Dylan Bruce “Dr. Chris has left the building”

Just a few short weeks after it was announced that Dylan Bruce was placed on recurring, the actor has posted this on his Official MySpace blog.

Dr. Chris has left the building

I just wanted to thank all of the loyal and wonderful Chris Hughes fans. I recently filmed my last day on As the World Turns and cant stress enough how much I appreciate all of the support and kind words from the best fans in daytime.
Working on As the World Turns was a truly wonderful experience that I will cherish and fondly remember forever. The cast and crew are amazing and I will greatly miss each and everyone of them.
From the bottom of my heart, thanks again for the support and for being a fan.


Dylan Bruce

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    Though I am appreciating Chris Engen’s interpretation, Dylan Bruce would be DYNAMITE as a recast of Victor “Adam Wilson” Newman, Jr on “The Young and the Restless.” Paul Rauch and Maria Arena Bell should look into scooping him up. :)

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    Any soap should be scooping him up. He’s phenomenal, and it’s ATWT’s loss. I’m so confused as to why they let the actor who actually had chemistry with Allison leave, though Aaron is pretty easy on the eyes.

    Normally, I’d feel bad, but there’s no question he’ll land on his feet big time.

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    I agree with SoapSnob. Dylan would be great as a recast of Chris Engen, even through Engen isn’t bad in what he is doing. Just Dylan would be better. But I think Y&R needs to recast another role first – Colleen should ring a bell…

    And for Dylan … sad that he had to go so soon. But with this fight between ABC and CBS … maybe he will get a role there.

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    @ season1217:

    This is what I found:

    Adam Hirshan (1987 to 1990)
    Evan Ross Cannata (1990 to 1991)
    Christian Siefert (1992 to January 28th, 1998)
    Ben Jorgenson (1999)
    Paul Korver (1999 to March 8th, 2001)
    Alan White (July 3rd, 2002 to September 17th, 2002)
    Bailey Chase (January 29, 2003 to January 20th, 2005)
    Dylan Bruce (October 25, 2007 to Present)

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    I really have to wonder what Goutman is thinking sometimes. Just another boneheaded decision by the executive producer who proudly states that he doesn’t listen to the fans of his show.

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    Thanks Mark! It’s amazing to see the brevity of each actors time as Chris. Besides Christian Siefert no one has been on longer than 3 years. That’s right up there w/ the number of actors who have played Kevin on OLTL.

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    Sam Ford

    Well, not counting some of the youngest actors to play the part, there were 13 different people who have played the role of Tom Hughes over the years, all the more interesting both because the character has rarely ever been off the canvas and because Scott Holmes has played the role for more than 20 of those years.

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    Luke, he’s a little too old to be Michael. LOL
    I could see him as Jamie!
    Joey, not so much…I would rather see him as Eric Brady.

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    He’s the 8th actor to play Chris. Just put the fans out of our misery. Kill off Chris and have Alison get pregnant with his baby. That way, we still keep a Hughes around…

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