Love it or Hate it: Eva Longoria One Piece

I’m not sure I have a comment on this one, so hopefully you do.

Love it or Hate it: Eva Longoria One Piece

Love it or Hate it: Eva Longoria One Piece

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  1. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    Digging her hair, LOVE it short but WTH is wrong with her clothes as of late??? The belt makes it appear that she is trying to show the world, “hey I’m not pregnant” and it really doesn’t help that her hands are in her pockets……….the outfit is awful!!

  2. Profile photo of KingTV

    These short rompers are a huge trend right now. I have seen them on Blake Lively, Hillary Duff and many British celebrities and models such as Agnyess D. IF you have the body, long legs and on the thinner side, I think they can be flattering and sexy plus they look so comfortable, I wish there was some kind of male version to kick around in while still looking cute. I do not believe, though, that most American woman either have the body for this look (including Eva L. Parker who is too short, and who has admittedly gained weight, to be wearing this piece) or could not really see themselves in something this edgy and modern. American woman tend to be much more conservative in their way of dressing, especially in the suburbs. Young British ladies are wearing these rompers all over from shopping to dates to the club and events. I like the look and like I said, it truly looks so easy to just slip on and not have restrictions of a tight waist or separates to have to put together plus it seems so easy and breezy to wear on a hot day or a humid night. But, I do not like it on Eva. She says she has gained weight, in part, because her character on DH ages 5 years and has had 2 children or there is the rumor for weeks that she is pregnant. Whatever the case, she stick to what works for her and she is usually right on target, knowing her body and what works for it really well.

  3. Profile photo of elbugten

    I feel for Eva and all celebrities in that I have a hard enough time deciding what to wear without having my every outfit scrutinized by the white hot lights of the paparazzi. It can’t be easy to be a celebrity these days living in constant fear that what you wore this week to the cupermarket will show up in huge glossy pictures next week on the supermarket tabloids. That being said, this is the fugliest outfist I’ve ever seen and does nothing to flatter her whatsoever.

  4. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I know Eva wishes someone would smash that cameraman’s lense. This poor woman can’t walk out the house without somebody trying to catch a shot of her womb so that the entire web-o-sphere can speculate as to whether or not she’s gestating. The Devil Is SO busy!

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