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Here’s the Scoop! 09.25.08

It’s a Liason Day! Today is when Jason lays it all out on the table for Elizabeth. I love that he picked her over the biz! If I didn’t already love Spinelli, I want to marry him now! There SHOULD be more nods to their history then just Italy. Pay close attention to their dialogue.

Carly meet your new best friend…
Olivia! She’ll be spilling Kate’s secret today to a very pleased Carly.

More Secrets… well more on Patrick learning that Sonny has a secret son. What’s he to do with that information? He has his own family drama to deal with. It looks like Kate thinks she’s dying and tells Patrick that she’s been keeping this HUGE secret from the man she loves. RUMORS broke that the son MAY NOT be Olivia’s child. Who’s is it? It APPEARS that he does have a name though. RUMOR has it, Sonny’s son is named Dante.

and it very well COULD BE fanfic. There is a RUMOR that Bradford Anderson will be in a dual role. These RUMORS say he’ll be Dante. Get a salt boulder and check your blood pressure.

We haven’t seen the last of him. Olivia’s brother SHOULD be coming to Port Chuck.

Jason back in his old role?
Not for Sonny but for Max. Jason "plays" enforcer for Max and Milo’s benefit. Pops Giambatti catches Jason and Elizabeth kissing in the boss’ office. More Liason Love! The paint fight is coming!

Will Jason think the visit to Kate’s hospital room worked?
Elizabeth walks out of the room after Jason shows her what happens to those that get too close. He thinks he got through to her but he didn’t.

The Doctors Drake…
they will be sharing more screentime together as they try to figure out the new family dynamic. Don’t forget, RUMORS have Matt helping Patrick during the delivery.

M&M scenes coming. They have parental abandonment issues to commiserate over.

Luke’s back in town… and Lulu is more than happy to see her dad. With his return, Tracy should get a boost in screentime.

Are Johnny and Lulu breaking up? He may be cutting her loose thinking it’s what is best for her recovery. What happens when it’s revealed that Laura wasn’t a figment of Lulu’s imagination? Lulu MAY not be willing to put her "heart on the line" again.

RANDOM RUMORS… The paternity is coming out. Someone goes missing. Lucky isn’t pleased with Jason and Elizabeth’s relationship. Don’t forget about Sweeps! Someone winds up in a coffin and we’ll see the funeral first then go back in time to the events leading up to the death. Who’s in the coffin? Leave us your guesses!

Night Shift Scoop! The epidsode description for John Reilly, Sharon Wyatt and Anthony Geary‘s appearance has been released. Robert’s in a coma!


Episode 213 ("Past and Presence, Part 1") – While in a coma, Robert is visited by friends from the past including Sean, Tiffany, Mac and Luke (special guest stars John D. Reilly, Sharon Wyatt, John J. York and Anthony Geary). Meanwhile, Jagger is served with custody papers by Stone’s mother and Toussaint is rocked by a letter he receives. Later, Claire makes a bold decision about her career as a doctor while Kyle and Eric (special guest star Chad Allen) come to a crossroad in their relationship. By the end of the episode, the lives of the entire hospital staff are put at risk on the explosive season finale of "General Hospital: Night Shift," TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14 (110:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m., ET/PT) on SOAPnet.

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    Question about Night shift – When you say that Robert is visited by friends from his past, could that mean that these are flashbacks or new scenes? Could the actors not really be back?

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    Happy Birthday Regan!! Have a great day!!!

    I am so excited for tv tonight…I have Smallville, Ugly Betty, Greys and the Liason hour on soapnet (GH)!!! My DVR will be smoking by the end of the night!

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    I would absolutely love for BA to have a dual role. He is amazing at pulling off Spinelli. I have loved all of the ‘dream’ sequences he has done which show a different character.

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    Regan Cellura

    Thanks Guys!

    Re: Night Shift… its not flashbacks. They’re all coming!

    Edited to Add….one thing I didn’t consider though was that Tiff, Sean and Luke could be in his head while he’s in the coma. The actors are all filming however, so it SHOULD be new scenes and not flashbacks.

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    ESPECIALLY LIASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want them to be together, and Lucky needs to stay away and give up Jake, if he wants to be with Sam,fine , but he needs to give Elizabeth to be with who she wants. If sam can be with the kids so is Jason.
    Jason needs to clame Jake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    By the way I loved yesterday scenes, Spinelli rocked me, I understood his reasons for dancing, I wanted to join

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    Happy Birthday Regan!

