The Young and the Restless: Spankin’ Spoilers (Update)

Fall has finally arrived, but the temperature just got a little hotter on The Young and the Restless.

Colleen: Miss Carlton gets a job offer that’s hard to pass up.

Billy: Its his turn to grill Chloe on her baby’s paternity.

Neil/Victoria: The Newman execs flip the script on Adam.

Heather: She decides on dancing another round with Victor. The D.A. becomes hell bent on figuring out what went down in Mexico.

Nikki: She does a role reversal of sorts when she flips out on Victor (about damn time!).

Nick/Phyllis: The happy couple have a nasty argument.

Sharon: She and Nick team up to help their son Noah.

Spumors to chew on

Katherine: Insiders are telling me that Y&R’s getting ready to have Jeanne Cooper’s (Kay) 80th birthday celebrated in a big way on camera. Word is that she’ll start to play Marge Catrooke, Kay’s double from 89-90. Fans may recall she was the bad girl to Kay’s good girl and that’s saying something since Kay can buck with the best of ‘em!

Adam: Seems he also has his father’s temper. Rumor has it from our own Melodie that Adam/Victor II stars to get the Ike Turner bug and uses it on Heather.

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    I’m excited to see Nikki turn the tables on Victor. He is so smug, sanctimonious, and arrogant to blame her for Sab’s death. Meanwhile, I hope Adam gets revenge on his family for the awful way they’ve treated him.

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    I agree with you alistairCrane.

    The way Victor treated Adam was horrendous, no parent has the right to threat their child that way, no matte what they did, and specifically just about a job.

    And what irked me to no end is the fact that Vicky boot Adam out of the ranch and the way she treated Sabrina, please she was giving carte blanche from Victor, I just don’t buy it, bad writing!

    As for Nikki, she indeed needs to get back her dignity, because now she has none!

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    I agree with you all, that victor needs to get over it, Sabrina was not all that and Nikki should tell Victor to stop be an bastard. I just hope that the women on the show needs to get their spines and tell the men to go to hell.


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    I have to agree about Nikki, timepass. She has really come off as a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of Victor, and while I’m rooting for them, I won’t enjoy their reunion if he hasn’t been made to pay for his cruelty towards Nikki first.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if Victor hooked up with Jill for a little while?

    Heidi, I agree! If Adrienne Leon’s not coming back, then get rid of this atrocious Colleen onscreen.

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    I can’t stand Victor’s reaction to Sabrina. I mean, he’s carrying on like she was some angel he’d known for years. This kind of reaction I’d expect for a woman like Nikki, Ashley, or Hope, but Sabrina? Come on. Get over it, Victor.

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    Jillian Bowe

    As much as I’d like Victor and Nikki to reunite, Victor really needs to eat that crow and humble pie. He’s been nasty towards her and acts as though Sabrina was able to cure Cancer for Christ’s sakes! I am still waiting for someone maybe Phillipe to admit the baby she was carrying was his so Victor can snap out of it. Victor’s tirade against Nikki is totally uncalled for and if she wants to get low, she can tell him he made her lose a baby also.

    As for Adam, I can’t feel sorry for the guy. He came to GC with a mini chip on his shoulder and got off on rubbing his siblings the wrong way. Adam/Victor II/Tucan Sam, whatever he calls himself made it hard for not only his siblings but anyone to get along with him.  I can remember clearly JT tried to be nice towards him and the boy acted like he was too good for JT’s time when he invited him to Reed’s christening. Yes the other Newman kids didn’t go all out for him but can you blame him? The snide remarks about their lives I sure as hell wouldn’t want to sign up for any big brother/big sister program with that lil’ snot. Nick did try to be a bit courteous but Adam was just too judgemental. Nick did try to warn him about Victor but Adam, he tried to make Nick look like he was jealous and now….. Who’s jealous? All this feuding IMO can be blamed on Victor since the day that kid came to town he’s been pitting Victoria/Nick/Adam all against each other only to have it blow up in his face.

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    I for one am more than glad that Adam is gettinghis comeuppance. He came to GC with agreat big old chip on his shoulder and a dae to Victoria and Nick to knowck it off. It’s not their faults that Victor was not a part of Adam’s life, why Victor chose to bow to Hope’s wishes and stay out of Adam’s life is something Adam should ask. Instead, he chose to brown nose his way into Victoria’s position, and he was practically giddy when she quit. Did he really expect that either sibling would be any more gracious to him than he was to them, when it appeared that he was running Newman?

    As for the way Victor is treating him, well I don’t completely agree with it, but his anger is over more than a job. It is about the fact that Adam has been plotting this move the entire time that he was in GC, and Victor’s “death” just added icing to the cake. I think the way Victor looked at it, was that Adam couldn’t wait for his body to get cold before he seized control of the company and decided to turn things upside down. It looked like all he cared about was gaining control of Newman, and getting payback.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Thank you everyone… I just get a bit caught up when speaking about Victor, Nikki, the Newman kids  and Victor’s recent transgressions.

    Sweetiepie, can you blame Adam for his glee when Victor, "died?" Now I’m no Adam fan, far from it but the boy was given everything he wanted when he came to town so its only fair to say that he’d dance all over Victor’s grave when the man decided to give him the keys to the kingdom when he kicked the bucket.

    Adam is getting the big "Payback,"  as James Brown would sing that he deserves. I have to defend him on this though, he did seem a bit upset that Victoria quit due to Victor and he was trying a tiny bit when the kids found out that Victor was marrying Sabrina. He did a tiny bit but not enough.

    Victor can’t expect loyalty from Adam since the man hasn’t been in his life constantly, he’s only known as a family friend. Victor never made the effort and only did so because Hope was on the way out and to stick it to Nick in the process. If I were all those kids I’d pimp slap that sucker and shun him for his treatment of them and especially Nikki. After telling Nikki he wished she were dead, if I were Nikki I’d revert back to my maiden name and wash my hands of Victor and make him rue the day he decided to get nasty with yours truly.

    Victor talks a game about family loyalty but doesn’t follow through. The same goes with business, he always crows about not letting it get personal on the job and yet he did so by pitting Victoria against Adam and also firiing Nick. He needs a wake up call ASAP and everyone including the kids, should provide that by giving him a proverbial bitch slap.

    As for Nikki, whenever Victor decides she’s worthy of his time, I’d make Victor beg and I do mean on hands and knees with tears and snot flowing type of begging. Victor needs to take stock of his attitude towards her and realize she wasn’t the one driving the car that killed his French Floozy. Nikki has done everything including beg for Victor to snap out of it, and reverted back to drinking which didn’t seem to bother Victor. She needs to get it together and decide Victor’s not worth the toilet paper she uses and move forward. When he decides to apologize and act right by her, Nikki should bring the thunder and pain down on him in order to get Victor to take a hard look at himself and his behaviour.

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