Can Canary and Lucci Save All My Children?

A lack of direction, sinking ratings, storyline monopolization by a few select characters, fan uproar over the undoing of iconic storylines and viewer apathy plague All My Children. As Daytime Confidential’s own Regan pointed out on a recent podcast "nothing should scare a show more than viewer indifference." Now Charles Pratt has the thankless job of trying to save a ship with cannonball sized holes in its bow. It isn’t going to be the easiest of jobs.

Contract negotiations
between ABC and Alicia Minshew haven’t gone well. Rumors that Rebecca Budig is taking the out in her contract have picked up steam. Lightening hasn’t struck twice between Ricky Paull Goldin and Beth Ehlers’ characters, though separately both characters have potential. The "Fusion Girls" concept, once fresh with possibilities, is worn, tired and a glaring blight on the show, cannibalizing all unfortunate enough to fall in its path. The teen scene is schizophrenic at best. At least a half dozen pointless characters litter the show, while misdirected couplings abound.

So what can a new head writer do to save a sinking ship? Pratt is going back to basics and calling upon two of All My Children’s most popular and legendary stars to help rebuild the show’s foundation, David Canary and Susan Lucci. Both Adam and Erica have wandered in storyline wilderness for years, but re-pairing them is a win win, "pull ourselves up by our bootstraps," strategy that takes advatange of the actors’ chemistry and history while bringing some fun back to a show that has had immensly little to smile about.

To be sure, Canary and Lucci are more than up to the task of helping save the show on which they have starred for so many years. Bringing these two iconic characters back together provides a foundation of stability on which everything else can be rebuilt,  allowing Pratt to throw fancy Hail Mary passes like the one-two punch casting of  Eden Riegel and Tamara Braun.

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    I am enjoying Adam and Erica very much, but I don’t know about these two saving the show being on their shoulders. IMO, the show still needs to be balanced with the other characters, concentrate on family, social issues, humor, and drama. I don’t know about lightning striking twice, but I find Jake and Taylor very interesting to watch- Taylor, and Petey, in fact, are my two favorite new characters. I didn’t watch GL, so for me, this is the first time watching these performers interact.

    I’m likely in the minority, but I stopped enjoying Bianca, when all she did was lecture people, and poked her nose into other’s business, with all of these characters needing to live up to her standards. Telling people whom they should or shouldn’t be in love with, for example. So, I’m not looking forward to this return.

    I enjoy JR/Babe, and I think Greenlee is so much more likable with Aiden. I dread any Greenlee/Ryan reunion and I was once very much on board with this pairing, but no longer.

    and I enjoy Annie.

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    “Lightening hasn’t struck twice between Ricky Paull Goldin and Beth Ehlers’ characters, though seperately both characters have potential.”

    I can understand why a show would try to recreate chemistry with a couple, but I haven’t seen where it works . . . yet.

    I know I was among those fans of A Martinez that wanted Marcy Walker to join him on OLTL, but they probably would have fizzled too. It makes me believe it really comes down to the writing and then improvisation by the talent. That being said, it is proof (Ehlers and Goldin) that AMC has bad writing and that many are ready to leave.

    This show has been around a long time and it still holds a spot in my heart. I really hope they can turn things around.

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    I love Lucci and Canary and I love them as frenemies, but I’m not into them as a romantic duo. What made them work all those years is that they didn’t love each other or had a real romance. Their strength is their comedy and I would love for them to own a company together so they could snark all day long. However, when it comes to romance, I like Adam with Krystal and Erica with Jackson.

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    Can they save it singlehandedly? No, of course not. It’s an unfair expectation. But, it’s a start at least. If Pratt and Frons (forget Carruthers, she’s the stumbling block IMO) really want to save AMC, they need to do more though.