    I don’t want to start a debate today, but did anyone notice that yesterday when Jason was talking to Spinelli he said “I have ALWAYS wanted to be with Elizabeth”? I had to watch it a few times to make sure that’s what he actually said. OMG, just can’t wait for today!!

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    Happy Birthday Regan! Hope you have a great day. WOOHOOO for Jason and Liz. I can’t wait. I’ve been a long standing Liason fan, and these upcoming events have me more than excited. Thanks for all the scoop Regan!

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    WOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOO GO LIASON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Regan Cellura

    MORE SCOOP… Anthony sets a trap, for Sonny. We all know Sonny thinks after he acts so I’m betting he walks right into ZaCrazy’s trap.

    Are we going to hear Sonny’s favorite word again? Betrayal!

    What’s Kate’s shooting SUPPOSED to do? Bring Sonny back into the mob. Who really is the intended target? RUMORS say Anthony is impressed with his marksmenship.

  10. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    AH, I find I just have to love that Zacrazy. He is the most successful mobster on the show. He hits what he aims for. He accepts who he is with no aplologies. He is refreshing. Plus, he calls Lulu, LoooLooo,
    Love him!!!!

    Did I forget to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!?

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    Kelev Ra

    Happy Birthday Regan.. Yea for Liason today….. I think I would like BA in a dual role, but then again.. Spinelli is one of a kind. I sure hope our Liason story moves on and some more exciting stuff happens. Right now I’m on Skate overload and all the extras showing are boring me to death.. Who is in the casket? Hmmmm

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    Regan Cellura


    Kate is shot at the altar. They learn the bullet is lodged near her spine and could cause paralysis if she makes it at all. Sonny is adamant that Karpov pay even though its Anthony holding the gun. Ric will see him with the weapon and his immoral ways begin again. So Sonny wants Jason to take action but Jason feels it was a hit on Kate and not the organization. This is where Sonny will question Jason’s loyalty and ask him if it was Elizabeth, would he be acting this way. Kate makes it out of surgery and Patrcik tells them she’s not "out the woods" yet. Will Patrick also tell them what Kate shared with him before she went under?

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    Regan Happy Birthday first of all second do you think that with Sean and Tiff going to night shift that they may also come back to GH for a stint??? Also I have heard rumor of Tom Pelphry(Sp?)from guiding light as Dante have you heard this as well

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    Regan Cellura

    There is hope that Sean and Tiffany will make there way back to our daytime screens for Robin’s wedding….however nothing has been officially announced.

    Tom P RUMORS have been squashed.

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    happy birthday spoilergirl regan!!!!

    season & liasonaddict you beat me to the punch. i think that picture looks like two groomed sibling lions trying to sexily pout – it is a bit disturbing.
    i’m so glad that liz/jason lovers are pleased with his apparent retroactive devotion to her. but he also said he’d never forgive robin, only be in love with sam, always have sonny’s back, and made vows to courtney. so enjoy them while they last because, unless they ride off into the sunset together, who knows how long it will last.

    also, while i get that lucky doesn’t get to dictate who liz can be with, i can understand him being upset about the relationship. once again liz lied to him (kind of with all the on again/off again stuff), but more importantly lucky did jason and liz a huge favor that they asked him to do and now she might just rip both boys away from the only father they have known. sam aside, i think he’s allowed to at least share his opinion and feelings. after all, he did keep the boys away from sam until liz gave the all clear. so out of respect for their love and friendship, honesty should be included in their relationship. it’s not like he was a jerk and went for custody of the boys after the accidental fire thing. they are working as a team as parents and even exes should be able to agree to disagree on stuff.

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    First: Happy Birthday Regan and may all your Liason wishes come true! I can’t wait for todays show, I have an hour to go. After him pouring his heart out to her, I doubt Elizabeth will scare easily and Lucky has a life now, he should keep his mouth shut and focus on Sam. Can’t wait until the paternity comes out. Ok, if they want Spinelli to have a duel role why not just give him the original role and be Sonny and Kate’s(?) son and his real name is Dante.Funny, I knew a Dante from Bensonhurst.I would love if everyone came together for Robin & Patricks wedding, seeing Sean & Tiffany together with the old gang and Laura waking up for it too, that would be the best thing that could happent to GH in along time. Bring back the good old days. The coffin, well, I am still going with Mike because I can’t think of anyone else. Unless, it’s a dream and you think that the person in the coffin is dead but it isn’t. Regan who do you think could be in the coffin? Have a great Liason day everyone and please do nice today, it’s Regan’s birthday so if you don’t like what Jason says to Elizabeth, don’ t ruin Regan’s birthday for all those non Liason fans.

