25 Most Stylish New Yorkers

Us Magazine just released its 25 Most Stylish New Yorkers and it includes four daytime names; Tyra Banks, Live With Regis and Kelly's Kelly Ripa, Gayle King of Oprah fame and The View's lone conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Which of these four stars is the most stylish?


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This list is highly suspect! TYRA BANKS?! CASSIE?! If you're going to name these people as the Most Stylish New Yorkers then show photos that actually display style because some of the people in those pictures looked like they got dressed in the dark! I'm a New Yawker and I think we have more to offer than some of the ones featured on that list.

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Hasselbeck's fake tan frightens me.

The Daytime Diva, Daytime Confidential~ ABC Edition, View from the Recliners Edge

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Love Kelly Ripa. She looks great in almost anything she puts on...and her shoes are usually killers too.

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Of these 4, I think Kelly Ripa has lived in NY the longest and therefore is the true New Yorker in my eyes. She also has the least outifts that miss, so I voted for her. EH wore a particularly heinous poka-dot number recently that is still giving me nightmares.

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how in heavens name did EH make this list? I love Kelly and all of her shoes.

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We are talking about style here, then it is Tyra. I dn't like her at all but she has style.

I prefer Kelly Ripa, but she is well dress, not stylish, in my opinion!