Breathe In. Breathe Out. Passions Hunk The New Brady

I wonder if this one will sing opera? It’s raining men…from Passions that is, at Days of Our Lives. In addition to the news that our Jillian broke yesterday about Galen Gering (ex-Luis, Passions) joining the sudser in a yet-to-be announced role, Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Ethan Crane 2.0 aka Eric Martsolf has been cast as Brady Black, the long missing son of John and the late Isabella. With both of Brady’s bitchy ex-flames—Nicole and Chloe—in town, his nephew/rival Philip on perma-scowl and his Daddy, John, cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs I can’t think of a better time for the Brady, er Alamain, doh, DiMera heir to return!

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    Sweet!! Eric was fantastic as Ethan. I think he’ll be an awesome Brady. Now if only Days would cast Lindsay Hartley as a love interest for Brady to re-ignite the Therethan magic!!!

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    This is great casting for a character that is sorely needed back on the show. I am looking forward to finding out what really happened between Brady and Chloe and his drug addiction. Hopefully, whomever is writing the show now is planning some long-term stories that are well-plotted and organic to the history of the show.

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    Finally, we have Brady back . . . nice choice to reprise the role. Now, let’s pull Forbes March on to play Eric and we’ll be on the right track over in Salem (Holla at Jamey for this masterful casting suggestion!).

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    Jamey Giddens

    I love Lindsay, she was one of the few reasons to even look at Passions, but I also adore Nadia. If they were smart, they would cast Lindsay as Chloe’s younger sister Joy and have them duke it out over Ethan, er Brady. I know Chloe was a good sixteen years older than Joy, but Sami was also that much older than Belle.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I would take up a collection for Reilly to come back. He effed up at the end last time, but he has been the most successful writer for this show in the last two decades. I’m going on record saying I want Reilly back!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Reilly needs to be paired with a person who is gifted at dialogue, because all he talking to themselves and what not was annoying. Also he needs help with completing story arcs. He keeps couples apart much too long, hell my Gran died waiting for Ethan and Theresa to finally get together, same with Sheridan and Luis, which I hear didn’t happen. However this man is responsible for Buried Alive, Vivian and Ivan, Sami becoming the best bitch of the 90’s, The Devil Possession, Kristen, Susan, et al, Peter and Jennifer 1.0, Bo and Billie 1.0, Kate Roberts being Austin and Billie’s mom, Lucas being a Horton and so many other awesome storylines. I am tired of hearing about all these other "great writers" who have just as many hits and misses (with no ratings surges to speak of) yet Reilly, who kept Days at Number 1 in 18-49 for the better part of a decade,  is lamented. I look across the daytime landscape and I don’t see anyone who is all that superior. Give me a two to three point ratings surge over critical acclaim anyday.

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    I totally agree with you, Jamey.

    As for Brady, who will they pair him with romantically? He’s a Brady, DiMera and a Kiriakis. His options are basically Nicole and Chloe–again. It would totally be nice if they found a new (or old) role for Lindsay Hartley. Bring on Taylor Walker!!!

    I think Eric would’ve made a better Eric Brady recast since he’s relatively older…he’s even older than Christie Clark, who played Carrie! Ben Hogestyn would’ve been my choice for Brady, and Eric as Eric.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I desperately want Forbes March as Eric Brady. I think he would give the character a nice edge and would have awesome brother/sister chemistry with Sami. I also think he would be explosive opposite Ari Zucker.

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    Hmm. Forbes March is cute *and* Canadian (always a plus in my book) so I’d be cool with that. Jensen Ackles will never return so they may as well recast! However, Eric should’ve returned years ago, like when most of his family was murdered by the Salem Stalker!

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    Jillian Bowe

    Welcome to the club Jamey! I’ve always said that  Forbes would be a kickass Eric Brady and if DAYS can’t get him they should rethink the Eric M. casting as Eric Brady. I’m sorry but he just can’t see him as Sami’s younger step-brother.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Eric is okay for Brady IMO his real life age would only matter to me if he looked all that much older than Ali, which he doesn’t. Angela Lansbury played Elvis’s mom in a movie and they weren’t that far apart in age. Same with John McCook (Eric, B&B) they had to originally dye his hair gray so that he would look old enough to be Ridge’s father when B&B started.  I totally get Days casting the Passions hunks, they want to lure those tween viewers right back to NBC.

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    …Except that Brady is younger than Eric, so it would be ridiculous to have an actor in the role of Eric Brady if he’s noticeably younger than his younger brother Brady Black.

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    Blame Corday is responsible for JER’s last stint going downhill after Summer 2004. Days was the best soap on the air from August 2003-August 2004.

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