Who Has Daytime’s Olympian Swimmers?

Sometimes Daytime Confidential readers say the awesomest things. In this case it is hrfmom and season1217 commenting on the latest General Hospital rumors that a new son for Sonny may be arriving in Port Charles soon.

"They needed to create another child for Sonny to keep up with his competition…EJ on Days! When is Daytime Confidential going to have an episode covering the best (&effective) swimmers in daytime!?!?!" – hrfmom

"You know what, both Sonny and EJ have nothing on Holden Snyder. Looking at the character’s Wikipedia page, I see he has managed to impregnate all of Illinois!" – season1217

Which of these three men do you think has daytime’s Olympian swimmers?

Who Has Daytime's Olympian Swimmers?

  • Holden Snyder (19%, 90 Votes)
  • EJ DiMera (32%, 157 Votes)
  • Sonny Corinthos (49%, 239 Votes)

Total Voters: 486


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34 Responses

  1. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I would have put Y&R’s Victor on there too ;)

    Well, since I *refuse* to believe EJ has just gotten Sami and Nicole pregnant, that rules him out :)

    I think I’ll go with Holden…

    But I’m giving Sonny the Biggest Manslut Award (tied with B&B’s Nick)

  2. Profile photo of season1217

    “But I’m giving Sonny the Biggest Manslut Award (tied with B&B’s Nick)”



    But Victor belongs in a whole new category. Most Coveted Sperm. Remember when the sample was in that case and practically every woman on the show had it in their possession. It still upsets me that they had Ashley lower herself and use Victor’s sperm w/o his permission.

  3. Profile photo of Simple C
    Simple C

    I picked Sonny, but what about Ryan from AMC? If he is not getting someone knocked up it’s “Ryan’s sperm” coming out of everyone and their grandma’s mouth. LOL

  4. Profile photo of hrfmom

    It appears that Sonny has more competition out there! I do not watch AMC but it appears that Ryan should also be on the list. I would agree…Victor’s sperm would be highly coveted too.
    Sonny’s superhero name…Sperminator? SpermMan? SuperSperm?

    Manslut awards…that is a whole other topic of conversation!!!

  5. Profile photo of season1217

    OMG, deeneesie, I was just thinking the same thing. Both of Ryan’s children were conceived through in-vitro and I think the only child he conceived naturally is the one that Annie just miscarried. Was Gillian ever pregnant? I don’t know if Ryan should be on the list, though. People talk about his sperm more than it’s actually being used. LOL!

    And while I voted for Holden. The eventually winner of all will be Sonny. I doubt if Holden is going to have any more children. The writers aren’t going to have Carly get pregnant ( I hope not!) and if and when he gets back w/ Lily they won’t have her, either (they already have 3 biological children). But, God forbid, when Kate’s ready she’ll want Sonny’s child. Lord help us.

  6. Profile photo of hrfmom

    EJ may be able to play Phelps but Phelps does not blink his eyes that much!!! Sonny would be too short!!!! One of the only made for tv movies that I saw about an olympian was the Greg Louiganis (spelling?!) story starring AC Slater (Mario “im a cheating dog” lopez!).

    Seriously…Jamey, I am sure you can contribute some more noteworthy names for our list. You are pretty vocal about the male sluts (aka effective reproducers/swimmers) in daytime.

  7. Profile photo of Sam Ford
    Sam Ford

    And, to remember some of the best of years past, I know that Hal Munson always got lots of props for his work in this regard. There was Nikki, Jennifer (adopted), Will, Adam, and Parker, all on the canvas at one time and all relatively young.

  8. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I have to give it to C.C. Capwell from the now-defunct but forever beloved Santa Barbara and of course Stefano DiMera from Days.

    C.C’s biological children included:

    Mason and Elena by first wife Pamela
    Eden, Kelly and Ted by second wife Sophia
    illegitimate son Greg, by one of his mistresses
    Baby Channing, from daytime’s first sperm stealing storyline when Gina made off with C.C.’s, um, deposit.

    He also raised Channing Jr. believing he was his son with Sophia, Channing was actually switched at birth with Brick Wallace, who was really the result of Sophia’s tryst with C.C.’s arch rival Lionel, and adopted Channing Jr.’s son Brandon, a product of bisexual Channing Jr’s daliance with Santana, the daughter of the Capwell maid.

