B&B Star To Direct “Light”

The Bold and the Beautiful star, Susan Flannery can add a director’s credit to her already superb resume. According to TV Guide, the Emmy winner has already directed an episode for fellow network soap Guiding Light, featuring Emmy winner Kim Zimmer which will air on October 13. The episode incorporates a shocking development for Zimmer’s alter ego Reva with regards to her pregnancy.

Says Flannery, “It’s the wave of the future. I don’t think B&B can necessarily do this. We’re more of a romance novel. But, Guiding Light is a slice-of-life show, and Ellen (Wheeler, Executive Producer, GL) has taken everybody’s idea of what soaps should be and blown it out of the sky," when speaking about the new production style that Guiding Light uses heavily, which was one of the reasons that Flannery decided to direct for GL.

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    I really don’t care that SF directs an episode. I don’t watch for directors. I want good stories. Well written stories, that make sense. This is once again an example that EW doesn’t care about the viewers. When are they going to understand that people watch soaps to ESCAPE!! Not bring more reality into their lives. It’s suppose to be entertainment.

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    While good writing is essential to any story good directing is also essential and since Susan is such an incredible actress she can probably bring out some great performances from the actors in the scenes she will direct. Sometimes amazing acting can overcome the garbage that’s on the page. And if she can in anyway improve this show, if only for one episode, with her presence she can add miracle worker to her resume as well.

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