DC #298: CBS and Days Debuts, Departures and Rumors

Now that Daytime Confidential’s summer series The Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Favorite Soap is over, the CBS and Days of Our Lives episodes are back will all the latest news for your favorite CBS and NBC soaps.

On today’s show Luke, Mike, Nicki and Melodie discuss the late breaking message that Dylan Bruce posted on his MySpace blog and the impact Bianca and Reese arrival in Pine Valley will have on As the World Turns’ Luke and Noah.

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Susan Flannery will be directing Guiding Light’s Kim Zimmer and we discuss the rumor that Tom Pelphrey may be headed for General Hospital. What does this mean for "Jammy"?

Rumors have it that former Passions star Galen Gering may be joining Days of Our Lives to play opposite of Alison Sweeney’s Sami. How does this impact Sami and EJ?

We give our first impressions of Billy Miller’s debut on The Young and the Restless and discuss Victor’s mourning.

All this and more on today’s CBS and Days of Our Lives’ episode.


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  1. Profile photo of Bob

    I never quite understood why DOOL was paired with the CBS lineup. Seems like it would be more equitable to have put it with the ABC lineup (each would have a total of 4 shows as opposed to balancing 3 against 5).1

  2. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    It’s a matter of what people at DC watch. Most of those who watch the three ABC soaps do not watch Days. Most of the people who watch CBS shows do. It’s a matter of function, not equality.

  3. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    Great podcast as always. The only thing I would take issue with is the notion that Jammy fans will somehow “defect” from Guiding Light if Tom Pelphrey along the suggestion of Stephanie Gaschet were to somehow both wind up on General Hospital.

    I bet those fans already mostly have defected from GL as it is.

    I think GH might gain new viewers for such a pairing (and we all know that lightning has no guarantee of striking twice), but I believe the effect on GL would be negligible at worst.

  4. Profile photo of Mike Jubinville
    Mike Jubinville

    I think it was more of a reference to DC’s own Jammies who rule the Mega Jammy Thread at the Forums. They are die hard fans who will not defect until the show is cancelled…………or maybe TP and SG show up in Port Charles!

  5. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I like Tom and he and Maxie would be a great couple, but Gh need new writers to give Tom the great material to work with. I believe that he can make Guza material believable, but I hope that we get new writers


  6. Profile photo of Mark

    I agree that ATWT needs to finally do something with Nuke. At least it looks like they will actually get some screentime and a storyline when Noah returns from Rome on Oct 1st.

    From what I understand, Bianca did have sex but was that onscreen or offscreen? If it was offscreen, it will be interesting to see who will be the first to do a real love scene like the other characters have. Even though people are probably more accepting of a gay female couple than a gay male couple.

    Sometimes I think it would be better to let Nuke have sex offscreen if they don’t want to show it, because it would be better for the characters (those two must have blue balls by now!). But then you would have that double standard and I hate that. I would love to see a romantic scene. It doesn’t have to be hardcore like Casey and Emily. I would be happy with something like the Holden/Lily scene yesterday.

  7. Profile photo of AnthonyL

    IIRC, Bianca never had an on screen love scene. But, I think she was seen in bed with Lena in a morning after type of thing.

    In terms of Luke and Noah, sure they should have sex, but I don’t think just tossing them in the sack is the answer. IMO, what they need more than anything, even sex, is a strong and well done storyline. And it’ll be the storyline that will be what furthers the relationship to where it needs to go. Let’s hope that October will bring fans that.

  8. Profile photo of Mark

    I never said sex will solve the problem. It just seems it’s the one thing they’re not ready to show yet… And I wonder if AMC will show those scenes. What Nuke needs is an interesting storyline, but I do think there are probably more story possibilities when the characters move forward in their relationship. I get the feeling that the waiting with sex is holding them back. Does that make sense?

  9. Profile photo of AnthonyL

    It makes sense, but I don’t entirely agree. I think there are just as many great stories that can be told whether the guys have had sex or not, especially if you use that as part of the storytelling. That said, I think they should get done and over with.

  10. Profile photo of season1217

    ” … those two must have blue balls by now!”


    Question: Do they actually turn blue? And if not, why do they call it that then?

    I’m young so be gentle.:)

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