    Stefano fathered:

    Tony, give or take whose writing the show with his concubine Daphne. They have retconned Tony’s paternity even more than John’s. Some times he’s Stefano’s, sometimes he’s the DiMera gardeners, sometimes he’s the milkman’s, but I will always consider him Stefano’s son.

    Renee, the mah-ve-lous Phiece (sp) Sampler, who was in love with Tony (which is why they originally made Tony not Stefano’s) and also Julie William’s son David. Renee met her death at the hands of the evil Andre, Stefano’s nephew and Tony’s lookalike cousin.

    Megan, Stefano’s blonde, blue-eyed daughter who came between Bo and Hope. She also met a grizzly end.

    Benji, the adorable little deaf/mute who Patch and Kayla took in. Originally Stefano’s hatred for John was the result of the accident that left Benji unable to talk or speak, of course they had to overcomplicate it and make Stefano and John enemies since Eve talked Adam into taking a bite of that apple in the garden.
    Kristen and Peter Blake, Stefano’s adopted children-he was having an affair with their mother that drove her crazy so he took them in. Kristen married Tony to become Stefano’s "real" daughter. Boy that Tony digs his sisters!

    Lexie, everyone’s favorite doctor, cop, baby snatcher, learned that her Aunt Frankie (Celeste) wasn’t really her aunt at all. She was (gasp) her mother with a really bad Creole meets Bulgarian accent! If that wasn’t enough for our Lex to deal with, her father turned out to be (double gasp) Stefano! 

    Elvis, when Stefano’s daughter Kristen became desperate to have John’s baby, Stefano, being the swell pop that he is, impregnated Kristen’s homely doppleganger Susan. Susan, obsessed with the King, no not Don, Elvis, believed he had returned from the dead to sire her son.

  9. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    Holden Snyder has this one down pat among Luke’s contenders:

    Abigail Williams (with Molly)
    Aaron Snyder (with Julie)
    Faith Snyder (with Lily)
    Natalie Snyder (with Lily)
    Ethan Walsh Snyder (with Lily)

    Now Sonny had/has six biological children (not counting the possibility of a Tom Pelphrey birthing) if you count miscarriages and such, so technically he’s the winner. But as insensitive as this sounds, Holden’s swimmers were strong enough to make it to the finish line so I crown him the winner.

    (I’m also evil enough to include Holden’s non-biological children — Noelle & Luke — because he’s such a horndog like all the Snyder men that if he could have made them he would! LOL)

    But Jamey’s brilliant historical memory has correctly identified the Olympians. LOL

  10. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    But Simon, if this were a contest about daytime’s horniest men, it would be the entire Snyder male gene pool without a doubt.

    Even little Ethan Snyder was getting curious yesterday and he’s 4!

  11. Profile photo of season1217

    C.C. Capwell makes everyone on this list look like impotent pansies!

    And true about the Snyder men! They seem to pass women around like biscuits at Emma’s breakfast table!

  12. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Hnmmm, I forgot about old Holden! My GAWD he has set the population of Oakdale to NEW heights!

    First their was Aaron, the result of a teen tryst with his brother’s girl, oh wait, even BEFORE Aaron there was Abigail, the result of an even EARLIER teen tryst with Molly (had his little nads even dropped???) Lily’s son Luciano is of course biologically a Grimaldi, but Holden has raised him almost since birth. Then there is Faith and Hope and Love and Spirit and Moon Beam and Ethan and all of the other seventen children he shares with Lily. I guess she figured she’d better even up the playing field!

    The late Hal Munson was no slacker either! There was Nikki, Jennifer (not really his, but he raised her), Adam (by his pal Margo), Will (by Barbara) and Parker (by Carly). He was also a father figure to Paul, until Paul schtupped his wife Emily.

    Bob Hughes had Frannie and Sabrina, one by Kim, the other by Kim’s sister Jennifer. Before them was Tom with Lisa. He later had Chris with Kim and helped raise Andy, Kim’s son with John Dixon.

    And we can’t forget GL!