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    Jason can profess his love all he wants but it upsets me when the writers don’t acknowledge the past. Say… she’s the love of my life, or even when I was w/ so and so, I was still in love w/ her but don’t say I have always loved her because you didn’t.

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    Regan Cellura

    LOL Roe! Thanks! I think a reunion for Robin’s wedding would be fantastic. Maybe that’s the wish I’ll make when I blow out my candles.

    The Bradford stuff has me intrigued. Its an OLD OLD RUMOR that Spinelli would be Sonny’s son. The POSSIBLE twist is very interesting and shows me these writer’s aren’t so void of ideas afterall. However, I still say you need those salt shakers for these RUMORS.

    The Coffin… right now, I still think it’s gonna wind up empty with a big old fake death storyline BUT there are a few things that have me going hmmmmm. Certain contracts have still not been signed…

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    I don’t know what me commenting on what Jason says has to do w/ Regan’s birthday. I have no problem w/ Liason I just have a problem when writers don’t reference the past. While, it’s not the same, it’s similar to when Greenlee on AMC called Aiden the love of her life. That was a slap in the face to Leo and Greenlee fans who knew better. If Jason wants to proclaim his undying love for Liz then the writers need to do it in another way that does not spit on Jason/Robin, Jason/Courtney, & Jason/Sam fans.

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  21. Profile photo of season1217

    No, I said I have no problem w/ him telling Elizabeth that he loved her or even to say that she was the love of his life. NO PROBLEM WHAT SO EVER! But the statement “I have always loved her” is untrue. He has not always loved her and having looked at his past relationships we know that. Just like if Greenlee tells Aiden she loves him, NO PROBLEM! She married him, so why would she not love him. But Aiden is not the love of her life LEO is. And while Liz maybe the love of Jason’s life the way he phrased his statement, I feel, is incorrect.

  22. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Someone can love a person and be involved with/ in love with another person. It’s highly possible that Jason has always loved Elizabeth in one way or another. It doesn’t mean he never loved Robin, Courtney or Sam. Not everything is black & white.

  23. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    MORE…. Miracle Baby? RUMORS have just hit that Sam MAY find herself in the family way, bad uterus be damned. Congrats to LuSam fans, you just MAY get a bambino but I for one am sick of the miracle pregnancies.

    BUT FIRST… Alexis catches her daughter and her man in a compromising position. Alexis dumps Jerry. Sam feels bad. Jerry hates Sam.

  24. Profile photo of season1217

    I know that but he wasn’t in love w/ Liz when he was in love w/ Robin. I speaking literally not figuratively. His feelings for Liz didn’t emerge until maybe around ’99 or something like that. There was a good 4 or 5 years where Liz didn’t even register on this map. Liz didn’t come on the show until ’97 and for a while after that she was just Lucky’s girlfriend to him, nothing more, nothing less.

  25. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Seasons THANK YOU.

    That drives me crazy when they write that stuff. It was ALWAYS this person, EXCEPT…..when it WASNT LOL (its driving me crazy that OLTL’s Rex keeps saying that when really his GF is the one that has been celebate for 13 years!! now THAT is ALWAYS Lol)

    As for Jason saying I always wanted to be with her, I am not surprised that fans took that word as meaning since the first time I met her, but I took it as ALWAYS meaning all the time that I have been telling her that we couldnt be together. Since it was a throw away line in the middle of everything, doesnt it make sense that its the latter? Now if he was saying to Spin – hey she and I have ALWAYS had this connection and I ALWAYS wanted to be with her but the timing never worked out, then I could see it being some sort of retro devotion, but that wasnt the context — the context was Spin claiming that HIS efforts to put Jason out there motivated Jason to claim the mother of his child and jason was saying NO that wasnt what prompted it, I always wanted to be with her but couldnt.

  26. Profile photo of season1217

    Exactly, EricasEvilTwin! That’s totally what I meant!:) And THANK YOU!

    Also, ange-i-am, I agree but it would be a slap in the face to Luke and Laura fans and completely historically inaccurate for Luke to say he’s always loved Tracy.

