Billy Miller, Billy Abbott First Impressions

It’s a crying shame that All My Children couldn’t figure out a way to keep Billy Miller around but if he had to end up somewhere there is no better place for a new actor to daytime to come into their own than at The Young and the Restless.

Today was Miller’s debut as Billy Abbott and I am more than curious to know what Y&R fans who may have never seen him thought and what any ABC fans that might have tuned in too Y&R thought?

My first impression; Billy Miller’s Billy Abbott could be the perfect suave smarmy character needed to shake up Y&R’s younger set and from his first "hey guys" I know more.

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    When I first saw his face, I immediately bought that he was Billy. I hated Richie, co I’m glad that AMC cut their losses. The character never worked to begin with. He was nothing but a Will Cortlandt wannabe.

    I so want Amber to flaunt him all up in Daniel’s face. And the look on Jill’s face when she sees that Amber has sunk her claws into another one of her sons will be priceless…

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    He can be a bad boy/slut all he wants as long as he has John’s heart. I want him to be like Jack. Jack has done a lot of things wrong, but his heart was in the right place.

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    I’m thrilled with this casting choice. He seems to have some chops and I can’t wait for Billy and Daniel Goddard to go at it as brothers. It’s going to be awesome..if the Y&R writers don’t eff it up like they do just about everything else.

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    I’m keeping an open mind. I wish David Tom could have come back, but I liked Miller on AMC, so I’m hoping he’ll be great on Y&R.

    BTW, is it me or were both Amber and Daniel dressed like rejects from an ’80s John Hughes movie?

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    “BTW, is it me or were both Amber and Daniel dressed like rejects from an ’80s John Hughes movie?”


    LOL! It’s not just you. Also, did anyone see the look on Lily’s face when she saw the drawing of Colleen sleeping in bed and the comment she made afterwards? It was so funny.

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    Jillian Bowe

    I’m very excited. Not only has Y&R casted someone that has some acting chops but, Miller will hold his own when he goes toe to toe against his onscreen family. He and Jess Walton will tear up a screen, Jeanne Cooper and Miller will just be great especially when she does those one liner zinngers. Lets not forget he and Peter Bergman.. He’ll come in and steal his thunder. Daniel Goddard and he will play off each other tremendously..

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    Billy Miller simply exudes charisma on the screen. He was absolutely gorgeous and magnetic in all his Hi-Def glory today. And he looks like he could be Peter Bergman’s brother. I was taken with his looks and his talent on AMC and I am looking forward to it being put to superb use on Y&R. The potential for Billy Miller as Billy Abbott is unlimited.

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    #1 He kinda looks like David Tom! Just his appearance made me happy!
    #2 This actor appears to be pretty good. He just has that screen presence that you don’t see these days. I’m willing to give him a chance.
    #3 Why didn’t anybody tell me he was SEXY!!! The pictures don’t do him justice. I can already see that I’m going to enjoy him on Y&R!

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    He look great and sophisticated and we need a great looking youngsters! I saw the following episode and I hate the fact that he had to talk to Collen and that he had to support her so much, boy she is bad and it shows!

    Why the hell would he be interested in Lily, seriously! I sure hope he won’t hurt Amber too, they will have to rename the show “let everyone crap on Amber”!

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    From what I’ve seen so far, Y&R has made a great casting decision in hiring Billy Miller. I really enjoyed his scenes; he seemed natural and comfortable – he fit right in. I can’t wait to see him in a scene with Peter Berman.

    The Abbott family is almost back on track. Y&R just needs to recast the role of Colleen with a talented actress who possesses screen presence, depth and chemistry with her co-stars (Adrianne Leon) and we’ll be back in business.

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    He had me at “Hey Guys”. Y&R did good. I think he will be great as Billy. I can’t wait to see him in scenes with Cane, Jill, Kay, Jack, Chloe, and Ashley.

    GOD, I really hope they don’t put him with Lily. Ugh!!!! I’m just so sick of that character.

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