Are Ryan and Greenlee soulmates?

I promised myself I would say nothing more about this subject, but after posting the spoilers and watching last week’s episodes, I cannot keep my mouth shut anymore! So Danielle is on a rant! Look out!

Greenlee and Ryan, Part 5, WHY! WHY!   This couple has been forced on this fan from day one.  Greenlee ‘wanted’ (and I use that term loosely) Ryan only for herself because she was a horny teenager who was dumped by Scott Chandler, until she met her soulmate Leo.  She tortured Gillian and any other woman who came across Ryan for kicks!  Greenlee never loved Ryan the way Gillian did and she never loved anyone the way she loved Leo. The couple got together after Leo’s death only because Leo and Ryan were best friends. Yeah right.   Greenlee and Ryan are about has good to watch as a 24 hour marathon of Flavor of Love

In my real life, I work for a law firm where I deal with workers’ compensation and often I have client’s who ‘shop for whore doctors’. Meaning the client wants a doctor who will do what they want, will give them the medicine they don’t need, the doctor is a pill pusher and the client becomes an addict.   Greenlee is Ryan’s whore doctor as far as this blogger is concerned. 

Are Ryan and Greenlee soulmates?

  • Get over this couple and let them go their separate ways! (18%, 219 Votes)
  • Greenlee should stay with Aidan! (49%, 598 Votes)
  • Ryan should go back to his con-man ways! (2%, 25 Votes)
  • No! This couple is disasterous! (16%, 196 Votes)
  • Yes, this couple has been through so much they deserve to finally be happy! (15%, 180 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,218


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    Are Ryan And Greenlee Soulmates? NO!!!!

    While I can tolerate it if they … excuse me, WHEN they get back together (because we all know it’s coming), they are not soulmates. It was Gillian for Ryan and Leo for Greenlee. It irks when soaps don’t reference the past. I think it’s very disrespectful to the fans of both couples.

    The reason, I feel, that they put Ryan and Greenlee together was because after Leo’s death the other relationships that they tried to put Greenlee in failed miserably. Anybody remember Carlos, the handyman or Juan Pablo? Then when Cameron returned to the show I think they just thought, “What the heck! Let’s put them together.” I, being a Greenlee fan (I’m right up there w/ Luke in the Rebecca/Greenlee love), went for it.

    Maybe if they had the both of them return to there scheming ways then maybe it would make Rylee Part 9 the best out of all the other Rylee movies.

  2. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    Under no circumstances are Ryan and Greenlee soulmates. Both are poor imitations of each other’s "first loves" or "true loves." Anyone who watched Ryan and Gillian knows that no woman will ever measure up to that couple and anyone who watched Leo and Greenlee knows that no one will ever measure up to them.

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    Frons should stop trying to force this dull couple down our throats. I think that I hate Ryan to the point of not caring if CM is on the show or not. Ryan has been bore since Gillian has died. He is not the hero that everyone trying to portray him to be. I love Greenlee and I am rooting for Ailee because they are fun and fresh and I don’t believe they are soul mates, but they do love each other and make the other more tolerable with each other.


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    gosh, I could have chosen up to three. I’ve done a 180 on this pairing. I very much enjoyed them, when they were first paired. I loved their friendship and then wanted a romance. I don’t know that anything compares to Ryan/Gillian, or Greenlee/Leo, but I enjoyed Greenlee/Ryan in the beginning. I have loved Ryan since he started on this canvas, but this storyline, the whole darn thing, is prohibiting me from enjoying him anymore, and I cannot handle this pairing again. Greenlee is so much more likeable with Aiden. I do not think their soulmates- I think both of their soul mates have passed on.

  5. Profile photo of scrubslove12

    Greenlee and Ryan have never been nor will they be “soulmates.” I don’t know how many more times AMC is going to try to hit the audience over the head with these two, but they really need to stop.

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    See the thing about Ryan and Greenlee that bothers me the most is the wishy-washiness. Five minutes after Greenlee left town Ryan was professing his love for Kendall, then when Kendall decided to abruptly get back w/ Zach (just in time to have scaffolding fall on her and go into a coma) another 5 minutes past and he’s in love w/ Annie (who’s 4 year-old daughter just so happened to be his child. What are the chances!). Greenlee comes back to town and Ryan tells her to talk to the hand because Annie is his sun and moon and earth. Then he gets Mary Jo Buttafucco’ed and then it’s back to Kendall then on to Greenlee. Is this supposed to endear the audience to this romance? Because to me it just looks like their throwing spaghetti to the wall and seeing what sticks.