    And let me repeat I have nothing against Liason or their fans. I don’t hate Liason. I’m rather indifferent to them. So if I take issue w/ something it’s not be bashing the couple but just simply stating what I feel.

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    always a liason fan

    Happy Birthday Regan!! and thanks for all your hard word in getting the scoops to us – unfortunately, me being such a liason fan, just listened on tv radio and Jason DID NOT profess his love for Liz – all he did was basically ask her to go away with him after the wedding… thought they would’ve touched on all the years back from their missed opportunities – so many great scenes from the late 90’s up to now….. thought they would had more passion going, like
    a shirtless Jason…. ;-(
    Hope they have them together soon!

    Keep up the great work and have a GREAT BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!!


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    I think people are taking it to literal what Jason was saying that he always wanted to be with Liz. Jason and Robin were together before Liz even came to PC. Liz and jason bonded over their shared loss. Hers for Lucky and his for when he lost Michael. they would meet and talk and got even closer when he was hiding out at her studio.
    I believe Jason feel in love with Liz after he came back the first time. Back then he asked her to go to Italy with him but her stupid butt said no.

    I believe you can love someone and still love other people. Carly, Courtney were always jealous of Jason’s relationship with Liz. Courtney called Liz Jason’s little China Doll. When LiRic broke up the first time, Carly called Liz to the park to tell her to stay away from Jason because he was with Courtney. Even Carly was afraid that Liz could take Jason away from Courtney

    Anyhoo, Lucky shouldn’t even care right now about Liason. He has Sam (who I hope get pregnant with his baby) and I thought he and jason came to an understanding.

  30. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    This is funny. I agree with Bigdede. Jason has always had feelings for Liz even while he was with other women. They all knew that and we know that because they felt the need to ask. Should Jason have said to Courtney when she asked if he loved Liz, “Yes, but I am with you because she turned me down”? That would have been great. The way some of you are interpreting is that he should qualify every statement of love he makes. Should he say, “I love you Liz but only because Robin betrayed me and Courtney lost our kid, and Sam kidnapped Jake”? Perhaps, he has moved on and the reason he said it has always been Liz is because she is the only woman in his head and his heart. He doesn’t think of Robin, Carly, Sam, or Courtney in that way. They are pleasant or not so pleasant memories. He loved Sam but the Sam he loved wouldn’t have watched his kid stolen and not have done something. Maybe he feels the woman he loved never really existed.

  31. Profile photo of BigDede

    Should Jason have said to Courtney when she asked if he loved Liz, “Yes, but I am with you because she turned me down”?

    I love this statement because a lot of Liason haters refer to this but what man or woman would honestly say to their current mate, yes I still love so-n-so. Of course Jason would tell Courtney that he doesn’t love Liz because for her to even ask mean she was feeling insecure and I doubt Jason wanted to feed her insecurities.

    After Robin, Liz has been the only constant woman in his life that he has run to. Between 99-2003 it was Liz he kept running to even though like a fool she kept chosing other men over him. For every woman in Jason’s life to be insecure over Liz must really mean something. Think about when Carly heard about Liason’s NOP, she ran and told Sam to try to get pregnant with Jason’s baby STAT. Because she knows when Liz is around she can’t control jason. With everyone else Carly can control Jason except when he’s with Liz. Liz had to basically push Jason out the room to go to Carly and he even tried to make her stay even though Carly was visibly upset.

  32. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Ok sorry, I just need to step in her for a sec. Jason and Courtney’s conversation about Liz, where he said he didn’t love Liz — that was not a conversation that came from Courtney’s insecurities. Liz found out about Courtney/Jason and FLIPPED. She accused Courtney of stealing Jason from her. Courtney was asking Jason if she had “stolen” him from Liz… that’s when the conversation turned to Jason’s relationship with Liz. He said he wasn’t in love with her, that he cared for her, but it didn’t work out. There’s no reason for him to lie — I’m pretty sure Jason has talked about previous relationships with his current loves and he’s never lied about them, or dowplayed his feelings for his previous girlfriends. Plus there’s the fact that Liz herself has even stated that she loved Jason before Jason loved her.

