Grey’s Anatomy is Back

Grey’s Anatomy is back tonight and for those of you who have been having withdrawals Chandra Wilson was just on The View and revealed that this season romance is in the air. 

For those of you worried that the new season may be as big a let down as last season was for many, early reviews indicate that Grey’s Anatomy is back on track.

Ready, set, reset.

If you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, that promise is nothing but good news.

Tonight’s smartly constructed two-hour season premiere completes the task begun last spring, clearing away dead plots and setting this massively entertaining series back on track. – USATODAY

Discuss what you are looking forward to tonight and after you watch the episode share what you loved or hated about the episode.

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    While, Katherine did great work during Denny’s death, Chandra and Sandra both should have Emmy’s by now. They are hands down, not only the best actors on the show but on television, period!

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    I’m not hatin’ on Izzy.;) I’m just sayin’ that Bailey is the bomb. And you can’t deny that she could cut down everyone on that show w/ just a glance. Don’t mess w/ Bailey and her vajayjay!!!!:D

    And after what George said and did to Callie I don’t like him as much as I used to. Meredith’s sister is adorable, though. I loved the scene when Alex forgot he had sex w/ her and how she reacted.

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    Nazi, Baley….yeh she’s cool.. Loved her when she was pregnant and they were talking about her….LOL!!! And that vajajay!!! Too funny!!
    Yeh I just……well, I’m not that big a Callie fan, but I just love George, he’s like your best friend kinda guy and I guess I excused it LOL cause I wanted him and Izzy together…..except now…I want Izzy with Alex!!! LOL
    Her soulmate though was Denny. :(
    Yeh Lexie was ……….I can’t say it, what you said, but she had that puppy dog thing going on. It was funny (and sweet) how she stole from the hosp (LOL!!) to fix up her and Georges apt!! LOL Oh yeh that – I forget they had sex too……..LOL!!! I’m getting so psyced, I’m ready, got the beer, chips, salsa….and not answering the phone. LOL!

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    Luke Kerr

    Honestly, if I had my wish Addison would return to GA….Sandra Oh is my favorite but Addison the character was a close second. I’m REALLY hoping that Private Practice improved over the long hiatus.

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    “I’m getting so psyced, I’m ready, got the beer, chips, salsa….and not answering the phone. LOL!”

    I’m right there with you! I may even throw in some popcorn too. I’m cutting my phones off. NO interruptions for me! LOL

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    Luke Kerr

    HOLY CRAP! There’s 30 minutes left on the premiere episode and this episode in of itself is 100 times better than the entire last season. Grey’s Anatomy is back folks.

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    I agree Luke…It’s back

    Grey’s Anatomy was a huge disappointment last season…..when I think back to how every episode of that show used to have me on the edge of my seat on the verge of tears, I wonder how it got here…..I mean that season finale where Denny died and Meredith had to choose between the McVet and and McSteamy just by them holding out their hands….WOW…that was some major television….I hope that Grey’s can get back to that point…

    Oh and I LOVED Addison…after Christina she was so my favorite…..

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    I thought the episode it was great! The symbolism of the hospital losing it’s ranking and the sub-par last season was perfect. I was sooo happy when I realized it was two hours!
    I hope McSteamy gets a good storyline this year. He’s my fave male on TV since Dena Higley has totally ruined EJ on Days.

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    I felt like it didn’t pick up where it left off, or did it?
    Another part of me was hoping that George had already taken his test and had passed, glad to see Lexie. She was funny this ep.
    LOVED the new guy, and LOVED his chemistry with Yang. Hope he sticks around, even though it appeared he wasn’t.
    Sucked they were ranked #12. :(
    Had to LMAO @ Hahn and Callie….too funny.
    But Hahn was ticking me off too, I don’t like her much.
    What was up with Alex? Who was that nurse/doctor he was with at the end? Think he’s a real ass now.
    Loved Izzys hair….
    Overall loved the ep.
    Glad it’s back and I can look forward to Thurs again. BUT we have to wait 2 wks to see another new ep. :( Next Thurs is the VP debate. Sucky.

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    I seriously never thought GA could be good again. That army doctor guy is like the new Addison. He will come on the show and just end up being the most liked character on the show. I already love him. That kiss between him and Yang was hott!

    Still want to kill Meredith and I don’t think Ellen P’s new lip injections are flattering.

    I hope DC has a Grey’s Anatomy thing every Thursday

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    Last season sucked cause of the writers strike. :( Sloan, Dr. Mc Steamy….yum- loved his face when Hahn and Callie kissed, rockin’!! LOL
    LOVE George!! Merediths sister, she was ………….eh. Take her or leave her….deft.

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