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Rumors and Gossip
Does Salem no longer need the ISA?  Maybe so.  Online reports are saying that Galen Gering’s new character will be an FBI Agent, who comes to Salem on a special case.  Hmm, I wonder if this will involve Sami (Alison Sweeney), the Salemite he’s reported to share scenes with.  When will we see the  ex-Passions hunk on our screens?  Sources say late October.  Is it possible for a soap to have too much eye candy??  Nah!  Crank up that sauna Days

What of Galen’s ex-Passions costar, Eric Martsolf (ex-Ethan Winthrop)?  As a recast Brady Black, he’s returning to Salem around mid-November to deal with ex-wife Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin), because divorcing her wasn’t enough it seems.  I guess that means Chloe will be sticking around for awhile…

A few other cast members might not be though. More online rumors are swirling that two actors and a vet are being fired.  The question is who?  It’s unclear whether Kristen Renton was actor number one; when I first heard this rumor, it was just after the news broke that the actress had been let go.  No news yet on the identity of actors two and three, although it is thought that one of them is another female actress.  Maybe one of the younger set?

Spoiler Mill
Sami has a decision to make – could this be related to her upcoming pregnancy storyline or something else? 

Chelsea returns to her job at the hospital and resumes sessions with Theo (aww…. they are cute together). 

Nicole takes a leaf out of Sami’s book and uses Jawn as a shoulder to lean on – has Robo Jawn become Salem’s newest Aunt Agony? 

Abe’s thinking big – he’s going from Police Commissioner to running for Mayor of Salem?

Kate has a lung biopsy but is the diagnosis cancer?

Chloe and Philip just can’t seem to stay away… from each other; first they get caught flirting, then Morgan catches them kissing!  What does this mean for Lucas and Chloe?

There’s another promotion in the works
– meet University Hospital’s newest Chief of Staff – no, it’s not Dr. McHottie Daniel Jonas, but Kayla Johnson!  Looks like we’ll be seeing more scenes of Daddy Steve taking care of cute Baby Joe!

Still Want More?
Stay tuned, I’ll have more juicy bits for you soon….

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  1. Profile photo of

    I’m glad that Lexie is no longer Chief of Staff. She never should have had her medical license reinstated after what she did to Carrie!!

  2. Profile photo of CtFireWitch

    Oh Happy Feet!!! Yahoo, my guys from Passions are landing in Days and I couldn’t be happier! But please don’t pair Galen with Allison, doesn’t that beoytch have enough handsome men?

    “Far away across the field. The tolling of the iron bell. Calls the faithful to their knees. To hear the softly spoken magic spells.” Pink Floyd

  3. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Sometimes I worry that DAYS is adding too many new faces to the cast, but it looks like when they add some, they also dispose of a few that weren’t working (bye Morgan!)

    I’m excited about Brady coming back! I’ve got to assume this is going to lead to Brady/Chloe/Philip 2.0 and w/ Gering coming on board, that might lead to a Sami/EJ/Nicole/Gering Quadrangle…. so where does that leave Lucas? Poor, poor Lucas

    And do they seem to be randomly sticking Nicole in scenes with everyone on the show. I mean, the other day she was having a weird heart-to-heart with Daniel and now she’s “leaning on” John? Why?! I think they do need to bring Brandon back, if only so that Nicole has someone to talk to who actually cares about her.

    I love that Kayla is going to be Chief of Staff!! I’m thinking Lexie needs to be comforted by Dr. Daniel :)

    And am I the only one who thinks Chelsea should stay far away from children?

    Thanks for the Gossip/Spoilers Brooke!!!

  4. Profile photo of PatriniaJ

    I can’t remember where I read it, but I readt that Forbes March has been cast as Eric Brady. Has anyone else seen this? Or was I have just a wonderful but sadly not true dream?

  5. Profile photo of THEBEST

    I need Daniel & Lexie, ASAP!

    I wish that they would nix Ejami.
    Lumi is the real couple here.

    Reva has chemistry with Jeffrey on GL, but Josh is the end game. That’s the whole point of a triangle. The character has chemostry with both actors but the latter will prevail…

    ***///The Hunt 4 Dixie Martin Is On!\\\***

  6. Profile photo of season1217

    If there is an ounce of a change that Daniel and Lexie will happen, please, don’t have her cheat. Just have Lexie and Abe split and Daniel’s there to pick up the pieces. Although, Chelsea might run down Theo just for revenge. That was awful. I’m sorry.:)

  7. Profile photo of snowi

    I’m really getting confused with the Abe and Lexie story. I don’t understand what the point of it all is. And I agree with daisyclover, Nicole is being put in the most random scenes with EVERY character. Why? I’ve said it before, but I’m on Nicole overload.

