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Clayton shuts Remy down…

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    Why oh why couldn’t the camera focus on Remy’s Dad/Montel instead of the chair & flowers behind him?

    *sigh* GL…I wanna watch you but you make it just too hard sometimes.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Budget crunch or no, someone at TeleNext or CBS should find a way to sign Montel Williams to a contract. or at least put him on heavy recurring status.

    J Bernard Jones aka “DS9Sisko”

    Odo: You’d shoot a man in the back?
    Garak: It’s the safest way, isn’t it?
    — Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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    Actualy (I watched today after years on not watching) and the best part was when Reva and her miracle baby was talking to Josh on the computer and Josh was supposed to be in Afghanistan, with those green tress and white picket fence behind him. That was so bad, I mean he was in the back yard. They should of just put him in a room.

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    I just wanted to say I REALLY ENJOY seeing Montel Williams as Clayton. At first when I heard he was coming on as Clayton, I was intrigued, and then when he was on, and I saw him with the other Boudreaux, it all just made sense. On his talk show, he definitely had a commanding prescence, and I like that he brings that to Peapack, I mean Springfield. I can see him as the head of the Boudreaux family, and it makes me wanna see him in some scenes with Mel now, since he definitely shines with Remy. Go Montel!

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