    Buzz Cooper
    Frank and Harley by Deanie
    Lucy by some unknown woman
    Coop and Rocky (not really his, but he adopted him) by Jenna

    Philip, stolen at birth and switched with Alan’s still born son with Elizabeth.
    Amanda, thought she was his child, but as actually his father Brandon’s.
    Alan-Michael, with Ed’s little sister Hope
    Gus, with that nun lady.
    Baby Gross-me-Out, with Philip’s one true love Beth. Ewwww.

    Lizzie by Beth
    Zach by Harley
    James by Beth
    Emma by Olivia

    B&B has :

    Thorne, Kristen, Angela and Felicia by Stephanie
    Ridge, really Massimo’s but Eric raised him
    Rick and Bridget by Brooke

    and Ridge
    Thomas, Steffi and Phoebe by Taylor
    that dead kid by Morgan
    RJ by Brooke

    GH’s Edward is pretty impressive
    Tracy and Alan by Lila
    Jimmy Lee by some woman, who knows?
    Bradley Ward by Mary Mae

  13. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Here’s another gone but not forgotten contender, the late Mackenzie Cory from Another World!

    Mac’s kids were:
    Iris, an illegitimate child he later adopted with his wife (scandalous!),
    Sandy, another Bastard Out of Bay City,
    Amanda, his only bio brat with beloved wife Rachel,
    Paulina, yet ANOTHER too illegit to quit offspring,
     Matthew, Rachel’s you guessed it, illegitimate son with Mitch Blake, whom Mac adopted and
    Jamie Frame, Rachel’s oldest son who Mac was also like a father to.

    Mac’s arch nemesis Carl Hutchins also got a lot of gifts on father’s day
    His kids were:
    Perry, who was killed accidently by Vicky Hudson
    Ryan, ironically the love of Vicky’s life
    Cory and Elizabeth, the twins born to him by his one-time bitter foe Rachel. Now that’s what I call mending fences!

    And how’s about a salute to a man who actually had all his kids by the same woman?
    Tom Horton, this fertile doc fathered twins Tommy (father of Sandy) and Addie (mother of Ben,  Hope and Julie), Bill (father of Mike, Jennifer and Lucas), Mickey (shooting blanks, but adopted Melissa and Sarah) and Marie (mother of Jessica, grandmother of Nick) all by his beloved wife Alice on Days of Our Lives. Alice told me to tell y’all its the donuts that keeps a man at home!

  14. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Oh wow, I forgot Shawn "Pop" Brady, who sired Roman, Kim and Kayla with Caroline, raised Bo and later adopted Frankie and Max.

    Shawn’s boy Roman does him proud too, Roman fathered Carrie by Anna, Eric and Sami with Marlena and Rex and Cassie by Kate. I guess old John’s DiMera swmmers were to quick for Belle to be Roman’s! Just the same because if Belle had been his, she couldn’t be sailing around the world with her legs up over his nephew Shawn’s shoulders…that is only allowed for ADOPTED kin like Uncle Max and Niece Stephanie!

  15. Profile photo of EmmyLoser

    These are hilarious! Jamey, you’re too fast for me. But in terms of actually carrying babies, Dr. Marlena Evans makes a good run. She birthed
    T.J., her baby with Don Craig who died of SIDS,
    Eric and Sami, courtesy of Roman Brady,
    Cassie and Rex, the bio kids of Roman and Kate who Stefano apparently made her give birth to years ago in captivity,
    Belle, John’s baby and Marlena’s favorite, and
    the unnamed child of Roman’s she miscarried after they got out of that castle.

  16. Profile photo of Rebee

    The others definitly have sired more babies but I think the award goes to EJ even though he gets the least amount of action his sauce empregnates againsts all odds. In fact I think I became pregnant just watching him and Nicole in the elevator. I am having my lawyer draw up papers to serve EJ for child support.

  17. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Luke, when is Who is the Human Incubator of Daytime coming? A poll that asks which woman of daytime has been knocked-up the most! LOL
    Oh that’s easy! Kate Roberts!!!
    Billie and Austin by Curtis
    Lucas by Bill Horton
    Rex and Cassie by Roman.

    Although Lily gives her quite the horse race
    Luke by Damien
    Faith, Love, Miracle, Patriotism and Chrysanthemum by Holden.

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