    And no offense to the Passions guys…….but more new people? Yeah, Brady isn’t a new charater but still. I want more of the cast I care about, and that doesn’t include Trent and Melanie. And I have a feeling Lucas is going to be the odd man out yet again! Wasn’t BD supposed to get a good story when he came back? Oh well, just as long as EJ and Sami are on I ‘ll survive.

  8. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Although, Chelsea might run down Theo just for revenge. That was awful. I’m sorry.

    LMAO!!! That *was* awful, and I LOVED it!!!

    snowi: yeah, I’m on Nicole overload too. It’s not that I hate Nicole, but really she is everywhere…and they’re going overboard on trying to make her sympathetic. Like when she was telling Victor about how Trent used to abuse her. Now all of a sudden she was a battered wife too? I think they’re just laying it on a bit thick. I know I was supposed to feel sorry for her but I just kept thinking “Who cares?” And I loved it when Victor started laughing at her — I thought, “That’s the Victor I know and love!”

  9. Profile photo of snowi

    ITA daisy.

    I didn’t always hate Nicole. But this poor wittle me act is getting so old. I floved that Victor laughed in her face. I think that scene had the oppisite affect that Days wanted, more people were laughing along with Victor than crying for Nicole. And that scene with Max defending her to Trent…WTF!?! Nicole is a villian. That is when she is at her best. Now she’s the town sounding board and in constant need of help. Oh and the her new BFF is Chloe? I have no words for that. I just chalk this up to the never ending character destruction at the hands of Dena Higley.

  10. Profile photo of Brooke

    PatriniaJ – I will look into the Forbes March / Eric Brady thing, but I suspect that daisyclover is correct and that it is just wishful thinking at this stage – Days probably has enough 30-something male characters now, don’t you think? 

    HA! I was definitely cheering when Victor laughed at Nicole.  Go Victor!!!

  11. Profile photo of Brooke

    Update on Forbes March – the rumor is that he may have auditioned for the role of a detective that crosses paths with Sami – sounds an awful lot like the role Galen Gering has just got, and not anything to do with a recast Eric Brady…..  sorry y’all – but if any more news comes to hand…. you know we’ll have it!

  12. Profile photo of nolanspice

    I may go on a tangent so please forgive me in advance.

    1) Sami. Better writing needs to make Lucas front and center in her life WITHOUT the berating he’s been known to do. I’ve always liked Lucas and Sami together and this family unit needs to be restructured and solidified as this couple is (frighteningly) the future of Salem. She doesn’t need to be attached with the Galen character on a romantic level. Completely unnecessary. I may take some flack from you EJami fans but the thought of a rapist and his prey coupling repulses the hell out of me! Having known a couple of women who’ve had that atrocity happen to them, they’d much rather act like Sami did from a dozen years ago and shoot their offender in the crotch! THAT’S the Sami I want back…only a bit more mature. I LOVE EJ with Nicole.

    2) Brady. Excited to see him come back and I’m sure it had to have been someone who does musical theatre in case they want to do create a musical montage should Brady and Chloe ever get back together.

    3) Eric. I would love to see him back. While I like me some Forbes March, he seems to be a bit too old for her as a fraternal twin. How about that guy who played her when she went on maternity under the guise of “Stan”? There was a strong resemblance and he could act. Just a thought…

    4) Lexie. I’ve always had a soft spot for Lexie but I’ve always thought that pairing her with Abe was always wrong because they looked like father and daughter more than husband and wife. Break them up organically and have Dr. McHottie be her support/love interest during the divorce and subsequent Theo storyline. Keep Abe on canvas and have him paired with Celeste. He needs to loosen up a bit and what better woman to help with that?!

    5) Nick. I have a feeling that Melanie will be on the firing line soon so that romance won’t blossom more than a “saved-your-life/summer-fling” thing. He needs to get back with Chelsea. He grounds her and she’s always better for it. Plus the four-pack of Nick/Chelsea/Max/Stephanie is actually interesting to watch.

  13. Profile photo of season1217

    I don’t think it’s about seeing EJ as a horrible rapist. It’s just some people have a problem w/ him being w/ the woman he raped as opposed to being w/ someone he did not rape. That’s all.

  14. Profile photo of nolanspice

    Thank you, Season. That’s my point exactly. :) And like I said, I have personal experience of knowing a couple of victims and the LAST thing on their minds was “Damn, he was HOT! I wanna have his babies!”

    That’s all I’m saying.

  15. Profile photo of Brooke

    nolanspice: I couldn’t agree more about what you said about splitting Abe and Lexie and pairing them with Celeste and Dr McHottie!!!  I’ve always wondered why they didn’t explore Celeste/Abe – they seem more like a natural pairing than Abe/Lexie.

  16. Profile photo of snowi

    Sami admitted to taking away Austin’s “choice” when she drugged him. Yet it was okay to have them in a romance and numerous engagements. Just saying……..

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