Sherri Shepherd: “I am not Sherri Walters”

I know a lot of people do not like Sherri Shepherd on The View, but I do. Without her we wouldn’t have gems like the one below and we wouldn’t have anyone to support Elisabeth Hasselbeck from time to time.

"I also have people in my family who are losing their homes and having trouble paying for the gas to get to work. So we’ve got to get the right president. I don’t want them calling Sherri one more time asking for money. I am not Sherri Walters."

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    I love Sherri!! I’ll admit while I wasn’t ‘excited’ about her being chosen (there were one or two others I’d love to have been chosen instead), but she won me over. She is so dang hilarious. She reminds me alot of myself, she’ll just say it……..she’s so giddy, if girl were white she’d so be a blonde. :) Sherri is the best. Totally LOVE Whoopi…glad that Ro is gone (although I was thrilled when she came, her comment that day about Trump and how she did his comeover was HILARIOUS!!!! But after that she just went too far)…I haven’t watched THE VIEW for the whole 12 yrs and don’t even watch every single day but I have to say that I really like Joy, she’s got her funny moments. The only one I cannot really stand is Barbara, the woman doesn’t move her mouth when she talks….as for Elisabeth, when she and Ro used to go at it, I defended E for the most part, but girl (E) just thinks SHE is ALWAYS right and don’t even get me started on political views. LOL…….I’ll get off my soap box. LOL!!!! I don’t even wanna get started on politics. LOL!!

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    I enjoy Sherri, actually. My fave is Whoopie, followed by Joy. Support for EH is not a concern, I really don’t care. Sherri’s comment was very funny.

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    I also Love Sherri.. She is so funny. She is like a real girlfriend and she says (sometimes ) what I am thinking as well. Especially when she is talking about finding a man with good credit. She is too funny.

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    I miss Meredith but I’ll bet she’s glad she’s gone.

    I’ll bet she is too,I never really got to see her on there….I rarely watched it, I was not a Star Jones fan at all, but I do watch the TODAY show and LOVE Meredith, miss Katie but Meredith is really light and funny…as for Sherri, a couple posts up someone was saying that Sherri sometimes says what they’re feeling…I hear ya!! :) I love to hear her talk about her son and LMAO when she talks about her ex, she is just so funny. Whoopi is such an asset to the show as well. I couldn’t believe when I tuned in on Monday and SHE WAS WEARIN’ A DRESS!! I have never seen Whoop wear a dress unless it was in Sister Act! LOL
    Love Joy!! Love to hear her talk about her italian background, she is so funny and sarcastic….

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