    Is it a big deal if he wasn’t in love with her before? I’m not sure why some fans have to believe they were in love for 10 years, and always wanted to be together but kept being torn apart…

  33. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    BIG DEDE…the comment u left has brought tears to my eyes it is so on the money n so true

    llike charlotte said on sex n the city a person has 2 soulmates

    robin was one and liz is the other she will always be his tue love

  34. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I am not sure why others want to believe he never had feelings for her.
    Is it a big deal if he did?

    And the whole “ten years in the making” seems to bother a lot of Lizhaters. Why? They were ten years in the making to every fan who saw their potential ten years ago and have waited ten years for the payoff. Jason has had a few women and Liz has been with a couple guys in the meantime but their fans have always held out hope that is being rewarded. I don’t believe all of these fans are trying to negate the years in between. We (yes I am speaking for many) have wanted this for ten years. Writers, fans, and actors have come and gone but we have always wanted Liz with Jason. The ten years in the making is a payoff to the fans. It is a product of the fans. I don’t remember Liz or Jason ever saying they were ten years in the making.
    If Jason were to get back with Sam ten years from now, you could say they were ten years in the making. See?

  35. Profile photo of season1217

    One more time on the merry-go-round. My issue w/ the comment is he has not always loved Liz. I wouldn’t expect him or any of the other characters in the history of soaps to go through a whole explanation of their past loves and where their new love places on the list. I have no problem w/ Liz being #1 on that list. BUT HE HAS NOT ALWAYS LOVED LIZ. And just because I take issue w/ someone’s comment doesn’t make me a hater.

  36. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    sueboo, I don’t think people have said he never had feelings for Liz. I think he did have feelings for her, but as season has pointed out, the issue is that he has not *always* loved Liz.

    And the whole “ten years in the making” seems to bother a lot of Lizhaters. Why? They were ten years in the making to every fan who saw their potential ten years ago and have waited ten years for the payoff.

    Holy cow, we actually see eye to eye on something sueboo! I’ve said this many times before – if “10 years in the making” is referring to some fans wanting to see them together for that long, then I can completely understand using that phrase. *But* if it’s used as a way to say that they have loved each other that whole time, that they’ve wanted to be together that whole time, etc… then I don’t agree with it.

    If Jason were to get back with Sam ten years from now, you could say they were ten years in the making. See?

    I can honestly say that I wouldn’t use that phrase *unless* they were yearning to be together that whole time… I’ve used this example before: On Santa Barbara Cruz and Eden were kept apart for *Years* – during that whole time they only loved each other. That wasn’t speculation or interpretation, it was literally written that way. That’s a couple I would say had been “years in the making.” Imo, that’s how I interpret the phrase, so that’s how I would use it…

  37. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    That is how “you” would use it. Why can’t others use it any way they want? I, and I am only speaking for myself, think of Jason and Liz as ten years in the making because I loved Jonathon Jackson’s Lucky. When he left, I worried about the future of Elizabeth. She could have been written out. She could have been paired with someone I would hate. But she had these scenes with Jason. They were cute together. I saw potential. Through the years, they have come close and I get nothing. This payoff is ten years in the making for me and anyone else who wishes to see them that way.

    As to whether they have loved one another the entire time, that can be true if the writers choose to write it that way. Jason said it has always been Liz for him. I choose to interpret that he has loved her for years. You can interpret it any way you want.

  38. Profile photo of boob4tv


    In addition to Roe being my favorite Liason fan – you are too!!!! Love your blog – it’s like morning coffee. I read it during class – that’s how much I love it. Thank you Thank you Thank you for all the wonderful Liason spoilers – I hope they paint away!

  39. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    I think it is amazing that Liason can cause such a stir and discussion on just a little over 5 minutes of air time per week. I mean, I get why the fans are trying to soak it up as much as possible; we’ve had some long droughts… but it would seem to barely register for screen time for others. Not like the huge long Olivia and Carly discussion and all the screen time JoLoo got this summer and Skate is getting now.

  40. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Haven’t caught the show today… birthday celebration, family in town and thursday night premieres. The RUMORS were pretty specific about the dialogue for Liason and that they would have 4 segments together.

  41. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    That is how “you” would use it. Why can’t others use it any way they want?

    sueboo, did I *ever* say that people can’t use that term? Have I ever said to anyone that they can’t have an opinion? Did I say, *You* can’t use “10 years in the making”??

    *You* asked why people had a problem with “10 years in the making” and I told you that when it’s used in one context, I agree with it – when it’s used in another context I don’t agree with it. Then you gave the JaSam example and I told you why I, personally, wouldn’t use it in that case. Where did I say “Liason fans can’t use that word”? I didn’t even imply that, because I don’t feel that way.

