Star Jones: McCain “Step Up, Or Shut Up!”

In case anyone missed it, Star Jones is weighing in on the presidential debates. At a reception she told ET Online "We need to know who is going to have the baton and we need to know who can handle pressure. … You don’t want to see what the president is going to do when everything is calm and hunky dory. You want to see what they can do when it’s stressful times. These are stressful times. He needs to step up, or shut up!"

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    Star Jones and Barbara Walters actually have a lot in common. Star used the show to get sponsors for her wedding of all things and Barbara Walters hypes her book every chance she gets. Isn’t that one of the very reasons why she said she pushed Star out?

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    Jamey Giddens

    You are so right Sueboo. I can’t stand faux modesty. I’d rather be a shameless self-promoter who admits it than one who pretends to be a journalist then hocks her wears out of the trunk of her Bentley.

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