‘Desperate’ For a TV Guide Cover

ABC is promoting the hell out of the upcoming season of Desperate Housewives and the lovely ladies of Wysteria Lane have made the cover of TV Guide.  What do you think of the cover? Check out the cover in its after the jump.

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    I think it’s neat! It sort of has that 50’s/60’s era look to it with all the sexiness that the ladies from DH bring!



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    This is completely off topic but I just finished watching yesterday’s episode of Law & Order: SVU and no one mentioned that Mary Beth Evans had a small role as a doctor who uses people as guinea pigs including children. Also, if anyone else saw the episode did you think of Marty and Todd on OLTL after the big reveal?

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    tgable07, I half expected Laura from GH to come out and say, “big deal, I did it.” LOL! But, seriously, I can’t imagine how that woman could ever get over something like that! That was absolutely devastating. And the other woman finding out who was raising her son. Good God!

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