Guiding Light: Nicole Forester OUT !

This week’s issue of CBS Soaps In Depth is reporting that Nicole Forester, who plays Cassie Layne Winslow on Guiding Light, is officially out. A Guiding Light representative confirmed the exit saying it was "storyline dictated". Forester’s last airdate is in November and there are no current plans to recast the role of Cassie.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Seems like Mel got the jump on me this time! *LOL* Was just about to post this too.

    Well GL fans, if Laura Wright decides that mob life and Jax’s protective bubble’s not the life for her she can return back to her old stomping grounds.

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    Poor Nicole Forester.. that woman was a real trooper. Not only did she have to deal with some truly awful writing, but she’s one of the most maligned actresses/characters on daytime. But I think she really did give it her all. I absolutely hated Cassie (especially when Laura Wright played her) but I wish Nicole Forester all the best!!!

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    My daughter looked at her this afternoon and said, “Gee, she looks pregnant!”

    Congrats to Nicole and I wish her the best for her upcoming marriage & new baby!! I always liked the actress but the writing and s/l for the character was really awful..then again that can be said for the majority on GL these days.

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    I think nicole forrester did the best she could as cassie.But in my opinion this role shouldve never been recasted.Laura wright put an indelible mark on this characther.It seems like every week a characther is jumping ship.My only question now is where does this leave the deliciously handsome murray bartlett

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    “Nicole Forrester as Haley Santos?”


    Don’t even go there!

    “TPTB at GL really screwed her over putting her between Josh and Reva.”


    You said it perfectly!

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    Finally, the gotten rid of what I consider to be one of the worst re-casts in history. This is not against Nicole Forester’s acting or talent and abilities. She has grown by leaps and bounds since she started and has developed a character of her own. But, she has not been “Cassie” in her tone, attitude and that sexy flair that gave her some edge, enough to be hired as a stripper. LOL! I just do not think that Ms. Forester really had the personality for the role and it Cassie suffered for it. The writers, as well, played to Nicole’s strengths and not the true character. Laura Wright was obviously divine as “Cassie” but they could have found an actress with a similar aura about her. So, I honestly feel it was a combined effort of the writers, the casting dept. and the actress that expelled the old “Cassie” and freplaced her with a whiny, moaning, mourning (for what felt like years), brooding heroine-type. Plus, Cassie and Josh getting married was the worst thing they could have done to the woman. She was doomed from that moment on. I kind of surprised it took this long for them to do this. I think “GL” right now is in a major transition period. With Harley and Gus gone, the producers renewing Crystal Chappell’s contact and other casting issues, the show is trying to figure out where it is headed and who they need on canvas for that to happen. I do, though, think this could close the chapter on Tammy or Jonathan ever returning. I suppose Jonathan could always come back as Reva’s son but with Cassie gone, I have a feeling that bringing Tammy back from the dead is an idea that has been buried as well. And with the Tom Pelphrey going to “GH” rumors abounding, I have a feeling all of these factors played a part in this decision. I feel “Cassie” has now had her run on the show. Her story is over and it is time to move on. I wish Nicole all the best and I am sure she will land on another soap soon.

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    KingTV, I agree with a lot of what you wrote, but I have to say that IMO there was nothing “obviously divine” about Laura Wright’s Cassie. UGH, making GL The Cassie Show (while LW was in the role) was a major blunder…

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    I’m not sorry to see Cassie go but, NF failed as Cassie because the writing wasn’t there for her. They did nothing to help her…Josh and Cassie??? Ellen Wheeler was an idiot for going there.

    I do wish NF all the best, with her wedding and her baby…Congratulations to her and her fiance!! :)

    And I’m so glad Tom Pelphrey is NOT going to GH…

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    Don’t think I wont be having a few drinks to celebrate this incredible news this evening! Hell to the yes!

    Nothing against NF…but, St. Cassie overstayed her welcome and hopefully Reva will throw her on those train tracks Will try to kill RJ on last year and the train will do its job!

    MEMO TO ELLEN WHEELER: Now that you’ve gotten rid of the dead weight, its time for the real Shayne sister Roxie, or Mindy Lewis to return and have GOOD STORY! One of your umpteen headwriters are bound to come up with SOMETHING GOOD!

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    Not that I’m happy that someone lost their job, but I couldn’t be happier about this news. I believe that Cassie has been a shadow of her former self. I hope Nicole Forrester finds future success because she got a bum rap on this show. Maybe, just maybe I’ll watch GL again. sounds like they’re getting it together. Should I???

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    what? and wow. this shouldn’t be a shock, but i thought for sure they were gonna put her with cyrus. or they could have done what oltl is doing with marty and todd. have alan forget who he is, cassie kidnap him and seek her revenge. is she really pregnant? good luck nicole!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Nicole is an okay actress and I would be interested in seeing her in another part, but having Cassie screw Reva the way she did ruined the character. Funny, I was warming to her and Cyrus.

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    I think this is horrible news, i wasn’t a big fan when she was with Josh (but who was a fan of that!) Nicole is a great actress for daytime, and hope she gets a job at another soap, (i dont know who she would be, but me a huge ATWT fan would think she would do well there) Now It is great news that Crystal C (Olivia) got a new contract, but in my opinion, GL should have never been picked up for 2008, they should have cancelled it last year and let it go out good, and this is coming from a die hard GL fan!!! More GOOD people leave the show and we HAVE CYRUS & GRADY ON EVERY OTHER DAY!!!!! Grady is the main reason i stopped watching, i am sorry but Its time either to fire Ellen Wheller, fire all the writers, fire all the staff, and start fresh or let the “light” go out.

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    She deserved the Emmy over Jeanne Cooper.

    I hated the pairing of Josh and Cassie but Forester gave her all to the role.

    I woud’ve missed Laura Wright but she went and messed things up by taking on the role of daytime’s worst shrew, Carly Corinthos or whatever she calls herself these days.

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    This is GREAT news! I like Nicole, but the character of Cassie is history. First Jeff B, then Crystal resigning, and now this? Maybe the LIGHT can shine a little brighter through the Fall…

    LMAO @ all the Cassie fans surfacing now that Nicole has gotten canned.

    ***///The Hunt 4 Dixie Martin Is On!\\\***

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    I’m torn. It’s never good to see someone lose their job but this was overdue. I know I’m being repetitive but Nicole Forrester did the best she could with what she had to work with. As a long time viewer, Cassie has never really been strong since she found out she and Reva were sisters. She went from being a force (in her own right) to being Reva’s talk-to. Again, I’m basing this on when Laura Wright was in the role. Cassie was never fully fleshed out and her own person to me. She was sexy and had a spark to her that was like “Harley Lite” circa mid-90s.

    Nonetheless, It’s sad to see Nicole go but kudos on her personal life. And once she’s given birth and the honeymoon is over, I think she’d make a good recast as Jennifer Horton on “DAYS.” Anyone?

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    If I saw NF turn up as Jennifer Horton, I would WALK to Burbank, CA (I live in WI) and start whooping ass & taking names at NBC!

    ***///The Hunt 4 Dixie Martin Is On!\\\***

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