her to shut up occasionally. John has that Rhett Butler look I wish they would just let it out!

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