Love it or Hate it: Eva Longoria Ruffles Edition

Check out Eva Longoria’s dress has ruffles, but does it have ridges?

Love it or Hate it?

Love it or Hate it: Eva Longoria Ruffles Edition

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    Ruffles and spots – no, no, no. I work in the book publishing industry and we tend to mix it up with the fashion crowd a lot so I have many friends who work at various fashion magazines who tell me what trends or looks I should be going for each season as well as having partners in crime for naughty, catty, biting conversations about who wore what and to where. Ruffles are a fall trend, yes and so are dots but together, they are just a fashion “Glamour” DON’T. I wish I could upload all the pics i took at the Calvin Klein 40th Anniversary party I attended to show you guys what real, good style is. You do not have to have money to have style. You just need an interesting, witty sense of self and knowledge of what shapes and proportions look good on your body-type. Then to add your own personal flair, you add on the accessories that scream “YOU.” Clearly Robert Verdi, who is Eva’s stylist and a mutual friend of a friend, did not have his brain on this evening or he wasn’t available and Miss Eva had to dress herself.

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