    Having an opinion that differs from yours is not equivalent to my saying you “can’t” have your opinion. My saying, “I don’t like Liason” doesn’t mean I’m trying to deprive Liason fans of their happiness. Just like someone writing “Samwh*re” isn’t trying to ruin my day.

    Someone who simply says that they didn’t like a particular line of dialogue for Liason (as Season mentioned earlier today) doesn’t mean that they’re attacking a couple or that they’re not “playing nice”.

    Someone expressing a non-pro Liason opinion doesn’t mean that they’re trying to ruin Regan’s birthday for goodness sakes. This is a soap blog. People post their opinions regarding soaps. Why can’t we post contrasting opinions with out it getting so intense, without one poster telling another poster what to write, and without it getting personal?

  42. Profile photo of blackjack21

    i don’t think i would ever say jason and sam were… because if they ever got back together, they would have to come to each other as people way different than when they were together before. just like liz and jason are only, maybe getting together now because liz has changed her position on how she feels about having her kids around jason. (fact not hate) also on another note, i kinda think its weird that emily’s hs friend is dating jason, many years her senior. just like when sonny met brenda the week after she graduated from hs. i know real ages differ from reel ages, this is just a pet peeve.

    regan, an actual spoiler question, when you get done falling back in love with your primetime premieres and many happy birthday celebrations – you deserve it! i remember way long ago reading a spoiler (somewhere) that sam’s belief that she couldn’t carry a baby to term was actually a manipulation on someone’s part. is that still out there or am i smoking something?

  43. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    So lets use Skate as a comparison and maybe make this less baffling. Sonny loved Kate as a teen, but then they didn’t see each other for years. All during that time, she could have found him, he could have found her but neither made any effort. In the interim, he married Lily then was involved and proposed to Brenda and married carly four times, not to mention reese, angel, hannah blah blah blah. did he ALWAYS love Kate or did he have fond memories of her in between OTHER loves.

    If Jason ALWAYS loved Liz and Liz ALWAYS loved Jason why didn’t he run away with her after he found Carly and Sonny together? And when Courtney asked him did you love Liz because Liz clearly wants you, why didn’t he say….SHE DOES?? Oh well then I have to go because I would rather be with her.” Are we to believe that Jason warred with Sonny and AJ for the right to be with Courtney all because he didnt want to hurt Court?? HUH?? And when LiRic ended and Jason was single, why did neither make a move. Not to mention when Liz got preggers and Jason proposed, wouldn’t that be the time for him to say IT WAS ALWAYS YOU. If he meant it that way, why didn’t he EVER say that to anyone – not the women, not sonny, not even to liz herself, but instead ONLY to his grasshopper?

    And for the record, if some day JaSam reunited I would NOT say they were however many years in the making. They had their time and they may find an old love rekindled in the future, but he does not love her NOW nor does she love him in the NOW either.

    In real life, it is realistic to think someone just passes time if they cant be with someone they love. On soaps, it just isnt typically written that way because it would be boring. What would be the point of investing in any pairing if you knew that one party was secretly just hanging out killing time. Isnt this exactly why all of the many Luke pairings pretty much stunk until now – because viewers pretty much knew he would go back to his angel in a heartbeat. Does that clarify or were you just saying you were “baffled” as a way of dismissing Daisy’s POV? So much for playing nice I guess.

  44. Profile photo of blackjack21

    eet, you know i love you, but in my crazy universe jason and sam still love each other. they just hurt each other so much that they can’t stand to be around each other too much. i mean in all honesty if ever a couple was in love and at odds it’s these two. other loves may come and go and in the end they may never get together again, but for my happy existence they will love each other forever, but made too many mistakes to admit it. you know a fine line between love and hate. i don’t mean to detract from their other pairings, this is just my opinion. anyone can correct me if i’m wrong, but i’ve never heard either of them say they did not love the other. and for those who want to use the threat of death for an argument, let’s not forget liz threatend to kill jason at one point, too.

  45. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    Holy crap! I don’t know if I should be relieved he’s in a coma? Is he really not dying???? I love Robbie. :( I hope this isn’t a cliffhanger thingie where they leave him in a coma on NS and then do nothing on GH? Either way I’m looking forward to seeing it but sad to see NS end…this was a great 2nd season.

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