    1. Get RID of Ryan. Sorry, but Cameron Mathison can’t act (staring is his only expresson) and the character is not a hero, he’s a mentally- and emotionally-abusive control freak who should be written out.
    2. Backburner Zach & Kendall – they’re a great couple, but enough is enough. And if AM wants out, let her go – she’s been taking acting lessons from CM lately it seems and her skills to pay the bills have gone downhill.
    3. Dissolve Fusion. Gawd – enough is enough of these clueless bimbos acting like they know a thing about business!!
    4. BRING BACK JULIA BARR!!!! If AM leaves, pair Zach with Brooke!! Show Brooke running WRCW with Amanda and Pete as her gophers and assistants. Chrishell Stause (sp) is a good actress and needs a storyline! And Pete is an irritating little geek, but the actor is really fun to watch
    5. Keep AiLee together!! Aidan is such a good character and he and Greenlee seem to bring out the best in each other! Get Greenlee pregnant (even though they didn’t want to have a family) and put her on immediate bedrest, then show Aidan attending to her every need. And bring back Mary Smythe for laughs!
    6. Keep Annie and pair her with David – maybe he could develop some special meds for her to keep her split personalities in line.
    7. FIX McTavish’s main screw up and make Josh the son of Silver Kane and Jeff Martin. Perhaps it could be shown that he embezzled the 20 million from Zach because he’s a con-man – and conned all of PV into believing that he was Erica’s un-abortion. That S/L is a slap in the face of TV history and should be fixed immediately!!
    8. IF Rebecca Budig is taking her one-year out clause to the bank, then kill her off and have Josh Duhamel come back for ONE SCENE to guide her into the bright light with him.
    9. Put Jerica and KWAdam back together and LEAVE them together!!!!
    10. Either bring back Cady McClain as Dixie, or show Tad as a single father struggling to raise Kathy — there are a lot of stay at home dads now who would probably be able to relate to some of the day-to-day issues that they could write about.

    Come on Pratt – save the show or send it out in a blaze of glory and have Erica wake up as a teenager, and it was all a dream.

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    Attempting to force the couples that very few want to see like Ryan/Greenlee and Jake/Taylor is proof that the show has no clue about its audiance. We want to see interesting couples that work well together and Adam and Erica are off to a great start. To save the ship, Pratt needs to be simple: listen to your viewers!

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    So far, I’m seeing good things coming out of Pratt’s beginnings. Getting rid of Cassandra and Samuel was a good start. I’m really liking Ricky Paull Goldin with basically everyone, and I’m one of those that thinks Jake and Taylor actually have a chance. Mostly, I’m intrigued by Taylor’s story and want to see more and I’m willing to let the story play out. Angie and Jesse and Frankie have quickly moved to the front of the pack in terms of characters for me, and if Tad can do something besides play house husband, then I’m all the more intrigued. Erica and Adam have of course plenty of history and chemistry to play with, but I hate that their story is starting with what I believe is the elephant in the room – namely, Fusion. It needs to go. Pratt still is letting that dominate most of the airtime and storytime, and it’s played out to the nth degree. Restructuring that and putting it to the backburner for a while I believe is the number one priority for this show to get back on track.

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    Having Adam and Erica as the leads is a no-brainer. The biggest problem all the ABC soaps have is Frons’ insistence of his “faves” having major screen time and not listening to the fans.

    You want to save AMC? Here’s a few suggestions as to how to make that happen:

    1) Either have Kendall and Zach break up or get them together and backburner them for awhile. They’re around but not the forefront of everything.

    2) Keep Aidan and Greenlee together. It took awhile but Rebecca found her groove with Aiden and they actually “work” now.

    3) Return Ryan to his con-man ways but as a businessman. Let Zach give Ryan the backing to do whatever he has to, to get the Casinos back on track, including coning whomever.

    4) Bring back Julia Barr and hopefully the rumor is true that Robin Christopher is returning.

    5) Jake and Amanda work. So does Frankie and Randi. If Babe does buy the farm, look into a Taylor JR hookup. On paper, it sounds crazy but it just might work.

    6) Leave Annie a little crazy. Crazy Annie is actually far more entertaining than most people on the show.

    7) Don’t drag out stories too long.

    Finally – Leave the Hubbards frontburnered. You have three of your best actors in this family – use them.

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