    Also, Bryan Cranston finally won an Emmy!:) Sorry, for Jon Hamm, though.:(

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    Jamey Giddens

    I watched Friday’s episode tonight and I have to admit Pratt at least paints them as more of a viable possibility than McTavish or Esensten/Brown. Plus a good nutty foil like Annie could make all the difference!

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    My dream scenario…greenlee leaves aiden for ryan. Annie moves on to delicious David, realizing that while David isnt a saint, at least he would have dealt with Terry and Ritchie expeditiously instead of leaving Annie vulnerable to psychos – and she loves him for his protective ways. On the day that Greens moves back into Ryan’s love shack, Annie snidely tells her that she hopes she is happy because while she is out of the picture, she wasnt the only woman Ryan claimed to love while Greens was in Paris. Aiden moves on to a quad with Amanda, Jake and Taylor (Aiden and Amanda would be HOT!) A month later, Jake has Ryan’s file out and David happens to see it. David realizes hotshot Jake totally blew his original diagnosis and sees a way to give Ryan back his full, pre-gunshot wound. Instead of hiding it from annie, he isnt worried in the slightest about her feelings for him, and he tells her he can reverse the damage. Annie squeels with joy because while she doesnt want Ryan back, she wants the two most self absorbed people in PV to know what she went through. David secretly injects ryan and suddenly ryan remembers he doesnt love Greenlee and maybe never did. Greens tries to cry on Aiden’s shoulder but he tells her that she is “so five minutes ago” while Ryan begs for Annie to give their family another chance, only for her to say, sorry I am with Delicious david now and happier than ever. Greenlee goes on long vacation and comes back as Sabine Singe. Ryan, realizing no woman here wants him, goes on a similiar vacation in Budapest, only to find Gillian being held hostage. He frees her and brings her back to PV.

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    How stupid do they think we are? Rylee is a boring cr@*fest to put it mildly and I’m beyond insulted that they are forcing this garbage on us again. But the fact that they want to push this as the agenda is insulting. So because they rewrote history again so Mr.Frons can get his kicks out of being one of the very few who enjoys this couple, now I’m supposed to believe they are soulmates!?! Hello! I saw Leo and Greenlee so there is no way in Heck I will ever believe Rylee are soulmates. They are telling me that one of the most popular couples in soap history was a mere stepping stone to this shame! Sorry, I am not as forgetful as the guy in charge. Am I suppose to forget Greenleo’s openness in calling each other soulmates? And I supposed to forget the couple that had a soulmate bond that was so obvious that it jumped off the screen in favor of this farce which needs Kendall propping it 24/7 and yet they still lose every poll and are outnumbered in fans on every online board to Aidan and Greenlee? Aidan and Greenlee!!! Now, I happen to like them, but they can’t beat Aidan and Greenlee in popularity and I’m supposed to believe they are soulmates!!! Besides, Ryan has had more “soulmates” then I can count so for me to believe he loves anyone anymore is a stretch.

    Anyway, ASK REBECCA BUDIG WHO GREENLEE’S SOULMATE IS!!!! SHE STILL SAYS LEO (because she actually cares about the character’s history unlike the above mentioned exec who I won’t name again). This writing has me very annoyed if you can’t tell.

  10. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Ryan is trash without his Princess.
    This couple needs to be destroyed when the tornado rips through Pine Valley!

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

  11. Profile photo of luvrobinpatrick

    Ugg I just wish they would just stay friends. I love her with Aiden the are cute together. Greenlee needs to stay away from Ryan and Kendell!(Well until Kendall stops with her Ryan is the best crap!!)

  12. Profile photo of tammy442

    I think people sleep on the potential of this couple. So many are either upset with what happened with boring Gillian or what Greens did to get Ryan from Kendall. Frankly, it doesn’t matter to me how shady their history is. That just makes them all the while more enjoyable to watch. I never really cared for Ryan until they paired him with Greens. Although, many hate them together, I think they are right for each other. They bounded through Leo and Ryan was the only man that could help her get over him. Truly.

    I am loving the way they are being written this time. Greenlee isn’t chasing him and Ryan is fighting his feelings. If fans would just stop frowning at them for two seconds and actually look at them on screen, they have more chemistry then he’s had with anyone. Ryan and Gillian sucked eggs and mostly because ET could not act to save her life. I have never felt Ryan has respected Kendall. He talks down to her. Mia was a blink and you will miss it. Annie was boring with Ryan. Ryan and Greenlee were actually fun to watch. Greenlee is evolving into a better character. She’s not as conniving as she once was. She deserves happiness. Although, I like her with Aidan. I just don’t see that lasting for the long haul.

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