Justin Bruening Celebrates Birthday and Knight Rider Debut

Justin Bruening is having a good day. In addition to celebrating his birthday today, tonight Knight Rider, the series he stars in, debuts on NBC.

Here are some reviews of the Knight Rider premier from around the web.

There is much to despise in Knight Rider, a shockingly incompetent, barely coherent, ad-driven rip-off about a shape-shifting autobot that owes more to Transformers than it does to the cheesy ’80s original that shares its name.

But if we must settle on just one low point, choose an out-of-the-blue scene midway through, in which the sexy villain suddenly cuts off a man’s thumb. Let’s hope when NBC and its partners at Ford get around to selling little toy KITTs, they come complete with a tiny finger in the glove compartment. – USATODAY

In these difficult times, NBC wanted to supply America with some laughs. A scene in which Michael (Justin Bruening) and his fellow undercover agent, Sarah (Deanna Russo), speed along quite some time in the high-tech, talking KITT car while it is on fire is nonsensical. But the fact that they spend much of that fiery journey wearing only their underwear — that, my friends, is comedy. – Chicago Tribune

Note: A Presidential speech on the economy may delay Knight Rider’s debut.

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  1. Profile photo of elvara

    Why a no talent like Justin Bruening has a prime time show( even if this particular show is a complete joke) is just a mystery to me. There are so many talented actors out there… :?

  2. Profile photo of season1217

    “That Knight Rider tv-movie was so awful, so incompetently made, so atrocious I almost set fire to my own Mustang. That’s not a euphemism, folks.”


    Alright, alright. I’ll watch it! Enough w/ the recommendations!;)

  3. Profile photo of elle

    the review from the Trib- was sarcarsm. The reviewer rated this show, as one of the worst of the year. I’m not a JB fan anyway- I was watching DWTS. I have no idea how he got a primetime show.

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